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Side Effects of Mood-stabilizing Can Prevent Cancer

By: Elena Grace Flores

English: Shaving head to campaign for cancer f...
English: Shaving head to campaign for cancer fight. Raising money by going bald! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Valproic acid or VPA medicated drugs for regulating emotions can actually prevent cancer in the head and neck according to the recent research findings during the joint experiment between Emory University and Veterans Medical Center in Atlanta according to Dr. Johann Christoph Brandes, the leader of the team based on Honor Whiteman’s article.

The drug’s ability to block HATs or Histone Acetyl Transferases- also noted as the enzymes for controlling genetic expressions through DNA structure alteration can prevent the formation of various types of cancer during the early period. The HAT blockage can possibly avoid the development of cancers not just in the neck and head but also in the prostate, bladder and lungs.

The fact that VPA can be an anti-cancer agent is still under thorough studies. However it has been noted that people who were treated with this drug for bipolar, PSD, seizures and migraine for at least 3 years were less likely to contract the above mentioned types of cancer. The optimal dosage for cancer cure is yet to be determined depending on its stage – but the researchers are close to conclude that head and neck cancer upon detecting malignant lesions can positively be prevented!

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