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Sildenafil may be the Cure for Heart Failures among Men

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Yes, Sildenafil is the scientific name of Viagra, the medication for men with erectile dysfunction has been tested to be helping men with coronary conditions. However, it is also noted in the report of the studies that they have different effects among women. This is contrary to rumors that Viagra takers can end up suffering from heart attack while under its influence!

Sildenafil, inhibits the enzyme PDE5 depleting cGMP reservoirs – thus, raising the cGMP levels effective in fighting cardiac disease. Blood vessels are dilated by the drug to drive blood into the penis to solve the problem of erection. The same effect is needed to enhance blood flow into a defective heart.

Estrogen clearly showed some effects when exposed to the drug when tested in the laboratory among mice. It is found to be less effective in female mice without ovaries. There is clearly a critical impact between estrogen and Sildenafil. It must be insured that there’s high levels of estrogen in women to acquire the intended results – because the collection of cGMP relies on that and estrogen is a natural heart protector. Whereas in males, no need to have the cGMP pool because the drug is directly synthesized according to the heart damage. So, it is suggested that unless a clinical research addressed the Sildenafil-estrogen issue, it’s safer to just prescribe the drug to males with cardiac damages.

The above details are extracts of the report on the John Hopkins research with Dr. Eiki Takimoto as the head. He stressed that it took them 10 years to conclude their findings because remodeling the cardiac system is compared to restructuring of underlying mechanism. They definitely found the element that prevents stressors and hypertension. This is the cGMP or cyclic guanosine menophosphate which is basically a molecule.

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