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Silent Breakthrough of Bongbong Marcos’ VP Electoral Protest as the Loud Bail of his Mother Looms

Silent Breakthrough of Bongbong Marcos' VP Electoral Protest as the Loud Bail of his Mother Looms

By: Elena Grace Flores

Former Sulu Governor Abdusakur Tan discloses the preliminary results of technical examination of physical ballots from Basilan, Maguindanao and Lanao del Sur part of ARMM. The said technical examination is from the Comelec itself because of his protest against LP candidate Mujiv Hataman, a close friend of Noynoy Aquino. In fact, Hataman was appointed by Noynoy Aquino in 2011 as the OIC Governor of ARMM. The said finding put Bongbong Marcos’ VP electoral protest into a good light. This supports the allegations of Atty. Glenn Chong that most of the presumptive VP’s voters are ghosts. As big as it sounds, the mainstream media only covers the opposition’s dismay when the court allows former First Lady Rep. Imelda Marcos to post bail for the alleged ruling of 7 counts of graft. This pertains to the monetary transfers from her foundations to some Swiss accounts regardless of where they come from.

Youtube Video by: Maharlika News

[VIDEO]: Update sa election protest ni GOV. ABDUSAKUR TAN. Ito ay laban kay MUJIV HATAMAN. Si Hataman ay miyembro ng LIBERAL PARTY at kaibagan ni Noynoy Aquino.

Protest Update: 70 to 80% 2016 Voters are Fake

According to Tan, the number of physical ballots reaches 70% -80% that the specimen signature and thumbprints do not match the actual registered voters in the actual signature of voters on the election day. These are the ghosts of the Liberal Party and Leni Robredo, he said. Basilan and Lanao del Sur were initially included in the pilot provinces of Marcos for the recount. However, he changes it at the last minute to prevent any sabotage.

Implicating Bongbong Marcos

A news coverage reads; “In the regulations of Trinidad Foundation dated August 28, 1970, signed by both Markus Geel and Rep. Marcos in Zurich, the former First Lady was named as the first beneficiary during her lifetime while her children, Imelda (Imee), Ferdinand Jr (Bongbong) and Irene were named as second beneficiaries in equal shares,” the Sandiganbayan said. In the case of the Xandy Foundation, the court said Imelda and Ferdinand wrote by hand that “the said spouses were named as the first beneficiaries, the surviving spouse as the second beneficiary, and the Marcos children as the third beneficiaries.” This is too noisy for the basic law because the parents’ heirs are normally their children.

The Former First Lady Posts Bail

The Sandiganbayan’s Fifth Division allowed the widow of the late President Ferdinand Marcos to post bail while the court decides on her “motion for leave of court to avail of post-conviction remedies.” The Fifth Division previously ordered the forfeiture of the bail bond that Mrs. Marcos posted when the cases were filed in 1991. The Fifth Division also ordered the issuance of an arrest warrant against Mrs. Marcos but this was not enforced.

Family Support

With her were her lawyer retired Court of Appeals justice Manuel Lazaro, her children Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos, former senator Bongbong Marcos, and Irene Marcos-Araneta. Her grandchildren Borgy, Mike and Matthew Manotoc and Luis Araneta also escorted her. This is an image of a family that binds together through thick and thin.

Critics Get Massive Media Coverage

The Anti-Marcos critics enjoy massive coverage from the mainstream media ever since the fall of the Marcos patriarch due to the media propaganda masterminded by the late Ninoy Aquino. Robredo also said that the granting of bail to former first lady Imelda Marcos, who was convicted for several counts of graft, only boosted the public perception that only the rich and powerful get justice. Despite this, the Marcoses remain popular in the hearts of most Filipinos. This is definitely vital for the Supreme Courts ruling expected before the year ends.


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