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Small Claim Case is an Option for Many Lawsuits

By: Elena Grace Flores

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Handling apartments fro rent is not that easy – especially when tenants fail to pay the rent for a period of time. Filing law suits is also not cheap. Aside from paying the acceptance fee of the lawyer, you are bound to pay him or her the appearance fee every time the court summons the people involved in the case or during every hearing. Good thing that I visited our Baranggay Secretary and she recommended to file a Small Claim Case instead for the court to order the sheriff to eject the delinquent tenants if settlements are not made. Good thing that my lawyer already served the Demand Letter which is also a requirement. It is beneficial to know this:

Small claim case filed with metropolitan or municipal trial courts

By: Persida Acosta

Dear PAO,
My sister, who is working in the US, lent P75,000 to a family friend when she went home to the Philippines for a vacation. The debt remained unpaid for one year after the agreed date of payment. We consulted our friends and they advised us to file a small claim case.

Since there’s no shortcut for all lawsuits, the important thing is to be able to minimize expenses during the process because it can take a year to be resolved. This is better than bearing the substantial lawyer fees and for the unsettled debts that the soon to be ejected tenants will leave behind. Note that this is worth doing if collectibles will not exceed 100,000 Pesos. Filing fee at the present time is Php 2,700.

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