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Smaller EDSA Anniversary for FVR is Admin’s Lapse – Reminds People Not to Install Marcos in the VP Post


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

FVR or Former President Fidel V. Ramos knows the reality that it is not the priority of the new administration to throw a lavish EDSA revolution anniversary celebration. However, he insinuates that it is due to their lapse in not being on top of traffic problems. He also stresses the necessity to build a memorial museum to remind people not to install a Marcos in the VP post.

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[VIDEO]: FVR: Spirit of 1986 Edsa was to sacrifice for common good

Direct Advice

Ramos said Medialdea informs him that the 31st EDSA People Power anniversary rites on February 25 will be inside Camp Aguinaldo. The People Power Monument on EDSA is its traditional venue.

Emergency Powers

Ramos is a former Philippine Constabulary chief who plays a pivotal role in the historic 1986. He explains that the decision has something to do with the President’s request for Congress to give him emergency powers. This is to enable him to address the country’s traffic problem.

Not on Top of Situation

Ramos also laments that the EDSA People Power Commission (EPPC) under Medialdea is “not on top” of the situation regarding the EDSA People Power anniversary. It has yet to release any schedule or guidelines for the event.

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Anti-Marcos Sentiments

Ramos already discusses the proposal with Medialdea and Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana for the president to sign an executive. This is to allow the learning center to be created. He describes it as an interactive museum inside the military camp. This should serve as a reminder for the people for the alleged brutality of the Marcos rule that he himself directed as military chief. Therefore prevents them from installing Bongbong Marcos in the Vice Presidency post, as he insinuates in the video interview.

3 thoughts on “Smaller EDSA Anniversary for FVR is Admin’s Lapse – Reminds People Not to Install Marcos in the VP Post

  1. traitor! u r an amerucan puppet! u r responsible for all the miseries being suffered by the Filipino people…

  2. Hoy FVR, berdugo ng martial law, tumigil ka na sa kadadakdak, mag rest in peace ka na lang.

  3. Bakit si Marcos ang pinagdidiskitahan mo ?

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