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Smart Business brought by Internet of Things

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The prediction that 212 billion things will be connected in 2020 to deliver the $8.9 trillion industry market will put Smart Business powered by the Internet of Things as one of the major industries in the world. We are done with accepting systematic machineries or tools that are proven effective and helpful to us in coping for the fast-phased lifestyle. Home appliances, automotives and many more are now very advanced but their innovation does not stop there.

The Internet of Things aims to develop innovative products in less time, no resources wasted and no room for damages. This will place smart business in a very strategic spot – where inventions will not only be tools but solutions for expensive cost of living. They will also detect dangerous circumstances before they actually happen – making this world a better place to be.

The two platforms of IoT are geared towards enterprise for running industries and to consumers for the best service ever – using systems connected by the internet and accessible through the cloud. It is expected that countries embracing the change early on will benefit in this global economy progress by 2025. Take note that this is not all about getting a sophisticated form of internet provider. This is a mindset that must be incorporated from the educational sector – to make it easier for the public to understand what are in store for the industries and work front in general.

Being connected is not only the crucial thing in running a smart business. Having the kind of infrastructure that supports the development of this sector to create sustainable jobs is actually the most important thing. Therefore, before smart things can talk to each other, let’s go back to school and see if we are making our future experts fully equipped with the knowledge on how to develop strategic business enterprise using Internet of Things.

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