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Smear Campaign by the Bias Media to Block Marcos


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Filipino Future

President Marcos Clearly Explained Issues Concerning Martial Law Declaration in the Philippines

Smear Campaign by the Bias Media

A smear campaign is an effort to damage or call into question someone’s reputation. This is done by spreading propounding negative propaganda. The notable bias media release anti-martial law and human rights violations accusations again against the late President Ferdinand Marcos. His son Bongbong Marcos already announces his candidacy for the 2022 elections. However, he still won’t disclose if it is for President or Vice President.

The VP On Protest

Such activities came out during the martial law anniversary. This is in support of the VP on protest who is under scrutiny for telling lies about the current administration. Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against her is still pending decisions from the Supreme Court. As per previous protests, the final ruling often happens only at the near end of the position’s term. So, people can only hope for the results of the next national elections in 2022.

Why is Martial Law still in the Philippine Constitution?

Ex-President Marcos said that he did not declare martial law alone. It went through the whole Senate process. The alleged human rights violations are now in courts. The cases should fully address the complaints of the victims. The great leader answers all the questions from the grave. There’s only one relevant question left to ask. Why is martial law still in the Philippine constitution after Marcos if it’s really that bad? Can the bias media answer that?

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