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Smoking Worsens TB Recurrence

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores What’s the use of getting treatment for your TB if you don’t stop smoking tobacco? Nothing – you are just triggering its recurrence and put yourself into the verge of danger if not, instant death – but mind you, long after strenuous sufferings! There’s nothing to debate with this topic at all. It’s just plainly destructive to combine Tobacco with TB.

This danger warning just did not come from nowhere. 5,567 TB patients in Taiwan were examined for the study. Bacteriologic testing confirmed their TB status. These are patients who went through the long process of treating the disease. Despite of that, 1.5% suffered repetitive TB condition and double that for intermittent TB cases among smokers. Bear in mind that TB is a contagious disease that is airborne, so even if you don’t smoke but living with a TB patient, you are prone to be infected by the disease as well.

The above study was presented during the April 2014 issue of the International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, and published online. Smoking Tobacco in unhealthy even to people without TB said Chung-Yeh Deng of National Yang-Ming University in Taipei. Chung-Yeh Deng is also the initiator of the research study.

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