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Social Media Beats the Mainstream again in BBM’s Caravan News Coverage Nationwide


By: Elena Grace Flores

Mami KP

[VIDEO]: BBM’s Nationwide Caravan from Social Media featuring Abra

Marcos Bridge in Abra and Pampanga’s Longest Caravan

Social media posts with YouTube videos occupy walls of Facebook. They feature BBM’s caravan nationwide. For one, the Don Mariano Marcos Bridge is the third longest of its kind. It spans 886.812 meters across the Lagben River.

BBM Chanting in Cagayan Valley

The Sari-Sari Channel
It just feels good to gather along the stretch of the roads said the loyalists. This is after more than 30 years of keeping quiet. Now, the silent majority speaks. However, in Cagayan Valley supporters chant BBM as the Bagong Lipunan song plays in the background as per the video in social media.

Overwhelming Sentiments in Cavite

Vincent Tabigue
People are now vocal about their support to Bongbong Marcos. Social Media interviews are common to see. In Cavite, people pour their heart out as they speak of their sentiments to Marcos.

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