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Social Media Stopped Media Propaganda Against Binay

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It happened many times that when a positive event about Vice President Jejomar Binay took place, various media would put it in the bad light – misleading the people. According to V.P. Binay, these are part of the demolition against his presidential bid in 2016. However, just recently ABS-CBN was forced to apologize to the University of the Philippines Los Banos – because they missed in broadcasting the news saying that the students were booing the Vice President in a forum which was very wrong.

Twitters and Facebook posts of the U.P. students about what really happened in the forum with Binay cannot be ignored by the General Public. In the end, ABS CBN’s reputation as a source of news diminished. Despite not apologizing to Binay, the people already knew that ABS CBN cannot be fair to the V.P. because of it’s own political agenda. Other media also followed suit but not as bad as ABS.

This only proves to show that in the Philippines, it’s not all truth that you hear from the news. Many will ride on to the popularity of the topic just for the rating.

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