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SONA Script for the People’s Sentiments: with list of Pnoy’s Endorsements

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
[This is a Wishful Thinking Script for the SONA if only President Aquino is leader enough to accept his faults and the mismanagement of his appointees – and give full credit where it is due] See also at the last part for the list of endorsements for you to vote or not for the upcoming 2016 Election.

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Thanks to all…let’s be seated.

My apology for not doing the traditional processional wall where I should have shake hands with you because today, I’m not feeling very well.

Vice President Jejomar Binay; previous presidents Fidel Valdez Ramos and Joseph Ejercito Estrada; Senate President Franklin Drilon and all the members of the Senate; Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. and members of Kamara de Representante; Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno and the magistrate of the Supreme Court; respected councillors of the democratic society; members of the cabinet; local government officials; military personnels, police, other men in uniform; fellow public servants; and to all my Boss, my beloved countrymen, goof afternoon to all of you. [Clapping]

This is my sixth SONA. I am again facing the congress and the people to report on the situation of the country. It’s been five years that we stopped the Wang Wang or the vehicular serene,not only on the roads, but in the society; eversince I swear to contradict the mispractices in the government to ease poverty; and the Filipinos started to dream again who are our Bosses. Our Boss, this is our plight in the “Straight Path”.

Just this Friday we have inaugurated Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway. This is leading the Public-Private Partnerships that I approved, and opened by my government. Unlike my predecessor: that they have more public projects in coordination with the private sector without bragging on it.

I apologize that it’s only now that my term is ending that this one and only project in its nature is being opened. Let’s look back on what else have been done.

I took over the executive office where the people are already immune in the never-ending allegations of lies, plunder and thieves.

They took pride in adding enough classrooms but in reality a long way to go. As you can see, classes are still in four shifting basis. Many students go to school in the dark and the rest, go home but still in the dark. Their time is not enough for studying even to these days.

“Uninterrupted growth” was bragged by the previous government but when verified, most of these were the remittances of Filipinos working abroad. They say “People were voting with their feet.” so I did not follow this kind of strategy because I do not have the nerve to thank those OFWs who sacrificed their lives in making Philippines a better place to be.

When the election is nearing in 2004, more than P700 milyon was involved in the fertilizer scam. Later on, ex-President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was aquitted due to lack of evidence to implicate her into the scam. However, I cannot accept this and sad to say that I cannot release her yet from hospital arrest.

The Hello Garci quote was very popular those days even to children which was answered with “I am sorry.” I know I have done too many mistakes in my term but unlike PGMA “I am sorry” is very hard to say because it’s not in my vocabulary.

Everyday in my service, I am disturbed by my conscience. Previously, NFA debts went up to P12.3 billion in 2001, going to P176.8 billion in June 2010. PAGCOR, spent one billion Pesos for coffee. MWSS: got too many bonuses. Laguna Lake: more than P18 billion were the target of thieves which is far from my very own DAP and PDAF – afterall, I am the reigning President at present.

Each government officer awears to serve truthfully and just but unlike the previous president handling the Maguindanao masacre in November 2009 who was not guilty of negligence, I am totally responsible for the Mamasapano misencounter that killed 44 of my men. It was too bad that I was too busy with the product launch of a car company that I missed to grace the ceremony welcoming the dead.

Can I blame you all for hating me?

Youtube Video of the real SONA by: Rappler
When my mother died, I was depressed but that was the time that I was approached to run as President but then, I am not a machosist, although in the end I found out that I am worst than that.

One of the people who managed to convince me is Alex Lacson. He said; “To stop the hemorrhaging would be enough.” – but I cannot resist because no money, no power – thus explaining my bribing of the senators to get rid of Chief Justice Corona.

Here’s a presentation:

The World Bank ranked the country as one of the world’s corrupt countries so when Cory died, Noynoy was spotted and I was asked to lead the group urging him to run as President – and we are grateful that he accepted that with willingness.
He’s obviously not a superman but he managed to fool us all in his “Straight Path” motto towards the ravine of death!


Even before we already know that government mismanagement was the source of our hardships thus our slogan: If there’s no coccupt, there’s no poor.

It needs hardship, political will and faith in God to make that a reality so, I chose the easy way;

The Ombudsman is now my appointee Conchita Carpio Morales and the impeachment of CJ Renato Corona funded by DAP pave the way for my control in the government.

Ma. Lourdes Sereno ia now the new Chief Justice replacing Corona. Yes, he was humiliated by the senators but it was necessary to discredit him even if the SALN discrepancy is applicable to all government officials at that time. [Clapping]

COA Chairperson is now Grace Pulido-Tan. Commissioner Kim Henares of the BIR that continues to haunt Manny Pacquiao even if he already paid his taxes, Secretary Leila de Lima of the Department of Justice keeps on pestering Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. They can fight with all their might for their political ambitions.

I believe in what George Santayana said: If you forget the past, it will happen again. This is the very reason why I do not want the opposition to come back to power because they will know that what I’m bragging about is not true.

I have learned from my parents, the church and the laws that wounds can heal only if there’s justice – but I have put many of my political enemies in prison already but still I cannot move on. I cannot get over PGMA.[Clapping]

We continue to kill the economy by not spending like in the government-Owned and-Controlled Corporations. Previously the GOCC saved only P84.18 billion in 9 years.

Now we’ve saved P131.86 billion in dividends[Clapping]in only 5 years of my term. This would surely exceed in our short term compared with the longer term by the previous president. No wonder President Arroyo is an economist and my teacher but I refused to learn from her. That’s why she alerted me…It’s the economy, student! [Clapping]

We beat the highest peak in the BIR collection of P778.6 billion 2008 with the 2012 collection of P1.06 trillion but where were those moneys now? DAP and PDAF? Never mind it being unconstitutional. I’m the President, you know. [Clapping]

Last year collection raised to P1.3 trillion, and will reach P1.5 trillion in 2015 but why do my countrymen felt that government facilities are not maintained properly? The MRT-LRT for example are disasters and public hospitals are at their poorest service. Thanks to Kim Henares who has filed 380 cases of tax malversation – more funds for the Liberal election campaign. The poor can wait. [Clapping]

On the National Budget:
Discrete budgeting was allocated unlike the previous administration by changing the system, we are now included in the global competitiveness rankings, the economy is rising hereby earning the title “Asia’s Rising Tiger,” “Asia’s Rising Star,” and “Asia’s Bright Spot” where fake rice and imported garbage can be found. Thanks to Mar Roxas who opposed the Charter Change of the former President Arroyo to extend her power. Now the system is corrupt as ever. [Clapping]

Now we already have a favorable investment grade protected by notable credit rating agencies. Investments are worthy in the Philippines because interest rates are lower and the period of payments is longer. So, many Filipinos will become a slave to their own work. They just don’t know about it.[Clapping]

Last 2010, only P1.07 billion was the net foreign direct investments into the country. On 2014, it reached $6.2 billion net foreign direct investments. The highest ever. Just let me get the credit though this was the effects of the efforts of the previous administration. Just can’t get over her. [Clapping]

Even the domestic investments is now getting very active. In 2003 until 2010, only P1.24 trillion was approved for domestic investments. Then when I became president until the third quarter in 2010 until 2014, it skyrocketed to: P2.09 trillion just because I’m the president. All I did was sit. [Clapping]

To be honest, the manufacturing sector was a challenge with the situation on electricity alone, it was very difficult already. This became active again in 2001 until 2009, because of our reforms. Eight percent increase from 2010 to 2014 but I have nothing to do with it. [Clapping]

Hear this testimonial:

President Aquino has walked the talk. A Chief Justice has been impeached without fairness in the senate hearings.
He has corrupted even the rule of law itself so what kind of justice can you expect in the country?


Alam po natin: Ang pangunahing sukatan kung tunay na tumatalab sa karaniwang Pilipino ang pag-unlad ay ang nalilikhang trabaho. Suriin natin ang pagbabago sa aspektong ito.

The decreasing statistics of the umemployment rate and the almost 800,000 new people in our work force and lowering number of overseas Filipinos are showed only in the internal government records and never felt by the people.[Clapping]

I refused to acknowledge that OFWs are heroes because I wanted to stop them from going out of the country and suffer together with their own kind.[Clapping]

Secretary Linda Baldoz from the Labor sector is noted as our Cabinet Pastor. Thank you Linda for preaching what I say and not what I do.[Clapping]

More people got new jobs because of our job-skills mismatch program – but the senate discouraged University of Makati to train nursing students with the LASIK skill because I will look bad and Vice President Binay will look good.

In our “Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program”.

It already reached 4.4 million Filipinos being spoon-fed by the government now. No wonder people in the provinces became lazy – waiting only for their cash benefits. With the free education for their children, they can now make babies as many as they can. So, don’t be surprised if there will be more street children loitering the streets.

People are asking; what happened to the “Pantawid Pamilya Program?”. Of course it’s not a magic pill K to 12 is 13 years, my term is only so no graduates yet but of course you can now see many street children everywhere in the Philippines.However, despite of that the K-12 educational curriculum has now been implemented[Clapping]

Here’s the proof to K-12 success:

My father is a jeepney driver and he cannot send me to college but with my K-12 credential, I can now work to help the family but wait, how can I be a K-12 graduate when it’s only been implemented? Sorry for lying… [Clapping]

Sec. Joel Villanueva of TESDA narrated to me: An OFW has to return to the country and studied “hilot wellness massage” at TESDA; now he already has four branches but with the economic situation, they can all close down at once. [Clapping]

In the Health sector, PhilHealth now has 47 milyong Filipino beneficiaries but of course, hospitals offer selective benefit packages. So, just pray for your luck for a 100%Philhealth partner hsopital.

Governor Lilia Pineda is thankful to me for the almost P400 million Sin Tax–funds used in birthing station, hospital fixtures, and health center maintenance. This shows that I really take care of my allies whereas Governor Gwen of Cebu has been taken out of office because she doesn’t belong to my political party.

The Cadastral Survey, has now been closed and confirmed so there are no more false additional lands in the ARMM – but I don’t know what’s happening in the Hacienda Luisita – owned lands.

Take a look at farmers benefitting from our Electrification Program – that’s why, there’s regular rotating brown-outs already nationwide including in the commercial districts due to lack of power source.[Clapping]

In the aviation department, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration already included us in Category 1, that’s why domestic flights are cheaper – as you can see the fare is only 1 peso and the taxes are more expensive. Am I killing the airline businesses?

To my dear Sec. Jun Abaya please be patient and thank you for working out the DAP and PDAF for me – now I know you can take a bullet for me. We have taken so much to use these funds for our own agendas thus forgetting the MRT-LRT that are now deteriorating badly. In fact, already raining inside each train wagon.

In our Military Forces, we already have 3 C-130 units and
2 more C-212 light lift transports coming up before the end of 2015. Too bad, Mamasapano tragedy happened prior to this.[Clapping]

We have new artilleries as well such as: 12 new FA-50 fighters. BRP Gregorio del Pilar and Ramon Alcaraz war ships, 13 AW-109 helicopters, 8 Bell-412 helicopters, 617 troop carrier trucks, and 50,629 assault rifles. However, our military men are on low moral because of my irresonsible moves during the Mamasapano incident and I am so sorry for that.

The police is now equipped with: 302 patrol jeeps, 179 utility vehicles and 12,399 handheld radios. More to come but not sure why I only do this at the end of my term.[Clapping]

National threats like Dexter Balane, leader of robbery and holdup group operating with Martilyo gang, the Tiamzon couple, Commander Parago, and other CPP-NPA-NDF members like Ruben Saluta and Emmanuel Bacarra; the notorious Jovito Palparan, including BIFF leaders Basit Usman, Mohammad Ali Tambako, Abdulgani Esmael Pagao, and international terrorist Marwan are already topped. However, it seems like our country is now the hideout for local and international terrorist groups. [Clapping]

I also urged the senate to pass the Bangsamoro law so that we can have peace by giving the Muslim rebels a bulk sustenance from your taxes.

I am also pushing for the Anti-Dynasty Law so that the Binays and the Marcoses will have no chance to reign again.

It’s now been an hour, so I will speed up to mention everyone who joined me in my “Straight Path” campaign:

– Governor Elias Bulut
– Rep. Mercedes Alvarez
– Executive Secretary Jojo Ochoa
– Secretary Rene Almendras
– Secretary Albert del Rosario
– Secretary Cesar Purisima
– Arsi Balisacan
– Usec. Cosette Canilao
– Secretary Greg Doming
– DOST/PEZA Director General Lilia de Lima
– Secretary Babes Singson
– Secretary Mon Jimenez
– Secretary Volts Gazmin
– Secretary Cesar Garcia
– Secretary Janette Garin
– Secretary Dinky Soliman
– Secretary Armin Luistro
– Secretary Tatti Licuanan
– Secretary Joel Villanueva
– Secretary Mario Montejo
– Secretary Procy Alcala
– Secretary Kiko Pangilinan
– Secretary Gil de los Reyes
– Secretary Ramon Paje
– Secretary Neric Acosta
– Secretary Lucille
– Secretary Mar Roxas
– Secretary Butch Abad
– Secretary Edwin Lacierda
– Secretary Sonny Coloma
– ex-Secretary Ricky Carandang
– Usec. Abi Valte
– Manolo Quezon
– Solicitor General Florin Hilbay
– Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Ben Caguioa
– Secretary Ging Deles
– Chair Iye Coronel-Ferrer
– Secretary Julia Abad
– Yasmin Busran-Lao
– Francis Tolentino
– Lu Antonino
– Joel Rocamora
– Mely Nicolas
– Ronald Llamas
– Cesar Villanueva
– Manny Mamba
– Governor Say Tetangco
– Governor Mujiv Hataman of ARMM
– Chito Cruz of National Housing Authority
– Gerry Esquivel of MWSS
– Chairman Bong Naguiat of PAGCOR
– Senate President Frank Drilon
– Speaker Sonny Belmonte
– Cong. Boyet Gonzales
– Mel Sarmiento
– Joe America
– General Chito Dizon
– Col. Francis Coronel
– SPO4 Lito Africano
– PO3 Bong Fuyonan
– Asec. Susan Reyes
– Social Secretary Paul Cabral
– Cherry Reyes (hairstylist
– Noel Cabangon (Artist)
– Usec. Rochelle Ahorro
– Asec. Jun Delantar
– Yolly Yebes
– Congresswoman Kaka Bag-ao

Please take this as my endorsement:

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” I did my best but my best wasn’t good enough![Clapping]
Image Source: GOVPH

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