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Song of Praise: He will Make a Way

Praise to be the Lord
Praise to be the Lord (Photo credit: Patrick He)

Worries, tribulations, calamities, fighting and chaos are around us. Do we just stay still despite these uncertainties? How can we pacify ourselves when there’s no one to turn to? If you find yourself in this situation, just listen to this song – and sing along with the lyrics on this video and get the assurance that you are well taken-cared of:


Published on YouTube entitled:

Praise and Worship Songs with Lyrics- God Will Make a Way

If only we have faith as small as a mustard seed, we can be at peace with whatever is going on in this place called earth. Everything has a purpose – and we can only try to do the best that we can to help others as we continue to tackle our own struggles. So, when things are becoming unbearable, sit back and relax – listen to the song and be reminded that things will happen as He allows them to be. Trust and believe…He will surely make a way for us!

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