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Song Rendition that will Make You Cry

Agnus Dei is a song of praise that is often played or sang live during religious ceremonies – but this video of the song by a child singer has captured many hearts. The sensation of his performance coupled by the ambiance created by the adoring crowd were enough to put tears in their eyes. Will this make you cry – if you really try to feel the glory of God’s power in the life of this talented boy? I bet, this will:

Jotta A – Breathtaking Performance Of Agnus Dei From Child Singer


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What makes the song different when rendered by a child who is feeling every word that he’s singing? This is some kind of magic but one can’t help becoming emotional when we realize that God really exist in each one of us – especially with the children who are so dear to the Creator. Nurturing these God-given talents is like showing to the Almighty how grateful we are to Him for his works.


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