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Sorry Poe: Presidential Race is Between Binay & Roxas so Far

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
CNN Philippines noted that “Senator Grace Poe has been making the headlines lately, but she has yet to confirm her plans for 2016”. So sorry Grace, it’s still between Mar and Jejomar for the Presidential race as of today, August 8. 2015. However, Inquirer also reported the IIF’s or the Institute of International Finance’s concern over Binay leading the surveys in June 2015. This Washington-based institute is somewhat afraid that being the major opposition, Vice President Binay might not continue the Public-Private contracts that the Aquino administration initiated. Contrary to their belief, Binay is a number one supporter of Public-Private undertakings. In fact, it is one of the reasons why Makati flourished under his term as mayor. Therefore, they should not be alerted if their involvement is not unconstitutional.

Contrary to the said surveys, while it is true that Binay is definitely leading compared to Roxas among the declared presidentiables, the Netizens survey never recorded Grace Poe having substantial votes. So, it is a big question what the basis of those surveys were? Refresh this link for the updated Netizens Presidential Survey 2016:

Going forward, when Grace Poe is still busy defending suits to unseat her due to her questionable nationality and residency, let’s move forward on Mar and Jejomar!
Image Source: CNN Philippines

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