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Sotto and Pimentel: Proclaiming Duterte first is not Illegal

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Head of the Senate canvassing panel, Senator Aquilino Pimentel III, explained that conducting separate proclamations of the President and Vice President in theory is not illegal – despite the mandate in the constitution that both positions are to be proclaimed in one go because Duterte’s win is not contested and it’s a different thing for the Vice Presidential race.

Member of the Senate canvassing panel, Sen. Vicente Sotto III also voiced out that the President must be proclaimed earlier than the Vice President as they go through the thorough tallying of votes for fair canvass.

The alleged Vice Presidential win of Liberal Party’s Leni Robredo is contested by Senator Bongbong Marcos by submitting a formal request to Comelec requesting for audit before proclaiming her the winner over him. This is due to the irregularities observed in the partial unofficial results transmitted via the transparency server operated by Smartmatic and the illegal alteration of script while the count was ongoing with very thin margin between both candidates. Other strong observations of vote manipulations in various precincts were also reported.

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