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Soy Has No Real Benefits for Menopausal Women


By: Gemma Lagasca


SoySoy milk, tofu and edamame beans were known helpful in preventing the episode of hot flashes in menopausal women – but this has been contradicted by the newly released study from the University of California, Davis (UC Davis). It indicated that these healthy food shave no capability whatsoever to prevent menopausal-related night sweats and hot flashes.

The real score emerged based on the research conducted among 1,651 women in their 40’s ten years ago – who were not yet experiencing hot flashes at the time of the initial tests. Some were normally taking more soy on their diet but most of them were not. The researchers followed them for 10 long years and found that many of them have experienced menopause-related hot flashes including those who regularly take soy-enriched foods. Therefore, the organizers concluded that there is no concrete evidence that women who take more soy from their diet will have lesser episodes of hot flashes. However, there are still more all-natural remedies that are known to reduce menopausal-related symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats and mild depression since ancient times. Pick your best choice from the following list:

  1. Black coshon– is one of the best-selling supplements in the United States. Many studies confer that it helps prevent hot flashes compared to placebo. This remedyis extracted from the roots of black coshon plant from North America. However, patients with liver disorder are prohibited to use this treatment.
  2. Flaxseed oil and flaxseed – are helpful menopausal symptoms relievers. They are rich with lignans – that are estrogen-producing elements helpful in balancing female hormones.
  3. Red clover hoping – is mostly used by many women. It has a natural chemical compound of estrogen that helps ease menopausal symptoms. However, women who are diagnosed with estrogen-positive cancers of the uterus or breast should consult their physician first before trying this remedy.
  4. Wild yam – is an alternative for hormonal therapy. Infact, it is sought-after in the form of pills and creams despite the fact that no clinical research has been recorded to support that it will indeed relieve menopausal symptoms.
  5. St. John’s Wort – is a herbal plant. This can be used to help improve the mood of depressed individuals – especially women in the menopausal stage. It is more effective when mixed with black coshon. The mixture will quickly relieve the depression and mood swings of an affected individual.
  6. Dong quai – is a beneficial herb that aids women with hormonal imbalance. This has been used in ancient Chinese treatments. However, it is not officially declared that it can ease hot flashes until now.
  7. Calcium from fat-free milk – prevents bone loss due to sudden drop of the hormone level among women on menopause. Women who are under 51 years old need at least 1,000 milligrams calcium per day andwomen above 51 should increase their calcium intake to up to 1,200 milligrams a day.

On the other hand, ginseng is a mood enhancing remedy. It helps in lifting up the mood of menopausal women. It enables them to have a good and relaxing sleep.

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