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The Stand of Pope Francis

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Pope Francis Portrait Painting
Pope Francis Portrait Painting (Photo credit: faithmouse)

People are so judgmental when others don’t share their principles. This time, it’s the Pope already who says that many Marxists are good people so, you do not have to be a Roman Catholic to follow the examples of Jesus Christ – which is true. Pope Francis is indeed a character and he will speak his mind based on what his heart dictates. Read this:

Pope Francis gives gifts to Rome’s poor as he denies he is a Marxist

By: Josephine McKenna

Pope Francis will celebrate his first Christmas as pontiff this year by giving personal gifts to the poor of Rome.

The Vatican has announced that 2,000 envelopes containing free publictransport tickets and telephone cards will be distributed in the Italian capital in the next few days by nuns from the order of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who serve meals to the poor and the homeless.

Controversial practices in the Catholic church like divorcees cannot take communion have to be finalized yet after the cardinals present their recommendations to Pope Francis. This only  proves to show that even if the Pope is a strong-willed person, he is fair in considering the inputs of his team members. This is already a good example not only for Catholics but also to all organizations religious or not.

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