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Stay Away from Loans if you Can’t Pay

By: Elena Grace Flores

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It is a normal behavior to seek for loans when we are out of money. Job loss, sickness, accidents or wants can drive us to borrow some cash regardless of our capacity to pay. It’s like borrow now and think how to pay it later. Such a bad move! This will either ruin your financial credibility or your life in general. Read this if you are tempted:

Follow these simple tips to kiss debt goodbye forever

By: AskMen c/o

This mindset isn’t helped by the high entry costs of most artistic industries. A truly successful artist is not just a master of his or her craft, but is also a marketing genius, a business guru and a networking machine. The product is you, and you are constantly on call. All these costs hit you hardest right when you are starting out, and keeping a tight leash on your expenditures becomes a crucial aspect of your day-to-day.

To be good in our finances, it is important to know not just how and where to borrow – but also how to generate long-term revenues. Loans can give us some comfort but only in a very short time. It’s the paying period that is not only long but also stressful. So, kiss your loans goodbye at the soonest possible time!

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