Stop the Lies: No One Can Steal the Wealth for Humanity – Marcos Made Sure Of That for his Beloved Country

By: Elena Grace Flores

Even to this date, the brilliance of former President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos is still evident. His quest to take care of his people even after death is not only documented – it’s deposited. The deposits of the one million metric tons of gold cannot be moved without the unity of  The World Bank, IMF, Central Bank, Philippine Government, Marcos Heir and the German Signatory or his heir.

Youtube video by; bulatlat multimedia
[VIDEO]: Eto ang INILABAS na Last Will and Testament ni dating Pres. Marcos

World Bank and IMF

The World Bank and IMF’s agreement when the gold was deposited by the late strongman can never deny the fact that the wealth for humanity is real. In fact, their role is to safeguard them and make sure that the Filipino people can benefit from them when the right time comes.

Central Bank

The Central Bank is also the keeper of the manifest that the wealth is secured for the welfare of Filipinos. Around 400,000 metric tons of gold are believed to be locked in the 3rd floor of the Central bank according to the latest report from the World Bank whistleblower.

The Philippine Government

The Philippine government must be in partnership with the Marcos heir because as of now, Imelda Marcos is the keeper of the bill of lading for the rest of the gold deposited in over 200 countries. This is the reason why the Aquinos cannot do something about it during their two consecutive presidential terms. PCGG has to loot the Marcoses’ personal inheritance from their dead patriarch just to show that they are recovering the wrong wealth.

Simple Wish of the Strongman

As per the speech of Bongbong Marcos during the recent burial of the strongman at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, the late president who loved the Filipinos and his country so much only want to be buried with his fellow soldiers who fought with him during World War 2. He also made it clear in his “will” – to be laid to rest according to what he deserves. His memories should be buried in the hearts of every Filipino!

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  • I am forever grateful to the late Pres. Ferdinand Marcos. His love for the Filipinos was incomparable. I have told my children the true FEM, contrary to what the anti-Marcos and the biased media are saying about him and also the life we enjoyed during martial law. Hopefully, they will pass it on to their children.


  • You said in the above article that and i quote ' The deposits of the one million metric tons of gold cannot be moved without the unity of The World Bank, IMF, Central Bank, Philippine Government, Marcos Heir and the German Signatory or his heir.' So what was that 3,500 metric tons that was deposited to Thailand Bank by the previous gov't as per this video?>

    • It can either be Marcos' personal wealth before he became president confiscated by PCGG or some of the 400 metric tons of gold locked into the volts of Central Bank. In principle, no one can move it legally - and when stolen, they can be recovered. Better not to point a finger to anyone right now.

  • Soonest, the filipino of today and the next generation will witnessed how the former President Ferdinand E Marcos well loved the filipino people the mother land Philippines. The Marcos siblings never develop grudge or hate in any of their countrymen even those who bedeviled them. For them, the knew and believe that truth shall set them free and those who hate them will find their hearth and conscience suffer the wrath of their made lies against the Marcoses. God Bless the Filipino People...