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Subsidy Woes: Will you Pay your Philhealth Dues after Hearing this?


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by GMA News

PhilHealth, posibleng bangkarote na sa 2022 kung hindi matatapos ang COVID pandemic

Philhealth Subsidy Woes

PhilHealth’s funds will allegedly run out by 2022. This is if the COVID-19 pandemic continues next year. PhilHealth officials admit this at the Senate hearing. The senators also scrutinize the anomalies on billions of PhilHealth funds that are lost due to possible corruption. The question is: Wil you still pay your premiums after hearing this? The government immediately assures the public that a subsidy is one immediate resort to keep it afloat.

Not Contribution but Subsidy

A Philihealth official said that it needs more contribution to save the agency from bankruptcy. However, Senator Franklin Drilon stresses that a subsidy is more likely. During the pandemic, people are spending tightly because of economic uncertainties. Therefore, delinquent and tardy premiums are more likely.

Corruption Investigation

The state-run agency’s former anti-fraud legal officer Thorrsson Montes Keith resigns due to his claim of “widespread corruption.” He said that “mafia members” are responsible for the anomalous transactions. The whistleblower believes that the total amount of such deals reaches around ₱15 billion. The senators have a full plate on this one.

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