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Supporters’ Credit Grabbing made Duterte Look Desperate for First SONA

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Secretary Martin Andanar Andanar can cry all he wants because the unruly supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte are putting the president’s name in bad light via social media. Floods of credit grabbing posts dominated Facebook and Twitter – that only the uninformed can believe. Take the case of Divisoria spearheaded by Manila mayor Joseph Estrada ever since he became mayor of Manila. The mayor even admitted that he cannot maintain that for too long because the holiday season is coming and that’s the area for affordable shopping.

The “tanin bala” fiasco or planting bullet scheme also, although the new airport chief Ed Monreal already made some actions to eliminate this bad trend that destroys the reputation of the country among travellers – that include one department being dissolved is yet at its infancy stage. Still has to be given time on how the staff of that department be handled whether they will be transferred, fired or offered an early retirement package, that we don’t know yet. Monreal however successfully ordered new chairs for NAIA. That’s it for the time being.

Duterte is expected to mention his legislative agenda which could include the need to amend the Constitution in his first State of the Nation Address or SONA. This is to give way to federalism and to reinstate the death penalty for heinous crimes including illegal drugs trade – which at this point, only the extra judicial killing is clear and no signs yet that the battle for war on drugs will be won. The President however allerted the United Nations and Human rights groups to be vigilant on human rights violations. To be fair, the President wrote his own speech this time.


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