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Enrile: The Ilocanos and Cebuanos together are Unbreakable in the 2022 Election

2022 election

By: Elena Grace Flores

Ilocanos and Cebuanos Cannot Be Broken
Former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile clarifies once again that the late President Ferdinand Marcos declares martial law to save the country from communism. He then explains the importance of the union between the Ilocanos and Cebuanos for the 2022 election. The merging of the north with the south is something that is so powerful. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. or Bongbong Marcos gets this favor with his alliance with the Dutertes.

Preventing Anti-Administration Fake News for the 2022 Election

Enrile thinks that the admin bets is a combination of the Ilocanos and Cebuanos. They just don’t want to disclose the real score yet. This is to protect the candidates from fake news. Just like Bongbong Marcos’ candidacy in 2016. So, it is best to get the latest information about the subject for the 2022 election.

No More Talks if it’s Mayor Sara-Marcos Alliance

No need to talk about who is going to win during the 2022 election. The Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio and Bongbong Marcos picket definitely has the advantage. Vice versa is also possible. It is common sense that the biggest tribes together are the strongest in unity. History dictates that this is unbreakable.

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BBM’s Fierce Opponent in the 2022 Election can Kill even their Own Like Ninoy

2022 Election

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Philippine Shocking History

Killing their Own to Gain Popularity in the 2022 Election
A tragic scenario is very effective in Philippine politics. Such is coming up in the 2022 Election. Take the case of Ninoy Aquino’s assassination. There are 6 suspects in the case but no investigations. Despite the two presidential terms of the Aquinos. Many testify that it’s the cousin of the late President Cory Aquino. However, the media prefer to demonize Imelda Marcos. This is to discredit Ferdinand Marcos. So, the alleged People Power happened.

A Repeat of the 2016 Incident

The son of Ninoy, the late President Noynoy Aquino swore that he would do anything to block Bongbong Marcos from the Vice Presidency. His party took Leni Robredo. Then suddenly, she became a widow. Her late husband Jesse Robredo had a helicopter mishap. No further investigations as ordered by the berieved wife.

Face to Face again in 2022 Election

Whoever the candidate may be to oppose Bongbong Marcos in the 2022 Election, can only come from the same party. Sure enough, as the president tries to answer all the allegations against him, this one tops as his number one critic. One who is also a darling of the media. At the last minute, this candidate would declare such candidacy. It would be like 2016 again but this time, in the Presidential race. However, the people are now wiser due to the pandemic.

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Why is it going to be Marcos-Duterte in the 2022 Election?

2022 Election

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Marcos-Duterte is Unbeatable in the 2022 Election

The Second Try in the 2022 Election

Since the 2016 elections, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and Bongbong Marcos emerged as the People’s leaders. However, Marcos’ votes fell short for the Vice Presidency. Duterte got a landslide. However, Duterte’s plan to give way to Marcos did not happen. BBM’s electoral protest was junked. Thia is without the chance to present evidence. Therefore, it is obvious that the original plan will have a second try this 2022 election.

Duterte’s Freedom of Information Act

Duterte signed Executive Order No. 02. This is also known as the Freedom of Information (FOI) Program, on July 23, 2016, in Davao City. The executive order established the first freedom of information (FOI) Program in the Philippines. It covers all government offices under the Executive Branch. Then, the truth about the late President Ferdinand Marcos resurfaces. Social media overtakes the mainstream media. Many Filipinos became aware of Dilawan’s anti-Marcos black media propaganda. Thus, disclosing the Final Will and Testament of the late President Marcos in favor of the Filipinos and the world.

The True Hero for Maharlika

Despite the efforts online of the Marcos detractors, Marcos and Duterte remain allies. Senator Imee Marcos is always with Sara-Duterte Carpio. Sara said that she would not run for President but maybe Vice President. BBM also reiterates that he will not run opposing the Mayor. Although he will run either President or Vice President. Maharlika which is the original Philippines is now aware that the true hero is Ferdinand Marcos. The only hope right now is for his namesake to be President. Then, the country would be great again.

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Pulse Asia Survey Heats Up the Marcos-Duterte Tandem in 2022 Election

2022 election

By: Elena Grace Flores

President Duterte Asks o take his name out of surveys

Two Mayors for 2022 Election

Mayor Sara Duterte-Capio leads the early Pulse Asia survey for presidents in the 2022 election. Bongbong Marcos, Grace Poe, Manny Pacquiao, and another mayor, Isko Moreno is next. The President’s daughter also asks not to include his name in the surveys. Speculations say that his daughter has a high rating because of his popularity. However, Mayor Sara already said that she’s not running for president. But maybe Vice President. So, this makes the Marcos-Duterte tandem alive again.

Popularity is Not Transferrable

A Political analyst said that Mayor Sara gets the highest rate, not because of her father’s popularity. President Rodrigo Duterte may have a 91% approval rate. Not all voters of the President will vote for his daughter. He cannot just endorse Mayor Sara. Because his popularity is not transferrable. But what if Marcos runs for president along with Inday Sara for Vice President?

Where’s the Dilawan?

The sitting Vice President Leni Robredo is in the 6th place only for possible presidential candidates. It’s because the administration perceives the Dilawan as the enemy. Robredo is the symbol of the Dilawan. So, if there’s another Marcos-Robredo face off in 2022, where would Robredo be?

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Is Robredo the Only Option for President in the 2022 Election?

2022 election

By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by VIRAL PINAS

No plans to run in 2022 but the only option for president?

The Only Option for President in the 2022 Election

In an interview overseas, some OFWs are disgusted to hear the presumptive Vice President said that she has no plans to run for a higher office in the 2022 election. But then she realizes that she’s the only option for president. Many disagreed with her views upon hearing her overconfident remarks on youtube.

Purveyor of Fake News

Another OFW from the Bay area said that Robredo is a purveyor of fake news. She claims that she’s the Vice President even if her legitimacy is questionable. Election results showed that she won in the Bay area but in reality, she’s not known there because the majority of the voters are Ilocanos. They voted for Bongbong Marcos. She must have done magic there, he added.

Fake Vice President

At the present time, there are a lot of ofws who want to get rid of the fake Vice President. They can’t wait to show their revenge in the 2022 elections. She does not have the chance to be President. They believe President Rodrigo Duterte that the Philippines will be pitiful if she becomes one.