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It’s Unofficially Bongbong Marcos – Mayor Sara Tandem for the 2022 Elections

2022 elections

By: Elena Grace Flores
by ABS-CBN News

BBM in tandem with Mayor Sara
Bongbong Marcos has the solid north. Mayor Sara also has the solid south. It’s a match made in heaven. Senator Imee Marcos said. However, due to the economic downfall during the pandemic, another Duterte or any of Duterte’s men is bad for the economy. So, the younger Marcos goes around to seek the possibility of a top spot. He’s unofficially running for president in the 2022 elections.

Not Totally an Obedient Daughter

Senator Imee Marcos clarifies that Mayor Sara is not totally an obedient daughter. Like her, she’s some kind of a rebel daughter. So, President Rodrigo Duterte’s running for VP in the 2022 elections in lieu of Inday Sara is stressful for her. In another angle, perhaps President Duterte just secures the place of Mayor Sara. This is because only one Duterte runs for a place in the executive office.

Going Around to Run as President for the 2022 Elections

Bongbong Marcos is running for president in the 2022 elections at the present time. He has his own network. He’s happy to talk to everyone. People are saying that he should run for the presidency. Others may be VP or Senator. His family is open to any circumstance. Destiny dictates if he is bound to lead the Filipinos to progress. Anyhow, the VP post is already secured by Duterte. So, it should be Bongbong-Sara after all.

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The Marcos-Duterte Tandem’s Impact on the Nation for 2022 Elections

2022 Elections

By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by RG FACTS

Blocking the Dilawan for the upcoming nation election.

Marcos-Duterte for 2022 Elections

The President’s efforts in blocking the Dilawan since 2016 will go to waste if they can get back during the 2022 elections. He will do everything in his power to not let that happen. Even if it means for her daughter to run for a position in the executive office. Duterte made it clear that he doesn’t Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio to live his life now. He prefers Bongbong Marcos for the presidency. That could only mean that he is into the Marcos-Duterte tandem.

A Landslide Win

Analyzing from obvious developments, Marcos almost won in 2016 as VP if not cheated, so they say. Coupled with the high approval rating of President Duterte at 91%, the Marcos-Duterte tandem will surely become a lanslide win for them come 2022 elections. This is something that is too scary for the opposition. That’s why propaganda stunts are already ongoing this early.

Destroying the Tandem

The ultimate goal for the pro-Dilawan players is to break the possible winning tandem. This can be in the form of making loyalist groups of both sides fight. Possibly over who should run as President. The anti-Dilawan would simply don’t mind. Supporters must be vigilant on this kind of behavior in social media.