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How Jejomar and Elenita Binay Savor their Victory Over Conflicts in Love and Politics


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Former Vice President Jejomar Binay and wife Dra. Elenita Binay always looked happy to people who spot them in their Makati community recently or in photos posted in social media. They are unfazed by corruption scandals that discredit their family during elections.  Senator Nancy Binay shared on Instagram a photo of her parents once during their past anniversary. They continue their tradition every Sunday to gather around the dinner table in the couple’s Makati residence. Something that many busy families are envious about today.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: Eksklusibong nakapanayam ng Powerhouse ang dating pangalawang pinakamakapangyarihang tao sa Pilipinas, si Vice President Jejomar Binay. Silipin ang Asian Oriental-themed na tahanan ni VP Binay at alamin kung paano siya mag-relax.

Corruption Allegations did not Affect Makati

The United Nationalist Alliance policy party of Jojo Binay that vows to be the opposite of a lazy and inept Aquino government. It occupies most seats in the Makati local government. Binay denies the corruption allegations against him. Those are just the maneuvers of his rivals. In their desperate attempt to undermine his presidential bid last year. their real colors show.

Infidelity Rumors Escalates after Endorsing Bongbong Marcos

Jejomar Binay admits to having an extra-marital affair in the past that almost breaks his marriage to Dr. Elenita Binay. That affair has long been over. Even before he becomes Vice President. The issue is raised as a black propaganda when he initially leads the presidential poll in 2016. It also escalates when he endorses Bongbong Marcos as Vice President. His wife and family already forgive him. Like any other human being, he is not perfect and also commits mistakes, he said.

Private Matter

Binay’s children, Junjun and Abby, shrugged off the rumors online about the illicit affair of their father. They took it a politically motivated. They know it in the past but the family and their mother are over it. Their patriarch really made a huge effort to win his wife back. Junjun added that the Binay couple went on a European cruise. He also exerted much efforts to make it up with his children. Abby stresses that “If there was any marital infidelity, it was between my Mom and my Dad.”

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Problems are All Politics – Family Stays Together

Binay can’t be concerned anymore on the judgment that his extra-marital affair is a reflection of his character as a public official – because he’s not anymore in office. All accusations especially the corruption cases are just politics. Once he enters politics, everything is public. He was prepared for that. Now both Jejomar and Elenita Binay enjoy the rewards of their efforts to genuinely serve the people and to nurture the family at the same time. Their cases can only be dismissed in due time. Politics are now handled by their children. Their role is upgraded into the consultancy level. They only do voluntary work when needed. Comfortable and happy life is already attained to the fullest. Though it is a belief that longer but blessed life is bestowed to those who continue to help the ones in need – such as the Binay!

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Reality of Binay-Marcos Propaganda: Prosecution Fails to Implicate Elenita Binay with Furniture Anomaly, Beds to Follow Suit?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Sandiganbayan rules that the furniture case of ex-Makati mayor Elenita Binay, wife of former President Jejomar Binay is dismissed. This is after prosecution fails to implicate her in the alleged anomalous bidding. Binay also appeals for the dismissal of her motion to re-raffle her malversation and graft cases for the anomalous purchases of hospital beds and sterilizers. The Binay family has been the subject of lawsuits accusing them of corruption just to discredit the patriarch’s presidential bid in 2016. Dr. Binay’s cases are proofs how the court is used for media propaganda that leads to character assassination of Binay by the previous Aquino administration.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: The Sandiganbayan dismissed a graft case against former Makati mayor Dr. Elenita Binay in connection with the alleged anomalous procurement of P21.7 million worth of furniture for the Makati City Hall.

Motion to Re-raffle

Binay earlier seeks to separate trials for her cases because a consolidation of her charges would create a “premature judgment.” She adds that the consolidation of her cases would give the “impression” that the allegations formed a “pattern” as what her accusers are highlighting. The prosecution opposes her move and further accuses her that her motion is meant to delay the trial and that the consolidation of her cases would fast-track the disposition of the case.

Discrediting the Binay Name

Her husband former vice president Jejomar Binay Sr. and her son former Makati mayor Jejomar “Jun-Jun” Binay Jr. also face graft, malversation, and falsification of public documents charges for their roles in the allegedly overpriced Makati car park building when they were Makati mayor. Most of these charges are dismissed. In instances that they are indicted, the cases cannot continue into full-blown cases because there’s no probable cause. These are meant to be dismissed also.

The Binays went through the Marcoses’ Agony

The Marcoses like the Binays suffered the same public humiliation through media propaganda. These families are into public service but their political enemies cannot stand their popularity with the common Filipinos. It took 30 years for the Marcoses to clear their name just by continuously serving the people. Now, Bongbong Marcos, the youngest son of the late Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos awaits the result of his electoral protests against Vice President Leni Robredo. He might become the new Vice President very soon.

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Binay – Marcos Namesakes

The Filipinos who still believe that the Binays and Marcoses are corrupt need to do check and balance. Jejomar Binay might not be successful in his presidential bid but his daughter, Abby Binay won landslide as the new Makati Mayor. Only two positions in Makati’s local government are not occupied by the Binay team today. The rest are from UNA, their political party. Makati remains the most progressive city in the whole Philippines. For the Marcoses, nothing can beat the golden era.

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How Mayor Abby Binay, Bongbong Marcos’ Fellow INC Endorsee Keeps Makati Deficit-free after 3 Decades?

Abby Binay

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Makati Mayor Abby Binay, daughter for former Vice President Jejomar Binay discloses that for three decades now, Makati remains deficit-free. It’s annual revenue collections continue to increase year after year. Despite for her family’s excellent performance in Makati, they are accused of graft and corruption. However, the figures say it all. Makati has collected more than P5 billion in revenue during the first six months of Mayor Abigail Binay’s tenure

Youtube video by; PTV
[VIDEO]: [PTVNews] Makati Mayor Abigail Binay, faces graft complains after her numerous achievements but most cases against them are proven to be methods of destroying their reputation.

Not Dependent on the Government’s IRA

Collecting more efficiently and increasing monitoring systems in place allow Makati to continue to be one of few local government units in the country not dependent on the government IRA. Only nine percent of the city’s total revenue accounts for the national IRA.

Computerized Collection System

The Computerized Barangay Realty Tax Payment System is initiated in 2005 by former mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr., Abby’s brother. This is for the convenience of taxpayers. Every quarter, satellite payment centers electronically linked to the Treasury Department at City Hall are set up in barangay halls to accept realty tax payments. The schedules are announced beforehand.  31 out of Makati’s 33 barangays are already using the program.

Mayor Binay is Bongbong Marcos’ Co-INC Endorsee

During the past elections, both Abby Binay for Makati mayor and Bongbong Marcos for Vice president are INC’s bets. Iglesia ni Kristo is known to be influential in politics since church members often vote unanimously. Binay won but Marcos’ electoral protest is still ongoing against the winningVice president, Leni Robredo.

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INC Witnesses

Various affidavits are collected by the Binay camp from witnesses of the alleged electoral fraud committed by Liberal Party people favoring their candidates. Some of these witnesses from the INC are accompanied by Pastor Boy Saycon, Jojo Binay’s campaign head to the senate to tell what they know. The Binay-Marcos alliance seems to be the reason why both families are the targets of character assassination by the yellow faction. Perhaps, a tandem to watch for 2022?

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Binay Inspired Free Access Community Health Network

Access Community Health Network

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Never mind those who are into the character assassination of former Vice President Jejomar Binay, they do not understand that it takes more than money to build a community like Makati.  The Jojo Binay Free Access Community Network is definitely a model for the public services nationwide.

[VIDEO]: See how Jojo Binay’s Community Outreach Inspiration goes on today under the leadership of Mayor Abby Binay. They are carried out by area leaders of Makati from sports to caravans

Enabling local Leaders

Teamwork counts in making the city more progressive. This is in the sense that the local government is making sure that healthcare, livelihood, social and educational needs plus basic humanitarian assistance are provided for. Free in lieu of the people’s taxes. Local leaders have a free hand in nurturing their constituents following of course Jojo Binay’s inspiration.  This also empowers the citizens of Makati to extend help to relatives and friends elsewhere since their basic needs are taken cared of. Surely the kind of public services with a heart and compassion.

Random Checks by the Mayor

Mayor Abby Binay surprises senior citizens confined at the Ospital ng Makati recently. The hospital visit is part of a series of activities jointly organized by the Elderly Welfare Section of the Makati Social Welfare (MSWD) and Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) in celebration of the Elderly Filipino Week.

Kindness Beyond Duty

Mayor Abby Binay gives Venice Nina Sosa, an eight-year-old bone cancer patient, a new laptop during the latter’s visit to the City Hall. The Mayor gave the laptop to Sosa as a gift, after the cancer patient expressed her wish to own one. The girl, a resident of Barangay Olympia, was spotted by former Vice President Jejomar Binay in one of his wake visits. On learning of Venice’s condition, he promised to extend medical assistance to her.

Makati multi-service caravan

The city has institutionalized the caravan to bring city government services directly to the residents of Makati. “We encourage our residents to come when the caravan is in their barangay to enjoy a variety of free services without having to go to City Hall.  Scheduled twice in a month, the caravan is a one-stop-shop offering a wide range of services for free from various frontline City Hall offices, together with the JCBinay Foundation and other partner-NGOs.

Mobile Services Offered via the caravan

Free services offered include medical, dental and eye check-ups, blood sugar screening, x-ray, ECG, medicines, legal advice and services, processing of birth certificates and similar documents. A feeding program is also held for undernourished children, while free massage and hair cutting services are also made available. Pet owners can also bring their dogs and cats for free anti-rabies vaccination.

Further Improvements of the Binay’s Free Access Community Health Network

The city government of Makati has extended the period of validity of the Yellow Card for residents from one year to three years effective October 10, and introduced innovations designed to streamline processes in seeking medical services at the city-run Ospital ng Makati (OsMak). When you are sick, broke and nowhere else to go, think if your local government and the community have something like the Binay’s Free Access Community Health Network.

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Abby Binay: Intensifies Public Services in Makati and looks back on AMLC’s Accounting for Dummies (alleged) that Misleads the Public

accounting for dummies

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Mayor Abby Binay’s young looks might be deceiving. But her wit and intelligence show that she’s not only the well respected Mayor of Makati but a good lawyer at that. Public services as usual are enhanced prior to anything else as the Binay trademark.  See how clear she clarifies with ANC the difference between hearsays and facts. Equipped with legal proofs, not sure why most people chose to believe the gossips.

[VIDEO]: Mayor and Lawyer Abby Binay explains how AMLC came up with billions of money adding up all transactions for the election campaign from contributors. They are contrary to all public documents like SALN and ITR because the lump sum is not her father’s.  The SOCE is the right venue for it.

Accounting for Dummies (As prosecuting senators  allegedly call them)

Gerry Limlingan and Barloloy are close to the Binay family. Limlingan for one is Abby’s wedding godfather. That did not make them Jejomar Binay’s dummies. Limlingan is into stocks investments. He’s very capable of generating wealth. Whereas Barloloy is not a billionaire at all. That’s all Abby knows. They must be cross-examined directly to get right answers for inquiries. The senate  made people believe that they disappeared. AMLC’s divulging all figures and totaling them without proper classifications misleads the public.

Declared in the SOCE

She confirmed that her father and Gerry Limlingan, a businessman and alleged dummy of the vice president, have joint accounts in the amount of PhP221-million in Banco de Oro (BDO) and Metrobank that were fully disclosed in the vice president’s income tax return (ITR) and statement of contributions and expenditures (SOCE).

Joint Accounts for Campaign Transactions

Binay stressed that there was nothing wrong on his father opening of joint accounts with Limlingan in 2009 that were used to manage his father’s campaign finances in 2010 presidential polls.

‘’Yes. But that account only pertains to the campaign funds during the 2010 elections. The account was put up in 2009, prior to the elections,’’ she said. “Limlingan opened a joint account with my father. If you see all the transactions, it was Limlingan who conducted business with the banks.”

Mind Blowing AMLC Figures Poisoned Minds

The AMLC said the joint accounts transferred dollar funds from a local bank to several banks in Canada from 2013 to 2014 in the amount of US $43,000, $35,000, and $45,000.

In a separate account belonging to Limlingan, the AMLC noted bank transfers were also made to a Canadian bank amounting to $20,000, $73,000, and $51,000.

In either joint or individual accounts of Binay and Limlingan, the AMLC monitored transactions of $330,000, $250,000, and $317,000 — and deposits and withdrawals that amount to more than P3.5 billion from 2008 to 2014.

Giving back to her Constituents the Success of Makati

Hospitals, health centers, medicines, utilities, schools, safety and secrity were priorities during the mayor’s initial month in office. Next will be aiding traffic enforcers with lapel cameras and public areas will soon be Wi-Fi ready. Flood control constructions are also evident in most areas. Binay says that the city continues to plan enhancements wherever its necessary to gain back Makati’s status just before Pena’s short reign. The very reason why sensible Filipinos will not just give up the Binays.

Why I am not giving up on Jojo Binay

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