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Be Fair: If Abby is Corrupt, Bongbong is a Dictator – then Bimby is a Murderer?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Hatred amidst family feuds in the Philippines will never stop – if the people themselves continue to be haunted by the mistakes or misunderstandings in the past, then how can the future for the country be bright? People should learn from history – and not copy bad judgement and actions.

As Senator Gringo Honasan explains; why prosecute the son for the alleged crimes of the father? True or not, media propaganda to destroy the Binay name is very obvious from the result of the latest national election. On the other hand, Abby Binay won the mayoraly of Makati – just because many Makati residents have witnessed how the Binays really are contrary to negative news reports. However, will she get a chance to run and win in a national election later on? It remains to be seen.

Now, if that is the case as Merriam Defensor Santiago puts it; If Bongbong Marcos is prosecuted for the things he did not do, why can’t we paint the future image of Bimby as murderer and land grabber as per the Hacienda Luisita incidents? Very unfair, right? So, Bimby and Joshua, better stay out of politics until Filipinos learn not to judge!