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Peaceful Sunday after Duterte Banned Giant Media

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It’s the very first peaceful Sunday that I do not have to counteract against media propaganda from commercial media – as a fighter of media propaganda. I can feel President Rodrigo Duterte’s strategy in abruptly stopping media propaganda is working – by just banning them from his live press conferences to stop all the impartial and exaggerated news reporting. They can pester all they want about people lining up to use the portalette during Mr. President’s thanksgiving party because it will not hurt the country.

It has been a perception for the Filipino masses that if it’s reported by ABS-CBN and GMA, they should be true. Of course, these two TV channels are really good as entertainment providers but they can be bias when it comes to political or public news announcements because of ownership entitlements and sponsorship. After all, they are paid media.

The President, even not yet officially in office already showed his capabilities in immediately stopping unfair operations – what more if he is already sitting inside Malacanang? This is pretty exciting to follow. I am thankful that due to my preference on who to support in the last national election and for reporting only about the truth despite the many criticisms I got, I gained access to the real happenings through my ever reliable informants who are advisers to the higher ups. I did not vote for the President of course because even if he has the same goals as my presidentiable, I just did not like his style – but everything has a purpose and I was one of the very first ones to find out about the strategic alliance. To all my pro Binay colleagues on social media, remember the very first message from V.P. Binay? Do not attack Duterte because he is also for Binay. Now the very big challenge is on – Duterte-Marcos-Binay alliance for better Philippines.

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Binay has a Heart therefore Not Answering Yes or No

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It was observed that Vice Presidet Jejomar Binay did not answer Yes or No quickly during the Quick Answer portion of the last Presidential Debate held in Dagupan, Pangasinan recently. If you analyze the question, most of the queries thrown to him were not answerable by Yes or No – given that he is a human rights lawyer. He did answered Yes to PGMA’s plight for humanitarian reasons. Let’s analyse a few:

Will you put Mayor Duterte in prison? – For what? Is he found guilty beyond reasonable doubt?

Will you release Ampatuan? – He needs fair tial – in fact, he’s not yet summoned and already serving a jail term.

Will you impeach Conchita Carpio Morales? – Will exercise being a unifying President (The Surpreme Court Justice’s cases are political in nature)

Will you release President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo from prison? Absolutely, Yes – PGMA deserves to regain her freedom.

Will you allow Australian mining? It will depend on the kind of process presented. If responsible mining, then yes.

ABS-CBN should have put a lot of thoughts in structuring the questions – so that they can be answered with Yes or No by a principled man – who would think a hundred times before giving his thoughts for sensitive issues. Not just for the sake of answering quickly and pleasing the audience for entertainment sake. After all, that was a Presidential debate. He truly has a heart!

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Social Media Stopped Media Propaganda Against Binay

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It happened many times that when a positive event about Vice President Jejomar Binay took place, various media would put it in the bad light – misleading the people. According to V.P. Binay, these are part of the demolition against his presidential bid in 2016. However, just recently ABS-CBN was forced to apologize to the University of the Philippines Los Banos – because they missed in broadcasting the news saying that the students were booing the Vice President in a forum which was very wrong.

Twitters and Facebook posts of the U.P. students about what really happened in the forum with Binay cannot be ignored by the General Public. In the end, ABS CBN’s reputation as a source of news diminished. Despite not apologizing to Binay, the people already knew that ABS CBN cannot be fair to the V.P. because of it’s own political agenda. Other media also followed suit but not as bad as ABS.

This only proves to show that in the Philippines, it’s not all truth that you hear from the news. Many will ride on to the popularity of the topic just for the rating.

Image Source: Tumblr

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Anne Curtis as Dyesebel?

By: Elena Grace Flores

Dyesebel is the Philippine mermaid in local fantasy stories and most actresses who played the role on television were the “good girl” type. It is still fresh from the public’s mind the recent incident involving Anne Curtis who got drunk one night and displayed her “brat” character. That’s why it was surprising that the new Dyesebel for 2014 is no other than Anne Curtis. However, people are forgiving although not necessarily forgetting. The important things is, she has incorporated her own personality in Dyesebel – now the glamorous mermaid! Watch this:

Posted at Youtube by: ABSCBN News

Maybe, the unfortunate incident involving Anne Curtis was just an isolated case. All of the people working with her attested for her being patient and nice to work with. On top of that, she has transformed into one beautiful, magical and lovable mermaid – the moment she puts on her mermaid tail. Once again, we have a new Dyesebel in the person of Anne Curtis!

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Text Messages Retrieved for Vhong Navarro’s Case

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Not many people are aware that deleted text messages from mobile phones can be retrieved if needed. This is one of the strategies of the NBI in getting more evidence for the Vhong Navarro case. One thing is certain. The person sending those messages to Vhong is not a good man a according to the tone of the messages:

Palitan ng text messages ni Vhong Navarro kina Deniece Cornejo at Cedric Lee, ire-retrieve ng NBI

By: GMA News

Denise’s claim that she is a righteous person does not match her actions. How can a woman like her be a close friend to a group of men such as Cedric Lee’s gang? They are obviously into violence. Is she just acting or regretting in doing past actions that got out of hand? What do you think?

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