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Abu Sayyaf vowed to terrorize Philippine President Duterte’s administration

Philippine President

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

As Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte halts negotiations with the Abu Sayyaf group after beheading a teenager, the terrorists are challenged. They vowed to mastermind more attacks all over the country. They seem to want to show their resistance to the leader. Here’s the full story:

The Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) has claimed responsibility for the blast in Davao City which left 14 dead and more than 60 wounded on Friday evening.
ASG spokesperson Abu Rami said the Davao attack is a “call for unity to all mujahideen in the country” amid the all-out offensive of the military against the group.

Rami said that the attack in Davao City is not part of a tactic to divert the attention of government forces who have been pursuing the bandits in Sulu and Basilan.

He warned that similar attacks should be expected in the coming days.

President Rodrigo Duterte earlier this week ordered intensified operations to finish off the 400-strong terror group, following the death of 15 soldiers in a clash in Patikul, Sulu.

After the explosion in Davao, Duterte also declared a “state of lawlessness,” where he will “invite uniformed personnel to run the country.”


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Abu Sayyaf: Monetary reward undermines religious principle

Abu Sayyaf

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Now that the Philippine President is over with lobbying with the Abu Sayyaf, Filipinos must be ready for the escalating civil war in the region. Hoping that it will not go beyond that. Here’s the full story:

The life and prosperity of residents in places like Basilan are at stake in the Duterte administration’s efforts to destroy the Abu Sayyaf

In recent days, we’ve heard more aggressive rhetoric against the Abu Sayyaf from President Rodrigo Duterte.

After hearing about the beheading of a teenage hostage, he ordered the military to “destroy” the terrorist group. The military lost no time in complying with his order. Thousands of soldiers are being deployed to Sulu, bastion of the Abu Sayyaf.

Duterte’s visits to military camps in Basilan and Sulu, from where the group actively operates, allowed me to peek into what it’s like to live under their shadow.

Though stringent security measures surrounding a presidential coverage and time constraints allowed me only limited exposure to these places and the people who live there, I was able to ask the vice mayor of the Basilan city of Lamitan how things are in his hometown.

Lamitan is a 5th class city deemed a “hub” in Basilan because those from the southern towns pass through it to get to the port city of Isabela, Lamitan Vice Mayor Roderick Furigay told me in late July.

The city of around 74,000 residents is described as “generally peaceful” by Furigay, whose wife, Rosita, is the current mayor.

But military operations against the Abu Sayyaf in the southern, more mountainous parts of Basilan have forced some residents there to move to Lamitan.

Urban terrorist groups

Though Lamitan fares better compared to towns like Al Barka, where encounters between the Abu Sayyaf and military forces often take place, its residents continue to live in fear of the group’s deployment of urban terrorist groups (UTGs).

Vice Mayor Furigay said the UTG is a smaller group “created” by the Abu Sayyaf to extort Lamitan residents through terror attacks in parts of the city.

The Abu Sayyaf needs the UTG to do the dirty work so it can avoid getting caught by the military and police who know their faces.

“Karamihan sa kanila (Abu Sayyaf) hindi na bumababa dito (Most of the Abu Sayyaf don’t come down here), because they are known,” Furigay said.

He described UTG members as young people ordered by the Abu Sayyaf or ASG to plant bombs in vital places in the metro to extort money from people like businessmen or residents.

They are new, teenagers who are the ones planting the bombs. The orders appear to come from the ASG to the UTG.

In one incident, the UTG placed a bomb near an electric post of the Basilan Electric Company. They called the company and threatened to blow up the post if they are not given money.

The UTG would then just dial a number to detonate the bomb.

“This year alone, bale siguro 7 or 8 bombs na pumutok dito (some 7 or 8 bombs have already exploded here),” said Furigay.

Major Filemon Tan, spokesman of the military’s Western Mindanao Command, said military intelligence shows these UTGs may indeed be part of the ASG or receive orders from the ASG.

The monetary “rewards” the UTG and ASG gain from these criminal activities far outweigh any vestige of religious principle they claim to espouse in their war against the Philippine government, said the vice mayor.

“They are for extortion, they no longer use their principles as their motivation,” he said.


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Philippine President to Islamic Abu Sayyaf: Killing in Allah’s name? How dare you!!


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Furious as ever Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte in disgust condemned the recent killings and mutilating of 15 soldiers by the Islamic Abu Sayyaf denouncing their own Islam faith by going against its teachings.

“You think Allah would be happy to see you do like that? In the name of Allah, you kill then, unnecessarily, you mutilate the body of the human being?” Duterte said this in Zamboanga City last Wednesday, August 31.

The president visited the funeral of the slain soldiers after warring with the Islamic insurgents in Barangay Maligay, Patikul, Sulu. 4 military fatalities were already laid to rest before his arrival.

Here are his words: “I have a problem with the Abu Sayyaf because they are terrorists and killing – beheading civilians or soldiers in front of the world),” he said.

“In the olden times, as the stories of our forebears go, the Tausug warrior is an honorable man. So why behead hostages? This is not the work of a true Tausug.” said Duterte.


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Finally Duterte Learned that Abu Sayyaf are Criminals indeed


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
President Rodrigo Duterte now sees no reason why the Philippine government should continue having peace talks with the Abu Sayyaf Group. Finally after the insurgents ignored his ceasefire declaration during his first SONA that humiliated him because the group responded with a bomb attack in Basilan killing one military personnel.

It has been observed that when it comes to Abu Sayyaf, he is very apologetic saying; “I am very sorry to say but there will be no peace talks about these things with the Abu Sayyaf,” he said in a brief statement before he led the oath-taking of some appointed officials inside the Rizal Hall, Malacañan Palace.

He added; “I will not deal with persons with extreme brutality. There is no redeeming factor or reason for me to sit down and talk with criminals,” Duterte added.

Duterte not realized that they are indeed criminals – contrary to his earlier comment that they are not, just victims of hatred.


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Duterte urged Abu Sayyaf: Not to Hate More but establishing Hatred in the Illegal Drugs Front

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
President Rodrigo Duterte’s calling on the Abu Sayyaf Group to stop its kidnapping activities can easily be misinterpreted – as being diplomatic with the insurgents but intolerant to the suspects of illegal drugs trade. He was quoted as pleading to the Abbu Sayyaf that he wanted peace and understands where they are coming from, the reason why there’s conflict in Basilan.

In his urging the rebels not to add hatred in their hearts, he seems to forget that the families of innocent victims who died without due process in the law enforcement’s desperate act of pleasing him with regards to his war on drugs campaign, are building up their own hate towards his very confusing way of managing the country’s problems. He obviously has double standards when dealing with people and sadly, he is more forgiving to the urban criminals knowing how they came about.

As ABS-CBN reported: Duterte, meanwhile, distributed relief goods to a number of evacuees, some of whom were able to talk to the President and asked him to bring peace in Basilan. One evacuee was heard relaying to the President the damage caused by the conflict to their houses and livelihood. While Duterte was in the military camp, mortar shelling continued in the three affected municipalities. According to Ungkaya Pukan Mayor Jomar Maturan, around 951 families have fled to safer grounds following the intensified clashes between government troops and the Abu Sayyaf Group. Classes remain suspended in four villages in the town. Al Barka Mayor Darus Ladja also confirmed that a school, a mosque and several houses were damaged by the airstrikes and continuous mortar shelling.