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Robredo, Alvarez: The Most Distrusted Figures in Philippine Politics


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Leni Robredo and House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez get the highest disapproval and distrust ratings among the 5 top officials in Philippine politics. This is according to the March 2017 Ulat ng Bayan Pulse Asia survey.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: A March Pulse Asia survey shows Vice President Leni Robredo and Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez got the highest ‘disapproval’ and ‘distrust’ ratings among the 5 highest ranking government officials.

Still in Top 3 for the Trusted Officials

Robredo, however, makes it among the 3 officials who got the trust and performance approval of the majority of Filipinos. The President and Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III are the other two.

Reason for Distrust on Robredo

Robredo’s anti-drug war video message at a UN side event is believed to be the culprit of her high distrust rating. Sixteen percent of respondents disapproved of Robredo performance. It’s the same ratings she got in the quarterly poll in December 2016.

Highest Disapproval Rating

Robredo got the highest disapproval among Class ABC respondents, from 14% in December 2016 to 29% in March. This is not surprising because these levels of society are abreast with current events in politics.

In Geographic Terms

In terms of geographic area, Robredo got the highest disapproval rating in Metro Manila (25%) and Mindanao (18%).  Robredo is followed by Speaker Alvarez with a consistent disapproval rating of 14% in the last two-quarters, perhaps after being told by the president to leave Robredo alone as he intended to file an impeachment complaint against her.

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Despite the President’s Defending Robredo, there’s no Stopping her Downfall


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The relations between the president and Leni Robredo are constantly changing. Du30 at first suspects that she was among those plotting his ouster from office. He now says that he believes Robredo is not involved in any plan to dismiss him from office and even appeal to critics to stop any impeachment moves against her. They are scheduled for dinner after the Holy Week.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: 24 Oras: Net Satisfaction Rating ni Vice President Leni Robredo, bumaba base sa bagong survey ng SWS

More Filipinos ar Dissatisfied with Robredo

More Filipinos are dissatisfied with Robredo’s performance as shown in the nationwide poll results released recently. Private pollster Social Weather Stations or SWS said that her net satisfaction rating among public officials declined for a second consecutive quarter. It drops by 11 percent to a “moderate” +26 in the first three months of this year compared to a “good” +37 last  December 2016.

Critical of the Drug War

Her downfall is actually self-imposed. She videotaped her criticisms on the country’s war on drugs. Her pronouncements angered supporters of the president that contain unfounded details. Since Du30 remains popular despite the impeachment complaint filed against him, Robredo’s action displeased most people – the reason for the decline in her rating. The president’s net satisfaction rating as of March 2017 is at +63 or “very good.”

Impeachment Favored

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, who threatened to fast-track an impeachment complaint against Robredo right after the holidays despite the president’s disagreement, saw his net satisfaction rating increase by two percentage points to +12. This means that any legal action against the Vice President is duly approved by many Filipinos.

Recount Soon

One more big issue that proves the majority of Filipinos’ hatred towards Robredo is the recount call via Social Media. This will soon be protested at the Supreme Court on April 17, 2017  -that coincides with Bongbong Marcos’ deadline for the payment of the deposit recount to finally set the electoral protest in motion.

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DOJ Sec Aguirre Supports Alvarez’ Bid to Impeach Robredo Despite the President’s Opinion


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II reveals that Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez would proceed with the impeachment bid against Leni Robredo. This is after the President called on allies in Congress to drop the plan as mentioned also to her. Aguirre said the President’s stand that there should be no impeachment of top executives after less than a year of work was his mere  personal opinion.

Youtube video by; PTV
[VIDEO]: SOJ Aguirre, suportado ang paghahain ng Impeach VP Robredo Complaint ni Speaker Alvarez

Congress’ Decision

Impeachment involves the power and discretion of Congress. The impeachment process will be a congressional call. Not the President’s call at all, Aguirre explained. He said that he supports the impeachment complaint against Robredo based on her video message which is critical to the administration’s drug war. It was then sent to the United Nations commission side event on narcotics drugs.

Impeachment Complaint Filed against Robredo

An impeachment complaint against Robredo was already filed by Marcos loyalist and constant impeachment complainant Oliver Lozano. Another group of lawyers and academics that supports the administration is also preparing another complaint against the Vice President. She said, that she has not received copies of the complaint documents.

Aguirre Agrees with Alvarez

Alvarez believes that the Vice President has betrayed public trust in her video message to the UN event. Betrayal of public trust is one of the grounds under the Constitution for the impeachment of an official. The law and political experts both consider it as a numbers game. She humiliated the Philippines before the international community with her false accusations. That is not only damaging to the country’s image, but it certainly affects the economy as well, Aguirre added.


More Government Officials Join In

More government officials criticize Robredo’s actions. This includes Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo saying that what she did is bad for Tourism. PAGCOR Chair Andrea Domingo also faces an international audience telling them not to believe the Vice President because she maligns the country. At the rate it is going, Robredo is very successful in generating hatred from peers in government service. How much more in the public in general?

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Breaking News: As VP Leni Robredo Rallies Supporters, Impeachment Complaint against her is Underway – Alvarez


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

After close to 2,000 supporters trooped to Plaza Rizal for a prayer rally to protest the existence of Nagaleaks against Vice President Leni Robredo and her late husband Jesse, Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez speaks about the filing of an impeachment complaint against Vice President Ma. Leonor or Leni Robredo. Alvarez said that Robredo is impeachable for the betrayal of public trust. This is for sending a video message to the United Nations accusing the administration of the alleged “Exchange Heads” scheme in the war on drugs. Alvarez said Robredo portrays the country in a bad light before the international audience, which can sabotage the economy.

Youtube video by; Pacific News
[VIDEO]: VP Leni Robredo at supporters nagPRAYER rally laban sa NAGALEAKS

Robredo Rallies Supporters

Robredo’s supporters are led by Camarines Sur 3rd District Rep. Gabriel Bordado Jr., Naga City Vice Mayor Nelson Legacion, Councilors Nene de Asis, Elmer Baldemoro, Miles Arroyo, Jun Lavadia, Lito del Rosario, Vidal Castillo, Ray-an Rentoy, and Buddy del Castillo. Members of civil society groups, several representatives of private and public schools, and other organizations within Naga City and the third congressional district of Camarines Sur were also present in the prayer protest. Attendees were mostly members of Lakas ng Kababaihan. It is a group founded by the vice president and her late husband. Several members of the persons with disability or the PWD sector were also spotted.

Robredo’s Legitimacy

Alvarez hit Robredo on her legitimacy as Vice President. She faces an election protest filed by Bongbong Marcos who lost by a margin of 200,000 votes only. Credible witnesses and evidence of the alleged election fraud are massive. The Speaker now prioritizes to study the filing of an impeachment complaint against Robredo. The House Speaker is certain that she has a hand on the destabilization plot against the president.

More than Just a Coincidence

The Speaker tags Robredo as the leader behind the impeachment move against the president. Magdalo’s impeachment complaint timing simply coincides with her message to the United Nations. Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano filed an impeachment complaint against PDu30 for his alleged hand in the vigilante killings and the extrajudicial killings at the height of the war on drugs. They also include his alleged P2.2-billion hidden wealth. If VP Robredo is impeached, Senate leader Koko Pimentel takes her place temporarily until the elected VP is qualified.


Exchange VP Call

Robredo also exposed the alleged “palit ulo” scheme where the poor families are rounded up by the police who would then demand that relatives would be taken in exchange for the accused drug personalities if the latter were missing.

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The President Said that Death Penalty is Insufficient Without Rape and Other Heinous Crimes

death penalty

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez meets up with the president right after the successful final reading of the death penalty in congress. PDu30 is pleased with the results of the pro-death penalty votes but feels that it is not enough as what he promised during the campaign. The death sentence in the bill is only limited to drug-related offenses.

Youtube video by; Juan NewsTV
[VIDEO]: PDu30: Kulang ang Death Penalty Bill Kung wala ang kasong RAPE

Plunder, Rape, and Homicide Next in Line

Alvarez discloses that the president wants plunder, rape with homicide, specifically, rape on children next to the death row sentence. The majority of lawmakers in the House agreed to limit the bill on drug-related offenses. This is to increase its chances of approval in the lower House. Plunder and rape are among the heinous crimes initially taken out.

Alvarez’ Assurance

Alvarez assures the President that plunder and rape make it to the amendments – once the senate approves the death penalty bill. Both are colleagues in the 11th congress. Thus, the close ties.

Reality of the Death Penalty

Other bills just to punish rape and plunder with capital punishment are also on the horizon. House leaders just want to be realistic about imposing the death penalty initially on drug-related offenses. Then they can pursue it for other offenses after learning more.

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Satisfied with Explanations

Following the dismay of netizens, the president vows to know the reason why heinous crimes are dropped from the death penalty bill. Alvarez’ explanations seem to satisfy the president. As a popular leader, no doubt that the people will just trust his judgment on this matter.