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The Least Imee Marcos Can Do to Influence a Cash – Free Policy for Private Hospitals

By: Elena Grace Flores

Filipino voters are already aware of the important criteria for Senators. They must have the capability to create laws that would upgrade the people’s lifestyle. Gov. Imee Marcos seems to have that capability. In fact, the cash or gold scandals that her family faces compliments that. She champions a project that further addresses the demand for nursing employment opportunities. The Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte (PGIN) partners with BPO companies to provide online health care jobs to all registered nurses in the province. On top of that, she calls for all medicines to be exempted from value-added tax (VAT) as she pushes for a review of the cheaper medicines law. Marcos can certainly influence a remedy that would aid working Filipinos during medical emergencies. z



Oversupply of Nurses is Not a Problem with Imee Marcos

The Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte (PGIN) in partnership with Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies takes measures to provide employment opportunities for Ilocano nurses. This is in line with Marcos’ commitment to generate more jobs for the Ilocanos. Her influence is definitely the key to its success.

Removal of VAT from Medicines

Marcos, who runs for a Senate seat said Republic Act 9502 or the cheaper medicines law fails to make medicines more affordable. This is because certain provisions in the law favor the interests of big pharmaceutical companies in the country. Ten years after the law passes, the prices of medicines, particularly for critical diseases and illnesses remain exorbitant. She said that to drastically bring down the prices of medicines it is crucial to remove the VAT from all medicines.

The Failure of the Aquino Administration

In fairness of the Aquino administration, it launches the Universal Health Care (UHC). It gives provision to every Filipino of the highest possible quality of health care. That should be accessible, efficient, with fair funds or assistance, and appropriate for the public”. The former President puts ita availability and accessibility friendly for all Filipinos. His government aims to ensure that every Filipino shall receive affordable and quality health benefits. This should provide adequate resources – health human resources, health facilities, and health financing. But it fails greatly because of the poor mentality influence. Public hospitals are crowded. PhilHealth can only provide maximum of 20% off hospital bills. On top of that, private hospitals can be rude to patients when they run out of their insurance coverage.

Cash – Less Deals with Private Hospitals

The workforce needs quality health care assistance. This is the key to a progressive economy or population in general. A serious illness must not cripple a promising individual. Since the policies of private hospitals are not in line with the government’s provision, a medical funding facility for this purpose is necessary. This would allow cash – less deal with the private hospital involved.

Political Provisions during Elections

Politicians would surely allocate funds for medical purposes during elections in the Philippines. Although they are mediocre, at least they exist. However, Filipinos deserve more than that. A country can’t be powerful when a mere disease can make them bankrupt when it strikes. Australia and England, for example, accommodate expensive health procedures to their citizens with money for free. The government owes the progress of a nation to its people.

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No Health Insurance can be a Disaster

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Unlike the United States, most countries do not penalize their citizens for not having health insurance – but for those who can afford it, not obliged to buy one does not mean people can save up. To the contrary, that could even spell disaster for them when illnesses or accidents occur – causing bodily harm that requires intensive hospitalization and care. Medical bills are number one expense that most people are having hard time to generate to the fullest. Often, they end up getting emergency loans or borrowing from other people or lending establishments.

It is a wise financial move to make it a point to buy health insurance especially when you do not have enough money for emergency. Besides, when you are ill, you really do not know for sure how much is enough. Health insurance is there to give you the peace of mind that when you are unable to continue raising money for the family temporarily regardless of what kind of disease hits you, you are covered!

Every head of the family ideally must get his or her health insurance and also extend the benefit to the whole family. Multinational companies normally offer this as a benefit to their employees but if your company does not include this in your compensation package, might as well pay for your own health insurance coverage.

Insurance costs vary according to coverage. Therefore, choose a health plan that is suitable for your lifestyle or family history. They are normally affordable when you pay once for the whole year for a satisfactory coverage that includes hospitalization in one of the accredited hospitals near your area. Most health insurances cover a fixed amount per disease. Do not wait until you get sick to get the insurance needed or else the premium will already sky rocket!

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