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Foreign Journalist’s Report Acted Upon Immediately


By: Elena Grace Flores
When it comes to media coverage by a foreign journalist, the Philippine government is very quick to response when directly or indirectly affected – but relief operations for the victims of super typhoon Yolanda seem to be slow up to this time of writing. It is not a question of whether they are doing their job or not – but it’s how they do it that matters. Anderson Cooper was just reporting what he saw and experienced at the time and place where he was at during his live report. Yes, government efforts may not reach that particular place yet when Cooper was there but that’s not the point. Read this to know more:

Anderson Cooper: We honor Filipinos’ strength


MANILA,Philippines — With his voice choked with emotion, veteran CNN reporter Anderson Cooper said that they honored Filipinos in every broadcast, citing the strength and resiliency of those affected in the areas destroyed by Supertyphoon “Yolanda” (international name: Haiyan).

The government should know the geographical location and situation better than anyone else. Why are there no enhancements on the usual emergency procedure? Why are international donations blocked due to import taxes? Why are there no massive send-off of heavy equipment from Cebu or Manila yet? Why are there no team of experts, planners and implementation heads for this tremendous disaster who can formulate solutions not just in terms of providing basic needs of the victims but also volunteer psychologists for their traumatic experience? The questions go on and on – hopefully as we are also doing our part in helping our fellow men in need.

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