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Love is an Open Door Mimicked by Real-life Kids

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Princess Anna and the so-called Mr. Nice’s Love is an Open Door duet in Disney’s Frozen was one of the most spectacular parts of this popular movie. You will be convinced that the couple is really in love after meeting that day. However, if you watch the whole movie, you will realize that people with bad intentions can always act efficiently:

Love is an Open Door – in Real Life (Frozen Cover )

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Regardless of the ability to pretend as projected in the story, the performers featured in this video are no doubt enjoying mimicking this important part of the film. They look somewhat familiar to those people who have watch Frozen. Definitely a good activity for children interested to enter the entertainment industry! Well done.

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Disney’s Talking Cars are a Hit

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Mate, McQueen and many more interesting characters in Disney’s Pixar Car movie are already as popular as Hollywood stars – not only among children but adults alike. The fascination is extended to modeled toys and digital games. Not to mention memorabilia and continuing entertaining productions such as this Cars 2 Game Play compilation:

Cars 2 HD Gameplay Compilation

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People who love cars will go out of their way to collect match boxes of the actual models if not the real thing. Those who can afford those pricey collections will just own them. How much more if they are talking and acting like somebody with a lovable character? The result is total success for this unique but very interesting idea. Thanks to the geniuses who created them.

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Powerpoint is Just a Tool

By: Elena Grace Flores

Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2010
Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2010 (Photo credit: juan tan kwon)

I have been using Powerpoint for my presentations many years back when I was still working in the corporate world. However, I was a bit surprised that I was asked by somebody I looked up to – help create a Powerpoint presentation for his upcoming event. It got me into thinking – I guess Powerpoint is really not dead! Read this:

PowerPoint is Not Dead…but YOU are the Presentation!


About the Program:
Have you ever sat through a presentation or training session and endured what many refer to as “Death by PowerPoint” (DBP)? Do you think anyone has ever referred to one of your presentations as DBP? This session is designed to help make sure you remain focused on your audience and realize that PowerPoint is just a visual tool, nothing more.

Perhaps, the use of Powerpoint has declined due to the many presentation tools available but it is still a useful tool – given that you are knowledgeable with what you presented. It’s an aid, not the content. So, the success of your presentation depends on you. Get ready with your tool but don’t rely on it when presenting.

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