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Can Paolo Du30’s Delicadeza be Applied to Bongbong Marcos’ Election Protest?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The President’s son, Davao Vice Mayor Paulo Du30’s resignation takes effect only upon the approval of his father. There are mixed feelings on this but many saw this coming. However, the President’s number one detractor, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is not convinced. This, in fact, dismays him. Perhaps, he can no longer use the son to destroy the family’s patriarch. Speaking of delicadeza, loyalists can’t help but ask; Can VP Leni Robredo also apply the same to possibly save herself from the upcoming recount in February 2018 for Bongbong Marcos’ election protest against her?

Youtube video by; NTV News and Rescue

[VIDEO]: Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte, nag-resign na sa pwesto

Seen as a Notable Opportunist

The Vice President is famous to self-destroy. Her EJK criticisms via a UN event was a classic example. All throughout the election protest of former Senator Marcos, she just rides on most of the expenses. She even set aside her 7 Million Pesos balance for her counter-protest. The latest advantage she receives from the Supreme Court is to have the decrypted copies of ballots from Marcos’ pilot provinces. This is despite his SC motion to reconsider.

A Child can do Something for the Father

People with good intentions by heart can understand the younger Du30’s move. If his resignation can ease his father’s burden on the presidency, might as well do it. Hopefully, his action can be an example to his daughter – that regardless of their strained relationship, a child can always do something for the father. Parents can never be perfect in the eyes of most children while they are still alive.

Delicadeza in Politics

The Delicadeza practice is not uncommon in international politics. It is a mere self-sacrifice for the common good. It begets respect. Regardless of how the VP deals with her case versus Marcos, many people still believe that there’s enough goodness in her heart to finally admit what is obvious in the 2016 VP race involving Smartmatic.

‘Pure BS,’ says Trillanes of Paolo Duterte resignation