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A Real Asset: Amidst the BBM-Sara Cheers, there are Screams for Sandro Marcos Too


By: Elena Grace Flores

Sandro Marcos Topics

[VIDEO]: Ladies have goosebumps with Sandro Marcos.

Sandro Marcos is a Charmer

There’s no denial that Sandro Marcos is a real charmer. He’s a real asset. He stole the hearts of many during the first gathering of the BBM-Sara tandem. Mayor Sara also endorsed him for congressman of the first district of Ilocos Norte.

He Stole the Show

While the event was ongoing, ladies can’t help but scream for Sandro Marcos. His presences is so powerful that no one can ignore. It’s not just the looks. When he starts to speak, the people are mesmerized.

Beware of Fake News Involving Sandro Marcos

The third Ferdinand Marcos is very thankful to Mayor Sara and has full respect for her father, President Rodrigo Duterte. He urges everyone to ignore the fake statements allegedly from him or his family members regarding the President. An asset for many generations to come indeed.

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The more Petitions the Better it is for the BBM-Sara Tandem

BBM-Sara tandem

By: Elena Grace Flores

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[VIDEO]: BBM-Sara tandem is Leading in the Publicus Asia Survey.

BBM-Sara Tandem is No. 1

Malou Tiquia, political strategist and founder of Publicus Asia said that the BBM-Sara tandem is leading in their survey. Bongbong Marcos got 56.7% while Mayor Sara Duterte got 54%. This is for the President and Vice President positions respectively. Nov. 6 to 18 was the period of the survey. This was the time when the alliance emerged.

The More Petitions the Better for the Ratings

It seems that the more petitions, the better it is for the BBM-Sara tandem. They are now in the number one spot. Their gap to the second spot is too wide. Bongbong Marcos certainly got public sympathy from the petitions. There are now at least 3 petitions filed. However, Marcos also got 500 lawyer volunteers to defend him. The notable Attorney, Estelito Mendoza is one of them.

Mayor Sara’s Commitment to BBM

Despite the political strain Mayor Sara has with her father, she remains committed to Bongbong Marcos as his running mate. She divulges that she even tried to ask for PDP-Laban’s support for their tandem but they refused. Senator Imee Marcos also said that it was the presidential daughter’s suggestion for her brother to run for president. So, the BBM-Sara tandem emerged powerfully.