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Cong. Lucy Torres-Gomez on BBM’s Kind of Leadership


By: Elena Grace Flores

Kaloyrose tv

[VIDEO]: BBM on Bataan Nuclear Power Plant: We have to look at it properly not as a political issue

BBM’s Leadership Style

Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez can only say good things about BBM. She said that the former Senator always puts his political platform right. This can of leadership only proves that he is after the welfare of the people. Self-interest is not at all a concern. His manifests and plans when he becomes president are clear. Unity is the name of the game for the country’s progress.

BBM’s Reply

BBM is thankful for Cong. Lucy’s kind words. He confirms that it is to his best interest to be able to work with everybody. Allies or not. When the time comes, the government would need his opponents’ help. Therefore, he made it a point not to retaliate despite the many criticisms he received. Such is really a sign of a an effective leadership skill.

The Able Congresswoman

It takes one to know one. Torres-Gomez has principally authored over 100 bills and co-authored 35. She is the chairperson of the House Committee on Disaster Resilience, the vice-chairperson of committees on Tourism, and Women and Gender Equality, and the special committee on Creative Industry and Performing Arts. She is also the beautiful wife of the popular actor and Ormoc City mayor, Richard Gomez. So, she knows leadership very well.

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BBM Explained What Happened to the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant and How to Proceed


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: BBM on Bataan Nuclear Power Plant: We have to look at it properly not as a political issue

Nuclear Power Plant Stopped in 1986

The 1986 EDSA revolution put a stop on the launch of the Bataan nuclear power plant. It became a political issue instead of generating cheaper energy. This is why the country is left behind by their Asian counterparts in terms of sustainable electricity supply, said BBM.

Find a Renewable Energy Replacement

Nowadays, there are many options for renewable energy due to advancing technology. Just like the wind farm in Ilocos Norte. Nevertheless, production, transmission, and distribution must be looked into. As an archipelago composed of 7,100 islands, it would be a bit expensive. Another source is geothermal plus many more. This already exists in Leyte but is not yet operational.

Setback Due to Political Reasons

Politics must not get in the way of searching for a cost-effective source of energy. It should be internationally competitive. There must be continuity in the government to let this happen. If the nuclear power plant is worth reviving, politics must get out of the way. It’s best to follow Science. Disasters did happen in the past. But safety measures can already be imposed. Just like in America, BBM explained.

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Democracy on BBM: Can the People be Deprived of their Choice?


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos Cannot be Disqualified

Democracy on BBM

A law expert said that a leading presidential candidate cannot be disqualified in principle. This is because by doing so, the people will be deprived of their choice. That’s democracy. Atty. Antonio Gabriel Maestrado La Viña is a Filipino lawyer, educator, and environmental policy expert.

Political Law 101

Atty. La Viña said that never in the country’s history that such scenario can happen. BBM will prevail, he added. Despite the many cases filed against Bongbong Marcos, the basic concept of political law 101 is still applicable.

The People will Decide

Regardless of the allegations against BBM, the people will decide in the end. This is what democracy is all about. It might be bad news for the biased media but no one is above the law. They can character assassinate Marcos all they want but he remains the people’s choice.

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BBM’s Precon Absence was Triggered after Attorney Rodriguez Tested Positive for Covid-19


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos apologizes for skipping Comelec preliminary hearing

Attorney Vic Rodriguez is Positive

The two people who are with Marcos almost every day have been tested positive of Covid-19. His chief of staff, Attorney Vic Rodriguez and his security escort. This prompted the former senator to go in isolation that resulted to his absence in the disqualification case’s preliminary conference.

BBM’s Precon Absence

Bongbong Marcos failed to show up for the Commission on Elections’ pre-conference for the disqualification petitions filed against him. He had an order from the poll body to attend physically or virtually. But he experienced symptoms that included speaking difficulties due to throat inflammation.

Too Insensitive?

No one in their right mind who is a Covid-19 survivor experiencing its symptoms again would show his face on camera in an important proceeding. It would be very insensitive for the Comelec to force him to show up even just virtually. Considering the virus’ psychological implications. Besides, his case can proceed with the representation of his able attorneys. Besides, why insist on a BIR receipt issued many years ago when the agency already certified that the dues were paid?

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BBM’s Election Fraud Narrative Made Him the Frontrunner for the 2022 Presidential Election

election fraud

By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: The VP election protest.

Massive Sympathy from the 2016 Election Fraud

Bongbong Marcos could be the VP today if not because of the massive digital election fraud in 2016. Witnesses point the anomalies to Smartmatic and the Comelec favoring the current VP. The people only had the mainstream media as the source of information then. But now, they seek for the truth using social media and discovered many things on their own.

Unfair Treatment Despite the Evidence

Despite the numerous evidence on the election fraud submitted to the Supreme Court, the en banc chose to ignore them. Their verdicts were unfavorable to BBM. The anger of the people are evident on social media when local authorities report on such cheating in their area.

The President is Against Smartmatic

The election fraud evidence is very obvious that even the president himself calls on the Senate to make a law that would discontinue the use of Smartmatic. Since the people were deprived of their VP choice in 2016, they vowed to support him strongly to win the presidential race in 2022. The BBM-Sara caravans are the living proof of most Filipinos’ burning passion on this matter.

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Legal Claim: The Consequences of BBM’s Pending Petitions Prior or After Winning

legal claim

By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC Alerts

[VIDEO]: Jimenez: COMELEC aware of consequences of delayed decision on petitions vs Marcos bid

Legal Claim:No Substitute if the COC is Canceled

The Comelec must act upon the 9 pending petitions filed against BBM to avoid complications on his pre sidency if he wins. It is important to note that if the cancellation of his COC prospers prior to winning, substitution is not allowed. The Vice President succeeds. This is a legal claim.

Substitution is Allowed in Case of Disqualification

However, if BBM is disqualified prior to the election, his next of kin bearing the same last name could substitute his presidential candidacy. Senator Imee Marcos or his wife, Liza Araneta Marcos could do the job which is a legal claim. If it happens after winning, then a quo warranto petition can remove him from office.

Nuisance Case will be the Same as Cancellation

The nuisance petition has the same consequences as the cancellation case. However, Comelec spokesperson, James Jimenez hints that this is unlikely to be successful. The massive support from the people shows that BBM does not belong to this category. There are 9 remaining petitions. No legal claim here.

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Plethora Band’s Original Tribute to BBM as the Next President of the Philippines


By: Elena Grace Flores

Ai DHIN 28

[VIDEO]: Plethora Band Offers Tribute to BBM

Original Tribute to BBM

An up and coming Filipino band, Plethora offers a tribute to Presidential aspirant, Bongbong Marcos. The song assures BBM that he’s not alone in this fight. It’s the fight of all Filipinos. That his countrymen will always be behind him. He’s definitely the next president of the Philippines, it said.

Bagong Lipunan

Initially, the signature Bagong Lipunan song popularized during the Marcos regime sets the nationalistic mood of the crowd first. Then, the Plethora lead vocalist explains about why they made some sacrifices in supporting Marcos.

It’s Our Fight

Plethora owns the election race their own fight as well. For they believe that BBM would lead the country to progress. Certainly, Bongbong Marcos is the only rightful leader that can unify the nation when he becomes president.

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BBM-Sara: Full Assurance on the Nation’s Progress is Evident in their Chemistry

full assurance

By: Elena Grace Flores

FhayeTV Blogs

[VIDEO]: BBM-Sara Photoshoot

Full Assurance on the Nation’s Progress

Looking at the photos of Bongbong Marcos and Mayor Sara Duterte gives supporters full assurance of the nation’s progress. They are totally enjoying each other’s company. Their chemistry is inevitable. They could probably be the most efficient executive tandem.

Putting the Nation into the Right Hands

Voting for the BBM-Sara slate is simply putting the nation into the right hands. No other candidates can equal the experience of BBM in the legislative and executive branches of government. His VP running mate in the person of Inday Sara is also second to none. Her political will is obvious from every angle. Sweet but tough. The tandem is a full assurance indeed for a better Philippines.

Greatest Christmas Gift

The Filipinos may be suffering for more than 30 years now aside from the effects of the pandemic. But one thing is certain. The fulfillment of a promise that the country will be great again is near. The BBM-Sara gives full assurance on that. So, this Christmas, trusting both is the best gift each and every Filipino can give to each other.

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Know if you are a Victim of BBM Media Block


By: Elena Grace Flores

Eduard Q. TV

[VIDEO]: Drilon’s Cigarette Bill artipulation by BBM

The Media Block on BBM

If you don’t know about the wisdom of BBM on the laws, chances are, that you are a victim of a media block. As people already know, the biased media usually include him in the news only if it is against him or his family. Otherwise, his good deeds would remain unannounced but thanks to social media.

Taxation on the Cigarette and Alcohol Industry

BBM artipulates Senator Franklin Drilon’s sharing proposal which is 60-40 for tobacco alcohol based on history. This is allegedly based on the consensus of a caucus that Bongbong Marcos disputed. Drilon cited health reasons. But Marcos insists that it’s 40% high and never reached 60%. He stresses that job loss is detrimental if these industries won’t survive.

BBL Scrutiny

Do not treat me like a Muslim but treat me like a Filipino, BBM said. This should be the basis of the Bangsamoro law. Marcos rejected the original bill, saying it was unconstitutional. He made good on his promise to submit a substitute version of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) in 2015. Overall, he’s into job creations by investing in the economy. Teach them how to fish and they eat for a lifetime, he added.

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Mayor Joy of QC Cannot Control the BBM-Sara Crowd that Serves as a Protest against Her


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue

[VIDEO]: QC LGU Disappointed over BBM-Sara Caravan

QC LGU is Disappointed over Protest-like BBM-Sara Caravan

The QC LGU headed by its mayor, Joy Belmonte frowned over the massive crowd that invaded their territory. This is during the recent BBM-Sara Manila Grand Caravan. There has been disagreements between the local government and the organizers of the event earlier. That’s why the turnouts serve as a protest of the mayor’s unfairness.

Mayor Joy’s Rivalry with Cong. Mike Defensor

Cong. Mike Defensor runs under the BBM-Sara Uniteam for Mayor in Qc. The recent grand caravan gives him an edge to the current mayor when people are disgusted with her underestimating the Marcos supporters. The event is just like a protest against her leadership.

An Anti-Marcos

The congressman however explained that Mayor Joy has always been an anti-Marcos since 2016. He claimed that BBM knew it too. Nevertheless, they seek unity. That’s why they go through the proper process of organizing the event. But the Mayor was too tough on them. So, they diverted the plan to Commonwealth instead of the requested QC circle. Now, the LGU squeals for coordination for the alleged safety of the participants.