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Emma Watson’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is also at Top Spot in the Philippines

Beauty and the Beast

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast like anywhere else is now the highest-grossing film in the Philippines. It surpasses Captain America: Civil War. TIhe movie, starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, and Luke Evans, had already reached cumulative gross earnings of P667.46 million at the box office and almost $1 Billion in the world. The question is, how much Emma Watson can earn from that?

Youtube video by; E! News
[VIDEO]: The actress plays “Belle” and is earning some major bucks as the live-action remake slays the box office.

$1 Billion Mark

The British actress looks set to overtake Jennifer Lawrence as she continues to take a portion of the Disney film’s profits. Less than a month since its theatrical release, Bill Condon’s live-action remake of the Disney classic continues to perform well and has now become 2017’s first film to reach the milestone. Read this:

29th Movie to Hit Top Gross Sales

Disney’s live-action remake is the 29th film to officially hit that number at the worldwide box office, helping it to maintain its position as the highest grossing film of the year so far. It is also the highest grossing live-action musical of all time. More here:

5 Movies by Disney

While the monetary milestone may seem par for the course for Disney, which released five of the top 10 highest-grossing films of 2016 (and four that made more than $1 billion worldwide), it is particularly impressive for Beauty and the Beast when compared to other live-action movie musicals. The film was clearly meant for more than this provincial life as it effectively dunked on the competition by earning $600 million more than its closest competitor, Grease. Sure, La La Land may have all those Oscars (except, you know, Best Picture), but Beauty and the Beast has more than double its $438 million global box office. Read more:

Worst Nightmare

With Beauty and the Beast in the to[ spot, lead star, Emma Watson can earn as much as $15 million dollars. That also places Captain America: Civil War at number two. The 3 other films in the top 5 are also Disney movies namely; Avengers: Age of Ultron, Iron Man 3, and The Avengers. The remake is about Belle, who finds herself inside an enchanted castle her father rescued her from the Beast. She ends up befriending falling in love with the Beast.

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Nobody Likes the Kiss From the Power Rangers Trailer

Power Rangers

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Power Rangers tests audiences over the kiss between Kimberly or Naomi Scott and Jason or Dacre Montgomery in real life. The nostalgia-driven fans are even pissed off because Kimberly should only be paired with Tommy who isn’t in this movie. The teaser trailer online showing the kiss might disgust many fans – but it worked to remove the scene from the movie after utmost relief is expressed by patrons.

Youtube video by; Lionsgate Movies
[VIDEO]: Power Rangers (2017 Movie) Official Trailer – It’s Morphin Time!

Millennials King of Movie

Lionsgate was correct in its hunch to target die-hard fans of the show, who are now full-grown millennials, a tech-obsessed demo that relies on a variety of entertainment platforms. Also, Power Rangers, which skewed male (60 percent), served as an antidote to Beauty and the Beast, a female-skewing, family friendly film that powered to $88 million in its second weekend. Read here:

Nobody Liked the Kiss

“Nobody liked the kiss,” director Dean Israelite admitted to EW, referring to reactions from test audiences. “It’s one of those rare times in a preview when something is so unanimous.” The kiss was supposed to happen right after the former Queen Bee of Angel Grove High snuck into Jason’s bedroom and revealed why she ended up in detention. So, did audiences hate it because they didn’t want to see Jason and Kimberly get together? Nope. There’s a much better reason than that. Here’s more:

Tailing Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

The live action Disney musical has already accumulated $206.2M after $17.9M yesterday, charting the best pre-summer Tuesday of all-time (the studio just reported their official morning figures) — and that was with 11% K-12 and 15% colleges off. In its second go-round, Beauty and the Beast stands to make $80M. Comparing the film to another big grosser, Disney/Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, that pic opened to $179.1M and fell 60% in its second weekend to $72.6M. The observation there is that fanboy movies are top heavy, hence the drop.  But despite Beauty and the Beast‘s groundswell of millennial fangirls, the film also appeals to those 5 years of age to 90, and it’s that generational appeal which is fueling the pic’s legs. Here’s the statistics:


Old Fashioned Making Out

The fact that this kiss was missing from the final film was certainly a relief. It turns out, nobody likes it. Director Dean Israelite said that the audiences hated the scene during the preview. It takes a scene about Kimberly’s evolution and turns it into one that is about her relationship with Jason. The romantic moment just undermines her character. The scene is somewhat old-fashioned and becomes a movie trope of the female lead who is just there to boost the popularity of the male actor. No romance felt at all as far as fans are concerned.

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The Magic of Beauty and the Beast Never Dies – It Inspires True-to-Life Stories

Beauty and the Beast

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Disney’s old-time favorite fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast” continues to perform well in the box office after two weeks of showing in Philippine cinemas. It has grossed a massive P541.67 million in just eleven days. It is now in the sixth place in the rankings of all-time highest-grossing movies in the country.  Here are different stories that transpire with its popularity:

Youtube video by; Walt Disney Studios Philippines
[VIDEO]: Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” is a live-action re-telling of the studio’s animated classic which refashions the classic characters from the tale as old as time for a contemporary audience, staying true to the original music while updating the score with several new songs.

The Truth about the Beast

The half-buried truth about Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” is that, in the end, the prince is a letdown. At the end of the 1991 cartoon, when the enchantment is lifted, he looks incomplete, vaguely embryonic—a smooth-skinned creature with maidenly bedhead and a tentative smile. Even for a viewer too young, as I was, to grasp the psychosexual undertones of a tale as old as this one, the Beast’s physicality—the big buffalo head, the wolf’s tail, all pathos and silly roughness—seemed less like an obstacle in the love story than its central object. Here’s more:

Beauty and the Beast Inspired Proposal

Like we weren’t mesmerised enough by the reboot of Disney’s classic tale Beauty and the Beast, a student in California has gone and recreated the magic in the sweetest way. In a video documented on Twitter, @joshuasabater shared his enchantingly elaborate prom proposal (or “promposal” as the yanks say) to his girlfriend, Valerie. Know more:

Power Rangers Challenges Beauty and the Beast

This weekend at the box office, nostalgia-driven fare was everywhere, from “Beauty and the Beast” to “Power Rangers” and “CHIPS,” producing both successful and underwhelming results.On the high end, Disney’s live-action “Beauty and the Beast” continued enchanting audiences in its second weekend in theaters, easily topping the charts with $88.3 million, according to studio estimates Sunday. On the low end, Warner Bros.’ raunchy, R-rated “CHIPS” debuted in seventh place with $7.6 million. Read here:


A Hit in the Philippines

Beauty and the Beast narrated the journey of Belle. She is a bright, beautiful and independent young woman who is taken prisoner by a Beast in his castle.  She befriends the castle’s enchanted staff and learns to look deeper beyond the Beast’s ugly exterior. That’s when she realized the kind heart of the true prince that is within him.  The movie stars Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Kevin Kline and Josh Gad. Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Audra McDonald, Hattie Morahan, Nathan Mack, Ian McKellen, and Emma Thompson are also in the movie.

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Bongbong Marcos-Robredo-Du30 Triangle: Kong-Beauty and the Beast Political Scenario

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Kong, the king of the Apes can be compared with Bongbong Marcos in character. He keeps low profile mood after Leni Robredo played delaying tactics on his electoral protest against her. Robredo is no doubt  beautiful but her heart is questionable. While the president displays his brutal flirtations with her to put humor on her grave attacks over his administrtaion.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: Pangulong Duterte, pabirong inalok ng kasal si Robredo para hati na

Bongbong Marcos in a Tyrant’s Mask

Bongbong Marcos, as good-looking and charming as he is, still cannot brush off the made-up dictator image of his father. He is clearly his own man but his detractors can only use the unfounded allegations against his father to destroy him. This is understandable because they just cannot find any loop-hole in the gentleman’s life.

The Distressed Beauty

Leni Robredo, on the other hand, is a bit insecure with her current position as Vice President. She continuously bad-mouths Marcos saying; he just cannot accept defeat when it’s the massive fraud committed allegedly by the Liberal Party people that made her win questionable. She also intensifies her campaign to go against the Du30 administration reaching out to international and human rights bodies.

The Teasing President is Like a Beast with Good Intentions

The president is aware that the VP is involved in destabilization efforts against him. In a speech filled with some jokes and teasing, the President made light of his supporters’ claim that Robredo wants to oust him from power. He joked that perhaps a better alternative is for her to marry him instead. Then, they can share the power with him dictating her what tod do.


Insults through Jokes

The President is noted for green jokes and insults for his critics. Senator Leila de Lima and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV are main targets. He called De Lima the queen for Satan and said that he could kill Trillanes if he had the time. Many among the audience were responsive to these kinds of jokes. The crowd is divided when he alluded Robredo