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Solitary Confinement is Already a Torture

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

President Noynoy Aquino was right for one thing when questioned by a blogger why the prison facilities of the recently imprisoned senators, Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada are better than the previous prison cell of his late father, Ninoy Aquino. There’s actually no basis for the comparison since the situations are different then and now plus the offenses allegedly committed are of unrelated in nature. He even added that at some point, his father’s room was air-conditioned!  The President highlighted that as a highly sociable man, the solitary confinement of his father was the greatest torture during his ordeal!

In addition to that, Ninoy Aquino was accused of being a rebel by capitalizing on political propaganda using the media. Revilla and Estrada are not yet convicted for the plunder cases filed against them. It will actually be a dumb thing if the administration places these two very popular actors turned senators into normal jail bars – for security reasons.

Besides, what goes around comes around. We know for the fact that these two senators are Presidentiables, knowing the masses! What will happen to the President when the tide finally turns around? At least, he can expect to be treated as human as possible based on his current status if he is no longer in the position with all the drastic actions he imposed to these powerful members of the opposition.

Yes, he vowed to punish those corrupt people in the government but it is however obvious to everybody that he is being selective. Corruption has been adamant for decades in the Philippines – and it is not only people who are corrupt. The whole system of government operations are! The President should have focused in changing the system rather than hurt those selected political enemies, their families and supporters –  if he cannot generalize it or if he is really not also using the corrupt system to gain power!

However, social damages have been done and not unless the next leaders with the backlogs of this administration can forgive those who trespass them – we can only expect a divided Philippines. Unity is far from the horizon now that unfair judgements are bestowed to respected public figures! It will not be surprising if a group of opposing political parties will join hands in putting a stop into this unlikely government priority. Just wait and see!

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Senator Trillanes Bravely Urged the President to Ease the People’s Burden

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

IMG_8927-8 (Photo credit: IRRI Images)

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is known to be a straightforward person and he really speak his mind with clear facts. He’s the kind of senator that will fight for the welfare of the Filipino people. However, he is not alone in this quest to urge the government to do something to the rising electricity consumption. Other senators like Senator Allan Cayetano also backed up his plea. Read this in full:

Subsidize power rates, Palace pressed

By: Macon Ramos-Araneta

SENATOR Antonio Trillanes IV on Sunday demanded that President Benigno Aquino III pressure the government to subsidize the coming increase in the cost of electricity instead of burdening the consuming public.

“Let us apply political pressure,” Trillanes, a presidential ally, told DZBB radio.

“Because if we are just talking here about P10 billion, instead of passing [the burden] to the public you [Aquino should] take charge, since this was because of your fault.

It is sad if the President is not an economist. He cannot understand why his predecessor subsidized the LRT/MRT fares, gasoline and power rates. He even criticized the former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo that she was running these facilities at a lost. Little did he know that it was a strategy to keep the economy flowing during difficult times. This is to enable or motivate people to continue working or doing business when the going gets tough. He is running government services like businesses – and robbed the people of huge portions of their earnings through compulsory income taxes to invest for these businesses and other authority-buying expenses! He better seek for better consultants! What about PGMA as Presidential Consultant for the Economy?

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