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Harrison Ford is still Magnetic in Blade Runner 2049 like in the 1982 Sequel

Blade Runner 2049

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Harrison Ford is still as magnetic as ever. He even made Ryan Gosling nervous during their scenes.  Older now but he can still fit into his old clothing during Blade Runner’s 1982 sequel. It’s a special movie for Jared Leto. DP Roger Deakins cannot believe how the movie could become iconic. Director Denis Villeneuve, actor Jared Leto, and actress Ana de Armas all showed up at CinemaCon in Las Vegas for Blade Runner 2049.

Youtube video by; Access Hollywood
[VIDEO]: He may be a Hollywood superstar in his own right, but Ryan Gosling can still get intimidated in the presence of a legend. The “Blade Runner 2049” star tells Access Hollywood’s Alex Hudgens at CinemaCon in Las Vegas why he was a bit nervous to work with Harrison Ford in the upcoming sequel. “Blade Runner 2049”

Renaissance Period

There’s no doubt that Hollywood is enjoying a renaissance period tied to iconic sci-fi films made in the 1970s and ’80s. Star Wars, of course, made its valiant return with The Force Awakens to wrap up 2015, and Ridley Scott pressed ahead last year with his Alien prequel Alien: Covenant, which is set for May release. Scott will also return in October – but in executive producer mode – as Arrival helmer Denis Villeneuve directs the long-awaited sequel to Scott’s 1982 classic Blade Runner with Blade Runner 2049. Read here:

Extension of Ridley Scott’s Vision?

Last night at CinemaCon, Sony Pictures Entertainment gave those in attendance a look at some new footage from director Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming film Blade Runner 2049. Let’s just say that I walked away really, really excited. Read more:

2017 Films

During the hour and a half presentation, Warner Bros. highlighted a number of their upcoming 2017 films and while I could spend a long time talking about everything, in the video and text below I’m going to focus on their DC films, the Blade Runner sequel and Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. Check here:

Intense Experience

Villeneuve finds it mind-blowing to see Harrison back in his character of Rick Deckard. He also praised Deakins who is in every frame of the film. The original Blade Runner had the most intense and exciting cinematic experience of his life, he said. Now, the new Blade Runner 2049 opens on Oct. 6 via Warner Bros. stateside while Sony handles the Alcon title overseas.