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Senator Pacquiao’s Boxing Rematch with Jeff Horn Depends on Senate Recess


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Top Rank Promotion chief Bob Arum said the rematch between Australian Jeff Horn and Manny Pacquiao might happen later this year. Arum now coordinates with Pacquiao’s adviser Mike Koncz in the United States. Arum explained that they have not yet decided on the venue of the rematch.  Since Pacquiao is also a Senator, the boxing rematch with Horn must happen during a recess of the Senate.

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[VIDEO]: Dati na raw binalaan ni Top Rank promoter Bob Arum si Manny Pacquiao tungkol sa galing at lakas ni Jeff Horn


“We’re trying to figure out when will be the recess of the Senate is. So, we can schedule the fight accordingly. We have to first find out what dates are available. Then, we will decide where we are going to hold the rematch but most probably in Australia again,” Arum said.

No Problem with Arum

Pacquiao denied rumors that he’s not in good terms with the Top Rank Promoter. “I don’t have any problem with Arum. It was the referee and the judges, who had problems during the fight. I don’t want to talk about it anymore,” said Pacquiao.

Arum’s Warning

Arum said throughout the Pacquiao-Horn fight preparation that the Australian posed a real threat to the Filipino champion. “They had this perception that they fed him, that he was going there to pick up a paycheck, that Horn wasn’t a credible fighter. And the more I told them that, the more they disbelieved me because they thought I was saying that to sell tickets. I’m not selling tickets to them,” said Arum.

Pacquiao to Decide

There is a rematch clause in Pacquiao ‘s contract with Arum but he said but it’s only Pacquiao can say if he wants the rematch, or whether he wants to fight again. Both Horn and the Filipino fighter already said after the fight that they are open to the rematch. Pacquiao has no problem to do it again in Australia where he was warmly welcomed by the Australians.

Pacquiao-Horn rematch negotiation begins

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Will Senator Pacquiao be Tempted to Fight again if the Price is Right?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Bob Arum already announced to the international press that Manny Pacquiao will be leaving the boxing ring behind – now that he has won a senatorial seat. Although there are speculations that it depends on how much money he can get to fight one more time, it was noted overseas that the Philippines needs the full attention of its elected leaders to be able to address poverty and so, Manny is firm in quitting boxing.

The Senator Pacquiao is known for his generosity, he would need some more bulk cash to fund his humanitarian projects. Perhaps another Mayweather fight could help in not breaking his bank account as he gives more means of livelihood to the people?

It is a fact that most athletes can easily feel that something is missing in their life after calling it quits from the sport that they loved the most. Will the boxing hero be tempted into doing it again for a pricey price?


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Mayweather and Pacquiao’s 60-40 Split Explained

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

At last, the most awaited Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao bout is already confirmed to be happening on May 2, 2015 that will be broadcasted live in the Philippines on May 3, 2015. The prize money is said to be a 50 – 40 split in favor of Mayweather. So, what’s this 51 – 49 thing? Read here for the explanation:

The Logistics Behind Mayweather and Pacquiao’s 60-40 Split

LOS ANGELES — No matter who wins the richest boxing match in history on May 2, Manny Pacquiao will receive part of his pay the next business day from his promoter, Bob Arum.

Indeed, there’s really such thing as right timing. Win or lose both boxers will earn substantial fees but since they both are boxing icons of the world, a good fight really matters for the people regardless of nationality. This would really make Filipinos more proud if Manny Pacquiao brings home the gold!




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Manny Pacquiao is a Knockout Puncher No More

By: Elena Grace Flores
During Bob Arum’s recent interview through Yahoo Sports Philippines, he mentioned that due to age, Manny Pacquiao is not anymore the kind of a knockout puncher as he was before. This he said is true to any boxer. Despite of that, he is still very confident that Manny still has the ability to be a great boxer. Read this to clarify:

Boxing News 2014: Manny Pacquiao Already Lost KO Power, Says Bob Arum

By: Lou Ramon Aguila

Arum, who has been in the business way back during the Muhammad Ali era, believed Pacquiao might have lost his menacing one-punch knockout power but not his skills to fire shots from different angles. Arum stressed Pacquiao is not a one-punch knockout artist, but a boxer that deteriorated his opponent through landing a barrage of shots.

Manny Pacquiao might have lost his KO power but it does not mean that the great Filipino fighter will not beat his opponent anymore. He still have the strength, quickness and the technical skills to outsmart any boxer with the same caliber as him or even more. Manny Pacquiao’s fight regardless of who is opponents is will still be very interesting to watch.

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