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PDu30 is the LP’s Nightmare on Ferdinand Marcos’ Leadership Return


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Liberal Party members should realize now that getting rid of former Vice President Jejomar Binay that leads to the victory of President Du30 is now their greatest nightmare in blocking the leadership of Bongbong Marcos who is his father’s (Ferdinand Marcos) namesake. Aside from his bravery, the people are behind him.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: The President says former president Ferdinand Marcos’ declaration of martial law was ‘very good.’ This is in response to a question seeking to clarify Du30’s earlier statement, where he said that his declaration of martial law would be similar to Marcos’ time.

The President’s Support

The end-year extension of martial law in Mindanao reflects his huge political support. 94 percent of the 259 members of the House of Representatives voted for it. It might be not because they believed it would be good for the country, but because they trusted Du30. It’s him who told them that it would protect the people. Only 14 were against it, members of the party-list parties that are fronts of the Communist Party.

84% Approval

The President’s 78 percent “satisfaction” (net +66), according to the Social Weather Station survey, is the highest since Aquino, for a President in his or her first year of office. Pulse Asia’s “approval” rating was higher, at 84 percent. These are indications of his utmost popularity.

Effect of Black Media Propaganda

The black media propaganda that lasts more than a decade against the Marcoses cannot convince 100% of Filipinos to embrace the possible presidential bid of Bongbong Marcos in the future. However, people from the golden age themselves will not keep quiet about it. They will continue the battle for the truth through the social media.

The Fall of Robredo

Robredo, who ran for the Vice Presidency just to block Bongbong Marcos from the executive office is now bound to fail. Aside from the ongoing election protest against her, there’s also a possibility that she will be impeached. She keeps a low profile now in criticizing both the President and Marcos. But the Marcos loyalists are always on guard whenever she opens her mouth to discredit both.

What explains Duterte’s popularity: Bravery

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Marcos Election Protest’s LP Fraud Trend on Cebu’s Rama vs. Osmena July 24 COMELEC Decryption


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

According to the notice from the COMELEC the decryption of the SD Cards and other election paraphernalia for a number of clustered precincts in the election protest of Michael Rama vs. Tomas Osmena in Cebu City is currently happening. The decryption activity date is 24 July 2017 at its main office at Palacio del Gobernador, Manila. Rama claims that he was cheated just like Bongbong Marcos.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmena on Saturday took on the dare of his political nemesis, Michael Rama, for both of them to take a drug test.

Decryption Ongoing

Comelec finds the election protest of former Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama against Mayor Tomas Osmeña sufficient in form and substance. This is why the decryption of data follows. Rama’s complaint has the same pattern to Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against VP Leni Robredo in the local level.

Rama’s Election Protest

Last May 20, Rama’s camp filed an election protest that asks the poll body to conduct a manual count of the votes cast during the May 9 polls. This is for them to verify electoral fraud. The move was supported by 42 village chiefs in the city, who signed a manifesto for it.

Slim Margin Similar to Marcos-Robredo Case

Rama was defeated by Osmeña who is an LP bet by a margin of 34,036 votes. Osmeña earned a total of 267,222 votes compared to Mike’s 233,186 votes. The former mayor said that his loss to Osmeña was “statistically improbable” because he was winning by around the same margin in the eight surveys prior to the polls.

Recount is the Answer

Osmeña’s camp filed a counter-protest and moves to dismiss Rama’s request but failed like Robredo. In response, maintained that the “only way to ascertain the truth and veracity” of the alleged irregularities is through the recount and revision of the ballots.

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Imee Marcos: ‘Ilocos 6’ in Danger as the Congress Tries to Hide them from SONA


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Gov. Imee Marcos asks the House not to hide from the President the “Ilocos 6” when he delivers his second State of the Nation Address or SONA. The Congress prolongs the detention of the six Ilocos Norte officials despite calls from legal experts. House Majority Leader Rodolfo C. Fariñas initiates the case but seems discrete enough not to divulge the details to the President.

Youtube video by; UNTV News and Rescue
[VIDEO]: Hindi pinagbiyan ng Mababang Kapulungan ng Kongreso ang hiling kahapon ni Ilocos Norte Congresswoman Imelda Marcos na palayain na ang Ilocos 6 na dalawampung araw ng nakaditine.

No Mercy and Compassion

Marcos pleads to Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez and Majority Floor Leader Rodolfo Fariñas to have the heart to give mercy and compassion to their fellow public servants. She fears that the Ilocos 6 can be hidden in isolation cells.  This is a way for Alvarez and Farinas not to be “reprimanded” if the President found out about their degrading situation.

Cruel Treatment

Marcos is aware that the House leadership desperately looks for a place where they could temporarily hide the six employees so as not to distract the SONA. The lawmakers did not even respect her mother’s earlier plea to be merciful to those government employees. The former First Lady, Imelda Marcos is also a member of the Congress. Her Brother Bongbong Marcos widely criticizes the House’s cruelty as well. It even responds by giving the threat to detain him also for contempt.

Swearing on Fake Documents

The six officials are very careful not to comment on the digital copies of the missing documents with the governor’s signature. They are aware that Fariñas can fake the said evidence. Their lawyers warn them that to testify under oath with a fake evidence is against the law. They can’t expect anything from the Ilocos 6 anymore. Especially now that the missing documents are found to be stolen by Fariñas’ aid.

No Chance at SC yet

Go. Marcos even led the group in filing a petition asking the High Court to take jurisdiction over the case. The aim is to stop a probe being conducted by lawmakers and issue a writ of Amparo. This can stop the issuance of a subpoena against her to force her to testify in Congress. However, 3 justices inhibit from the case and it is now pending.

Imee: Don’t hide Ilocos 6 during SONA

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Can the Congress Stop Bullying ‘Ilocos 6’, Imee Marcos Now that the Missing Documents are Traced?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Party-list Rep. Enrico Pineda said that Gov. Imee Marcos alone can explain to the Congress the mysterious disappearance of all documents pertaining to the questionable diversion of funds. That was for the welfare of tobacco farmers but the governor insists that it was the beneficiaries themselves who requested the purchase of the vehicles. Marcos discloses that it was the brother of Rep. Rudy Farinas’ aid who stole the originals from COA.

Youtube video by; News5Everywhere
[VIDEO]: Umalma si Rep. Johnny Pimentel sa tirada ni Bongbong Marcos na pinu-pulitika ng kamara ang kanyang ate sa isyu ng excise tax.

Seeking Refuge at Supreme Court Fails

Jose Vicente Opinion, the dean of the Eastern Samar State University College of Law, warned that a constitutional crisis would result from the Congress’s defiance of the decision of the appellate court’s Special Fourth Division. It grants the writ of habeas corpus of the six Ilocos Norte officials and employees. In fact, Marcos already Seeks the Ilocos 6′ release by virtue of the writ of Amparo at the Supreme Court but this was halted. Three justices inhibit from the case.

Stop the Congress Bullying

Law experts also call on the Congress to stop bullying the Ilocos 6 and Marcos. The CA should not be bullied as well, they said. The ‘Ilocos Six’ case might be indefinite not that the Supreme Court prioritizes internal conflicts over them due to disunity within the branch.

Digital Copies can Easily be Faked

Marcos’s signatures were on most of the documents pertaining to the cash advances made to procure five second-hand buses, 70 mini trucks, and 40 multi cabs. This from the purchase requests to the obligation requests for the funds, and even the disbursement vouchers. However, digital copies can easily be faked. It is also an offense to swear on a fake document. So, this left the Ilocos 6 no choice but to bear detention.

Documents Were Stolen

Marcos explains that an employee of Ilocos Norte Rep. Rodolfo Fariñas allegedly took the original copies of documents from the Commission on Audit (COA) office in Laoag City.
Cynthia Gorospe is an employee and coordinator in Fariñas office. She compelled her brother in law, Pedro Gorospe, who was a janitor at the COA office at that time. Bongbong Marcos is right that what they’ve done to the Ilocos 6 is cruel just for the sake of politics.

Imee, Ilocos 6 lawyer to SC: Resist lawmakers’ ‘bullying’

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End-Year Martial Law in Mindanao is On: Necessary for Bongbong Marcos while Fallacy for SC Justice

martial law

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Senate and the House of Representatives grant the President’s request to extend martial law in Mindanao until December 31, 2017. A total of 261 lawmakers voted in favor and only 18 are not in favor. Bongbong Marcos already said that it is necessary to battle international terrorism that starts to set a foot in Marawi. While Supreme Court Associate Justice Marvic Leonen thinks it is counteracting terrorism with martial is a fallacy.

Youtube video by; News5Everywhere
[VIDEO]: Ayon sa Korte Suprema, mas matimbang ang kaligtasan ng publiko kaysa sa sentimiyento kaugnay ng mga naging pag-abuso noon sa ilalim ng batas militar.

Super Majority Vote in the Congress

A majority vote of the two chambers voting jointly. At least 158 of the 314 members of Congress, was needed to pass the motion. A total of 279 lawmakers, 20 senators, and 259 congressmen were present at the Batasang Pambansa to cast their votes. This includes Senator Leila de Lima who serves a prison sentence in Camp Crame for drug charges.

Supreme Court Justice’s Opinion

To impose martial law to fight terrorism is a “fallacy” or a deceptive wrong move, according to Justice Leonen. He is the lone dissenter in the landmark ruling of the Supreme Court that upheld the constitutionality of President Du30’s martial law order in Mindanao. The court spokesperson on announced that the magistrates voted 11-3-1 to support the constitutionality of the President’s declaration. It throws out three petitions that questioned the factual basis of the emergency.  Three other justices partially agreed with the decision including Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno.

Bongbong Marcos’ View

Bongbong Marcos said that the extension of Martial Law is not the problem. Thinking that international terrorists are gaining a foothold in Mindanao particularly in Marawi, this is not an easy problem. This is even a global threat. The President must have the power to command the military in full scale without apprehensions. The palace, however, assures the public that military abuse is unlikely.

Public Opinion

The majority of the public during this administration simply trusts the popular president’s discretion. Justice Leonen’s experience in governance is not at par with Bongbong Marcos who has served both in the Senate and in the local government who is still hands on to the situation of the on a bigger scale. Not to mention his close experience during martial law under his father’s regime. By now, he has gained the wisdom on what to do and what not – as the President’s successor choice. He backed the president up whenever he is interviewed with regards to his electoral protest against VP Leni Robredo.