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Bongbong Marcos’ Proclamation after Robredo’s Term Floats


By: Elena Grace Flores

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CJ Peralta assures fair decision on Marcos poll protest vs Robredo

Bongbong Marcos’ Proclamation

Supreme Court Chief Justice Diosdado Peralta said a few months ago that he’s not favoring the Marcoses. The burial of the late President Ferdinand Marcos was the only Marcos case he authors for. Therefore, the proclamation of Bongbong Marcos under his term would rely mostly on the outcome of the protest proceeding. Since it’s 2 years already prior to the next national election, it floats via social media that Marcos’ proclamation can happen shortly before or right after Leni Robredo’s term as Vice President.

Surviving Covid-19

Meanwhile, the former Senator features on his vlogs possible remedies on how to improve the lives of Filipinos before and right after the pandemic. This is after his own survival from the virus. He has some economic measures in mind. All of them consider the plight of the majority. He campaigns to strongly embrace technology to be competitive. Marcos also calls on the government and the people to have plans in aiding OFWS, seafarers, and other online workers and laborers with livelihood infrastructures.

2022 Presidential Plan

Should the proclamation of Marcos come as Robredo’s term ends, this could easily put him in the hot seat for the presidency. His win could be the justification for the unfair plight in 2016. However, if it’s the other way around, he would be in line with other candidates and must strategize seriously to win some votes from his unlikely voters. Nevertheless, there’s no better time for him to run as president but in 2022.

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Bongbong Marcos’ Greatest Worry for Seafarers!

mental illness

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos

We MUST have a plan. We should at least try.

Recovery Plan for Seafarers

Former Senator Bongbong Marcos recognizes the plight of seafarers who experience being stranded at sea with ample uncertainties. Their ships are unable to dock for months due to Coronavirus port restrictions. They are also subject to many days of quarantine upon arrival. The waiting is not even over yet. No jobs are in store for them yet at least for one or two years. Marcos urges the government to have at least a plan for their recovery. His greatest worry is mental illness among them because of depression and anxiety.

Kindness Crucial

Marcos also stresses that the community of these hard-working individuals must at least extend kindness. Perhaps fetching and sending them to their households can be done – just to ease up their burden. We shall remember that during good old days, they are reliable providers to their families and to the economy as a whole.

Mental Illness is More Likely

Not knowing the directions in life can put anyone into restlessness. Too many worries then lead to anxiety and depression later on. It’s more likely that mental illness can be rampant within these affected seafarers. The support of the Filipino society is much needed in times like this. Therefore on June 25, the day of the seafarers, let’s be extra kind to them, Marcos added.

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The First Thing that Bongbong Marcos Wants to do After Going Out of Coronavirus Isolation

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores

BBM Can See His Family Soon after Coronavirus Isolation

Bongbong Marcos’ Simple Wants

Bongbong Marcos tells Choy Torralba that he will be out of isolation soon. He is adamant to see his family and friends again at close range. They might be in the same house with some of his immediate family members but he made it a point to keep a safe distance to avoid any chance of passing the Coronavirus infection to his loved ones.

Goodbye Boyish Looks

Torralba jokes that the boyish look of Marcos is already gone together with Coronavirus. He now looks like one Garcia actor. The namesake of the late President Ferdinand Marcos blames it for the lack of appetite. He said that it was really difficult to eat nutritious foods during his ordeal. His throat just feels like it’s covered with sand.

Out of Isolation Soon

He may already be out of isolation at this time of writing. However, he still needs to be careful. Marcos would surely donate his plasma when the doctor advises him that it would be safe to do so. The 2022 plan is certainly on track! Sorry to the detractors.

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He has Cheated Death – Will Boredom Ignite Bongbong Marcos’ Leadership Instinct?


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos

More Relevant Information about Covid-19

Bongbong Marcos is Sad about Fake News

Former Senator and 2022 aspirant for a post in the executive office, Bongbong Marcos said that he’s hurt with the alleged fake news saying that he’s already dead due to coronavirus complications. That leads Marcos to correct the misleading information by coming out with a vlog on his Covid-19 ordeal. Leadership thus have the right timing.

Can Fake News Ignite Leadership Instinct when Boredom Strikes?

Senator Marcos admits that he’s already bored in his room in isolation after surviving the disease. Although, he continues to educate the public on the pandemic through his YouTube channel. This is a very passive way of maintaining his presence online. However, his loyalists are begging for his proactive responses to pending issues.

Time to be Vocal to Show Leadership

The time has come that Filipinos become desperate for answers to the uncertain future. The President himself is anxious about dealing with the rebels, feeding the people, and balancing the economy at the same time. He stresses that he cannot have the power without Congress’approval. The Finance Secretary also divulges that the country is bleeding money and may not have enough for the restoration stage. Despite Senator Imee Marcos’ suggestion on debt moratorium, he insists on punctual payments regardless of the hopeless situation. On the other hand, Marcos loyalists are pressing for the outcome of the VP protest, Mangusing status, and wealth for humanity. Can Bongbong Marcos for once speak on these to clarify things, warn the Congress, Supreme Court, and other government agencies of their not prioritizing public interests?

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Imee Marcos: Why Refuse when the Philippines is IMF-Listed for Debt Moratorium?

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Loyalists Await the Come Back of Bongbong Marcos after Testing Positive for Coronavirus

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores

Gov. Manotoc Clarifies the Conflicting Results of BBM’s Covid-19 Tests

Getting Better from Covid-19

Ilocos Norte Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc said that Bongbong Marcos is really not that serious after contracting Covit-19. He was unwell upon returning from Spain. He had a rapid test first then awaits for the confirmation test when the media reports showed his picture holding a newspaper saying that he’s indeed positive for the Coronavirus.

Tested Positive at RITM

BBM’s spokesperson Victor Rodriguez said the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine released the former lawmaker’s test result on March 28. Marcos is undergoing treatment at an “isolation area,” his spokesperson said. The former senator, son of the late President Ferdinand Marcos came from Spain, where there are tens of thousands cases. He went to a hospital on March 14 after experiencing chest pains. Then went home as too many patients were waiting at the time.