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SC’s Injustice Against Imelda Marcos Surfaces over Vicki Belo’s Insult Case Victory


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Supreme Court suspends lawyer Argee Guevarra from his law practice for posting malicious statements against cosmetic surgeon Vicki Belo. He is shocked that he did not get the favor this time. Guevarra gets away from the same insult case against former First Lady Imelda Marcos in 1997 during former President Fidel Ramos’ time.

Youtube video by; AP Archive
[VIDEO]: Incumbent President Ramos was heading for victory in Philippine – but did he really deliver his promise to give justice to the oppressed? What if it’s Imelda Marcos who needs justice?

Insulting Imelda Marcos

Guevarra is confident that his case against Belo is not a big deal because SC previously dismisses debarment proceedings against him in 1997 filed by former first lady Imelda Marcos. He calls her a “vampire” and a “kleptocrat” in his newspaper columns.

Insulting Vicki Belo

Now in 2017 under the Duterte administration, the Supreme Court decides to penalize Guevarra for branding Vicki Belo as Doctor Quack Quack, “Reyna ng Kaplastikan” and “Reyna ng Kapalpakan” in his 2009 Facebook posts. This is despite the fact that the offense is committed when there’s no such law yet backing up the suspension.

Social Media is not a Venue for Professional Accusations

Guevarra learns now that he cannot just criticize any professional for alleged mistake or lapses in their field of work. As a lawyer, he should be able to convince complainants to file a legal lawsuit if there’s really a case. If his move is just to discredit Vicki Belo like what he did to Imelda Marcos, then he will surely be grilled under the Duterte administration.

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Marcos Injustice

The Marcos family members are definitely subject to false accusations by their political enemies and cronies. Luckily, they know who they are and still hopeful for a beautiful tomorrow not just for themselves but for the whole country. Hope is what keeps the Filipino people going. Imelda to this date remains the mother of all Filipinos – thus the dream that her son Bongbong Marcos is to be president sometime in the future becomes stronger than ever.

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How Trillanes Got Away from the Warrant of Arrest after Binay Won the Libel Case?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The damage is so massive that affects the family of former Vice President Jejomar Binay. This is after Senator Antonio Trillanes III stages a character assassination stint using the senate against them. It looks like the libelous senator is not even regretting. So what’s next after the court issued the warrant of arrest after Binay won the libel case?

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Senator Antonio Trillanes III was given a warrant of arrest after former Vice President Jojo Binay got the favorable ruling on the libel case filed against him for using the senate as a method for character assassination accusing the former V.P. of unfounded corruption.

Trillanes Admits Not Having Evidence Against Binay

Trillanes boldly admits that he actually does not have any evidence against Binay – but boasted that he has no regrets, or else Jejomar Binay is now the President of the Philippines if not because of his libelous act. People should be smart enough to discern people like Trillanes. He would do everything that would serve his interests and not for the welfare of the Filipino people.

More The Lies

Trillanes, in an interview aired last April 2015 over several radio and television programs and in a newspaper article, made a public claim that members of the 6th Division of the Court of Appeals were given P50-million bribe money (P25-million for each of the justices). He alleged that that is in exchange for the favorable action on the petitions for a temporary restraining order and the writ of preliminary injunction.

Trillanes’ Back Up and the Result

Trillanes knows very well that the Liberal Party loses a lot if Binay becomes president. He knows a lot of things having allied with the Aquinos from the beginning. But Binay is one politician that has devoted his life to public service for the good of the people. Therefore, he forged an alliance with Duterte and Bongbong Marcos instead. The Liberal Party is now suffering from their own doing. They have tougher lives now that Duterte is the president.

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The Liberal Era is Over

Despite not having a political rank anymore, Binay remains a strong force in politics. He mentors the younger UNA members and serves as the consultant for many non-profit organizations with strong links from prominent business operators. His daughter Abby Binay is the mayor of Makati which is their bailiwick.

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PET on Bongbong Marcos Electoral Protest: SC Listens To The People – Orders Comelec To Move Quickly

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Supreme Court orders the Commission on Elections or COMELEC to quickly finish the stripping activities of all the vote counting machines or VCMs as part of the election protest filed by former senator Bongbong Marcos. This proves that the SC listens to the people’s sentiments over the issue.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Vice President Leni Robredo says she is more worried about the legal fees more than the case filed against her by Bongbong Marcos before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal because she believes it has no sufficient basis.

Serving Public Interest

The COMELEC order serves the public interest. Unless this step is done, the protest proceedings under the High Court sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal cannot move forward toward a resolution.

Robredo’s Camp Benefits on the Delay

Marcos’ opponent is not bothered with the upcoming decision of PET on the electoral protest against Robredo. They know the process that Comelec wants to implement. If it’s allowed bu the Supreme Court to happen, it will take around four years minimum and just before the V.P. term expires maximum.

Public Outcry Pours Over Social Media

Online users go to Facebook Political groups and New Politics websites to make their sentiments known. Many of them are fed-up with the long process. The common outcry is to allow the re-counting of votes as suggested in the electoral protest.

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Slow Justice No More

The Duterte administration vowed that it will not allow the slow justice system anymore. This is evident in the former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s case and during the Maros burial. Marcos’ supporters are calling for President Duterte’s hand in fast-tracking the anticipated PET ruling over the issue.

SC order to COMELEC on Marcos protest timely and important


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Binay Aids Bongbong Marcos To Win Electoral Protest

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Binay Camp during elections does not really focus on the Binay-Honasan tandem. How could they when Senator Gringo Honasan himself endorses Bongbong Marcos? Hilario Andes explains that both Honasan and former Jejomar Binay really wanted Marcos to be the V.P. running mate. In fact, they aspire for him to become president soon.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Credible Marcos electoral protest witnesses from the Binay camp through Pastor Boy Saycon.

The Binay Camp Head

Pastor Boy Saycon of Copa is the Noybi campaigner but just like Binay, he is dismayed by the performance of former President Noynoy Aquino not prioritizing the welfare of the people. He heads the Binay Camp’s campaign may it be Binay-Honasan or Bi-Bong or Binay-Bongbong Marcos tandem.

Hilario Andes from Senator Nancy Binay’s Office

Hilario Andes travels around the campaign trails nationwide and really does physical work on the ground dealing with area leaders. In many discussions in such headquarters, he always mentioned Pastor Boy Saycon especially when he calls him in front of the Binay supporters. At the latter part of the campaign, he uttered that it doesn’t matter anymore if Binay wins or not – for as long as the next President will not be from the Liberal Party. He also relays Binay’s message not to ruin Duterte because he is with the alliance. At that time, the Binay camp never doubts Bongbong Marcos for the Vice Presidency. It is a sure ball!

Duterte’s Win is also Binay Camp’s Victory

It is almost expected that Binay will lose substantial votes because of the Liberal Party’s corruption propaganda. The good consolation happens with Duterte’s victory. The Binay camp did a vigil during the Vice presidential count as televised – but after having few hours of nap during the wee hours the night the alteration was made, Marcos’ lead diminishes until morning.

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Gathering Evidence

Since Mayor Abby Binay is also endorsed by the Iglesia ni Kristo just like Bongbong Marcos, many witnesses from the church approached the camp. Pastor Boy Saycon spearheaded the gathering of concrete evidence through affidavits, witnesses, and physical evidence. They were shortlisted for the electoral protest attachments. Pastor Boy Saycon informed President Duterte of the cheating activities found prior to his talks with Bongbong Marcos. Therefore, Marcos was surprised that the President already knew about the cheating beforehand.

‘I know there was cheating’

Duterte Knows Pastor Boy Saycon is Credible

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Bongbong Marcos to Bam Aquino: Prove that the Alteration Made in the Server is Just Cosmetic Change

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos asks for authorization for IT experts to check the altered server. Bam Aquino scrutinizes the purpose. The audit can clarify all inquiries. Why complicate things? Filipinos deserve detailed explanations on the subject.

Youtube video by; Philippines Government
[VIDEO]: SEN. BONGBONG MARCOS PUMALAG! Matapang Na Sinagot Si Bam Aquino

Not a Fishing Expedition but Seeking Clarification

Bongbong Marcos is not interested in fishing for some mistakes. He seeks for clarification how exactly the alterations are done, what particular changes are made and whether it affects the flow of the reports or not.

Marcos Seeks for Authorization for IT experts to Look Into the Server

If Bam Aquino asks for the data on Marcos’ speculation that the flow of the election results might be affected by the changes made. That’s precisely why Marcos bothers to ask for the authorization to audit.

What Changes Were Exactly Done?

The IT experts can check all the changes made to the server. They can also explain its purpose and effects. This is a very simple process technically. It is much more complicated requesting for the authorization to audit than to implement the whole auditing process.

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Wholesale Cheating

Bongbong Marcos wants to make sure that the fraudulent activities did not happen in the servers – because it is wholesale cheating already if ever. He will feel better if for once, the expert would finally clear the doubts that the changes are indeed cosmetic. Bam Aquino seconded the comment.