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The Government Filipinos Deserve: See the Marcos Inspired Binay-Duterte Public Services


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Richard Gordon once said that in serving under the Duterte administration, no need to pay attention much to what he said. Look at the things he has done. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte found a better alliance with Bongbong Marcos and Jojo Binay. The president might be busy in dealing with the drugs problems and other controversial issues. On the other hand,  his allies Jojo Binay and Bongbong Marcos continue to provide quality public services to their constituents. This is the very reason why they come together and formed the alliance. The aim is to duplicate these beneficial public systems nationwide that all Filipinos deserve.

Youtube video by; Elena Flores
[VIDEO]: Jojo Binay and Bongbong Marcos under the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte continue to provide quality public services to their constituents through their affiliations like in Makati through the leadership of Mayor Abby Binay and Congressman Luis Campos – following the inspiration of the late strongman.

Duterte’s Tactics

The president is out there entertaining the public with his humor and action stories to scare off the bad elements while the good ones are being nurtured by his allies like the Binays and the Marcoses.

Makati Progress, The Binay Tradition

People might forget already that during the presidential debate, president Duterte said that Binay is capable as the president of the Philippines. However, the majority wins. People voted more to the “different” option – but as Binay said, It doesn’t matter who will become the president for as long as he or she is not from the Liberal Party. Now, we can see from the projects of Mayor Abby Binay how lucky Makati residents are and this will be nationwide when Bongbong Marcos becomes the president as per the understanding between Binay and Duterte.

Bongbong Marcos in their Bailiwicks

The Ilokanos could only have praises for the Marcoses. Bongbong Marcos might be quiet now while waiting for the Philippine Electoral Tribunal’s verdict on his electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo – but Imee Marcos is in the limelight with re-launching the “Kadiwa” project of Imelda Marcos. Products are retailed in Kadiwa outlets at very affordable prices – that helps the community and the producers in general without the middlemen gaining commissions from the basic commodities.

The Selfless Alliance

President Rodrigo is already 71 years old and he was very vocal that he never wanted to be the president. Binay is one of the most influential figures during the election that convinced Duterte to continue the fight for the sake of the Filipino people. As we know Binay once served the Aquinos but turned his back upon knowing that the late president Cory Aquino was more on revenge than providing quality public service to the people which is his expertise. Mind you, Binay is even older than Duterte at 74 and all he wants is to spend quality time with his grandchildren. Their running for the presidency is solely for the good of the Filipinos. It’s time to recognize the Binay-Duterte-Marcos alliance now!

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Pacquiao, Blackouts, China – Not Just Marcos Prophecies But The Clear Visions of a Great Leader


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The late president Ferdinand E. Marcos was not a prophet but his predictions came true. It’s just a matter of logic for a leader who knows his country from inside and out. The win of Manny Pacquaio, the blackouts all over the country and China becoming a strong nation are few of his known predictions. Although most of them happen in their own time, just like what he said. He definitely has a clear vision on things that he can influence – and that’s a sign of a great leader. The Filipinos are hoping that the son, Bongbong Marcos would continue that.

Youtube video by; Elena Flores
[VIDEO]: Panoorin ung hula ni Ferdinand Edralin Marcos na naging totoo – extracts from: FILIPINO WORLDWIDE tv

Manny Pacquiao is a Visayan Boxing Champion Famous around the World

Senator Manny Pacquiao’s boxing career needs no introduction. He is known worldwide and the sportsmanship.

Nuclear Power Plant Failure

The nuclear power plant project was ongoing when Marcos was ousted but his predecessor Mrs. Corazon Aquino (deceased) did not heed from his plea to continue it or else the Philippines economy will go down. This is what happens when a leader is full of pride. The interests of the nation can easily be hindered.

China Leading WW3

Contrary to reports, the reality of China leading World War 3 is very real. President Rodrigo Duterte’s technique here is to confuse his being pro or anti-Chinese. Actually, he seems to not know yet. It all depends on how China would react to his provoking actions.

Vision Inherited by Bongbong Marcos

Bongbong Marcos may be away from any government positions right now but everyone knows that he is active in assisting Duterte’s administration. He shares the views of his father but just made them better for the current situation. That’s how a brilliant leader is. Timing is evident!

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Why does Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista Blamed Bongbong Marcos for the 2 Billion Pesos Smartmatic Penalty?

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Another attempt to mislead the public of the Comelec Chairman’s ineptitude? Bongbong Marcos’ Vic Rodriguez, spokesperson said that it is not fair for the former senator to be blamed for the delayed return of the VCMs to Smartmatic because the Comelec should have anticipated that delay can happen when there’s a case file in its contract with the VCM provider. They must not be negligent in protecting the rights of Filipinos from the contracts they entered the agency to.

Youtube video by; Roy Navigator
[VIDEO]: [NewsLife] Marcos Camp files raps vs SMARTMATIC, COMELEC [05|24|16]

2 Billion Loses is the Fault of the Comelec

Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista earlier said delivery of some VCMs to Smartmatic was delayed because of the electoral protest filed by Marcos. This was done before the Supreme Court, sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal. The delay may cost the government P2 billion because of the “options to purchase”. This provision is in the contract that the Comelec signed with Smartmatic. Due to the elections fiasco, the government is not buying them anymore thus requiring them to return.

Comelec is Negligent with Contracts despite Massive Fraud

The electoral system of the Philippines is noted to be fraudulent. It is unbelievable for the Comelec not to anticipate any filing of election protests. The right to vote is guaranteed by the Constitution. So Comelec must ensure that our votes are counted, Rodriguez stressed this out.

Do not Blame Bongbong Marcos

Why blame Bongbong Marcos for the lost? The Comelec’s ineptitude will cost the Filipino people P2 billion as Smartmatic now opt to collect the amount based on the “options to purchase” provision in their contract since the VCMs are now considered “sold” because of the failure to return the machines on time.

Bautista might be hurt with the canceled purchased?

Due to the behavior displayed by Bautista, it somewhat obvious that he is hurt by the canceled purchase option. This lead people into thinking that he might have some commissions there that he cannot take advantage off anymore. The man must not point fingers quickly because many of his fingers are pointing at him! He is protecting Smartmatic more than the people.

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Watch the Video: Imelda’s 1972 Assassination Attempt Was At Close Range Far Out from Bongbong Marcos’ Alleged Double Body Rumor

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Truths about what really happened during the martial law period come out into the open. The video of the 1972 assassination of former First Lady Imelda Marcos surfaces via social media. It cannot be a fake one. The closeness between the victim and the assailant is unbelievable. This is one of the alleged true incidents covered up by media. Many say it was staged or infiltrated just to discredit the Marcoses. The public can now judge based on the video. This leads us to believe that the alleged attempted shooting of Bongbong Marcos is also a true story. The rumor states that they hired a double body for the son of the strongman for the alleged staged assassination.

Youtube video by; bulatlat multimedia
[VIDEO]: Failed Assassination of Imelda, Full Video!

Imelda Marcos was Stabbed at close Range

How horrifying is is to watch a very intelligent and popular lady during her time being attacked by a man with a sharp-edged weapon  who emerges right from her back. It looks like the man was also on the same stage as her. All it takes was only a few steps for him to plunged the weapon into Imelda’s body. The good thing is, the elegant woman of all times survives to tell her story without any hatred whatsoever.

Bongbong Marcos was Gunned Down

There were doubts cast on Bongbong Marcos alleged shooting attempt – for some senators at that time just laugh it off when they were asked. No one took it seriously but the father himself, former president Ferdinand E. Marcos. Why were those senators conniving to put a shame on the credibility of the Marcos family? We obviously know now. They wanted to be in power like them.

Illicit Love Affair Rumors

Carmen Soriano was rumored to have gone through plastic surgery after a jealous Imelda doused her with muriatic acid. This was after she was reported to get jealous when Soriano  caught her husband’s eyes. Even Soriano herself denied the false rumors. She shows off her face to be natural and no plastic surgery happened as far as she is concerned.

Enrile’s Son was in Trouble

Jack Enrile was accused of killing regal baby star Alfie Anido and in raping Liezel Martinez. Amalia Fuentes herself denied the rumor that her daughter (now deceased) got raped. Jack was never tried for the alleged murder. We are very aware that Juan Ponce Enrile was in conflict with General Fabian Ver then (deceased). Enrile now is backing up Bongbong Marcos while Ver’s ally Fidel Ramos is with the opposition. It was never about Jack Enrile but all about his father. Today, it’s not about the father Ferdinand E. Marcos but protests on his LNMB burial is all about stopping Bongbong Marcos’ return to the spot of his father!

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Stop the Lies: No One Can Steal the Wealth for Humanity – Marcos Made Sure Of That for his Beloved Country


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Even to this date, the brilliance of former President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos is still evident. His quest to take care of his people even after death is not only documented – it’s deposited. The deposits of the one million metric tons of gold cannot be moved without the unity of  The World Bank, IMF, Central Bank, Philippine Government, Marcos Heir and the German Signatory or his heir.

Youtube video by; bulatlat multimedia
[VIDEO]: Eto ang INILABAS na Last Will and Testament ni dating Pres. Marcos

World Bank and IMF

The World Bank and IMF’s agreement when the gold was deposited by the late strongman can never deny the fact that the wealth for humanity is real. In fact, their role is to safeguard them and make sure that the Filipino people can benefit from them when the right time comes.

Central Bank

The Central Bank is also the keeper of the manifest that the wealth is secured for the welfare of Filipinos. Around 400,000 metric tons of gold are believed to be locked in the 3rd floor of the Central bank according to the latest report from the World Bank whistleblower.

The Philippine Government

The Philippine government must be in partnership with the Marcos heir because as of now, Imelda Marcos is the keeper of the bill of lading for the rest of the gold deposited in over 200 countries. This is the reason why the Aquinos cannot do something about it during their two consecutive presidential terms. PCGG has to loot the Marcoses’ personal inheritance from their dead patriarch just to show that they are recovering the wrong wealth.

Simple Wish of the Strongman

As per the speech of Bongbong Marcos during the recent burial of the strongman at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, the late president who loved the Filipinos and his country so much only want to be buried with his fellow soldiers who fought with him during World War 2. He also made it clear in his “will” – to be laid to rest according to what he deserves. His memories should be buried in the hearts of every Filipino!