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Watch and Read How Bongbong Marcos Addresses Protesters Who Just Want to Attack

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos has this to say on martial law accusations: History will speak for itself, saying there are  two different kinds of people who asks questions: those who pose sincere and honest questions, while those who are simply prejudiced. Meaning to say, there are people who ask the question to attack you. So no matter what you say, it won’t make a difference because they just don’t like you, anyway,” Marcos said, according to CNN.

Youtube video by; bulatlat multimedia

[VIDEO]: Amid reports that the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos was buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani at 12 noon of Nov. 18, activists hold a noise barrage to condemn what they called as an insult to the Filipino people.

Leni Robredo Is Really Worried Now

Bongbong Marcos keeps his silence when it comes to Vice President Leni Robredo’s accusations. Her subconscious already knew what will happen to her. She might wake up one day and no longer V.P. like a thief in the night. She is indeed one pitiful woman!


Martial Law Victims?

Better ask former Vice President Jejomar Binay who was a humanitarian lawyer representing alleged martial law victims. Why did he endorse Bongbong Marcos instead to replace him as V.P? His actions speak for itself.

Hidden Wealth? Have you heard of the Philippines’ Gold Reserves at the World bank since 1960?

The World Bank Data attested that the Philippines is one of the few countries that have ample gold reserves since the 1960s during the time of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos.
126.94 since 1960 (millions of gold bars worth billions of dollars)
80,640.41 updated in 2015  (millions of gold bars worth billions of dollars)
A World Bank whistleblower also confirmed that it was the former and late president Ferdinand E. Marcos who embarked the gold reserves for the welfare of the Filipinos.

Bongbong Marcos’ Hope

“After the political cycle is done… it is  a must to set aside politics and move on.  Think about what should be done on how to achieve, how we can all work together to come up with solutions to the country’s problems… To be able to move the country forward,” said Marcos.


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Fastest Economy Due to Duterte’s Bongbong Marcos Endorsement for Gold Reserves on Top of Infrastructure Investments

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Despite the rants and disrespect of President Rodrigo Duterte against the outgoing American president Barack Obama and Donald Trump’s current victory, the Philippines has once again gained the spot of the fastest growing economy in Asia. Infrastructure investment and active consumer spending are cited to be the cause. However, it failed to mention the gold reserves the Philippines have at the World Bank as deposited by then the late President Ferdinand Marcos for the welfare of the Filipinos. So, whatever economy efforts the current administration does, it will just be an add-on to Marcos’ efforts in the past that not many Filipinos knew.

Youtube video by; Norma Dwayne

[VIDEO]: World Bank Whistle blower Karen Hudes On Proof That World’s Gold Reserves belong To Us All

Strong Construction and Infrastructure Investment

The Philippine economy is the fastest growing in Asia, at 7.1% on-year July -September. The growth is solid in three years. The figure as announced by the Philippine Statistics Authority surpassed the 6.7% median growth estimate of 15 economists and matched an estimated 1.2%GDP rise against the previous quarter, according to Bloomberg.

Upbeat Consumer Spending

It also stacked favorably against China’s third quarter growth rate, at 6.7%, and Vietnam’s, at 6.4%. Last quarter, India posted a 7.1% growth rate but it has yet to report its third quarter figures. Bloomberg projects that the Philippine economy, undeterred by the risk of a protectionism under Donald Trump and President Rodrigo Duterte’s anti-U.S. tirades, is set to expand more than 6% until 2018 given that consumer spending is upbeat.

Gold Reserves at the World bank since 1960

The Philippines’ gold reserves are not behind the powerful countries of the world or the so-called first world countries. According to the World Bank Data, it is one of the few countries that have ample gold reserves since the 1960s. 126.94 since 1960
80,640.41 updated in 2015
According to the record and testimonial of the World Bank, it was the former and late president Ferdinand E. Marcos who embarked the gold reserves for the welfare of the Filipinos.

Duterte’s Endorsement of Bongbong Marcos

The world is watching every step of Duterte in favoring and endorsing the son of the late strongman, Bongbong Marcos. Given that the keeper of the gold reserves’ bill of lading is his mother, Imelda Marcos, it is speculated that when Bongbong Marcos becomes president, he can better assign the placement of the gold reserves entrusted through Central bank of the Philippines with the Filipino people as beneficiaries.

The Philippines Just Posted the Fastest Q3 Growth Rate In Asia

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Bongbong Marcos Advantage: Wealth for Humanity Not Hidden by Father but in World Bank

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The Philippines have so much gold starting when the late Ferdinand E. Marcos was still a young, and dashing lawyer. He already became two of the richest Filipinos even before he became president because of the trust of the Tallano royal family. The collection even grew abundantly when combined with the Maharlika gold and the Yamashita treasures. Brilliant as he was, Marcos made sure that they are documented for humanity and serve the Filipino people as economic support or gold reserves. This is the reason why the country never gets bankrupt like Belgium despite the world’s financial crisis.

Youtube video by; Ernani Cawagdan

[VIDEO]: WEALTH for HUMANITY (Ferdinand Marcos Gold).

Imelda Marcos only has the Bill of Lading

Imelda Marcos discloses to the world that she is in possession of the bill of ladings for the gold’s shipments to the different parts of the world. She even explained this to the U.S. court that acquitted her from the graft and corruption charges. She was also hailed as a very honest First Lady and the Filipinos are lucky to have her. The Marcos family do not have the rights for the deposited gold.

The Gold Collections are Kept for Humanity

The Marcos Foundation holds the rights for the gold collection as registered in the Central Bank of the Philippines. The foundation’s beneficiaries are the Filipino people. The 50 year validity period has already expired at Central bank so, the government has the jurisdiction for its assignment in cooperation with the World Bank. It is expected that the claim can be honored only when the bill of lading and the representative for the beneficiaries which is the government can be presented to the World Bank hand in hand. The overseas banks where they are deposited do not own them. The World Bank only acts as the globe’s martial for their intended use as protected by the late Marcos using his expertise in the law.

Time Deposit

It is not clarified if the late president Marcos covered the World Bank secrecy agreement with a 50-year timeline or time deposit just prior to his death. Discussions with the World Bank, the Government, and Imelda Marcos should clarify this issue. The treasures are not for individual distribution They are collected to serve as gold reserves to support the economy.

Bongbong Marcos as President

It would be beneficial for the Filipino people if the only son of the late Ferdinand Marcos, Bongbong Marcos will one day become the president. He would know how to go about it when the right time comes. His father was a brilliant leader who always put his citizens first in line. The documentations can attest that nothing is stolen from the Philippines. Instead, he made the Filipinos the heir of the collections of wealth he came across with. Once Bongbong Marcos is president, the keeper of the rights and the representative of the beneficiaries will be one but no absolute power to own them. People who accused APO, for being a thief should be ashamed of themselves. Think about it.

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Treasures Remain for Filipinos’ Welfare NOT Marcos Hidden Wealth contrary to Cory Aquino’s Media Bluff


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Why did George W. Bush think that the Philippines is the richest country in the world? It is because of the Yamashita gold that the late Ferdinand Marcos deposited in more than 150 countries of the world – with a Trust Fund at the Central Bank under the Marcos Foundation for the benefit of the Filipinos. Meaning to say, that his family is not even the direct heir of this alleged hidden wealth as Cory Aquino promulgated via the media just to discredit him from the presidency.

Youtube video by; Sky Player

[VIDEO]: This is a collection of videos from witnesses of the gold deposited by the late President Ferdinand Marcos to safeguard the interests of the Filipinos from hands-on previous bank employees to lawyers and financial experts here and abroad.

The Ultimate Truth

The wisdom of the late strongman and his knowledge as a lawyer tells him that if the unearthed gold will be awarded to finders with only a percentage to the government, they would be rumbling to claim the treasures that are not theirs in the first place, bringing chaos to the country. Instead, he exported these golds to different countries with bill of lading under the care of his widow, Imelda Marcos. The document at the Central Bank hereby said that those deposits are registered under the Marcos foundation for the benefit of the Filipinos. By having these gold reserves, the country will not suffer from tremendous amount of interests rates from debts –  thereby not prone to global financial crisis.

Imelda and the Government must Join Hands

Former First Lady Imelda Marcos is vital in managing these unexplained wealth collected by her husband but she cannot move them alone. Since they are registered under the Marcos Foundation for the citizens of the Philippines, the government must initiate on how to manage them further. At the moment, they are just sitting in Central Bank and other countries overseas awaiting for further actions after the 50 year time deposit period. Marcos is dead for only 27 years now. When the right time comes, it would be Imelda’s heir and  the new government that can facilitate that.

Marcos wanted to come back from Exile to Explain but Hindered by Cory Aquino

Marcos requested many times to come back to the country during his exile in Hawaii but he was not allowed by then President Cory Aquino. Instead of giving him the benefit of the doubt, she has caused confusion by insinuating that the treasures are stolen by Marcos – thereby giving it a bad name: Ill-gotten Wealth. Bongbong Marcos was right when he said that they don’t have it because Imelda only has the bill of lading in her possession but without the Central Bank’s ordering overseas banks to release, it would not be possible. Also if ever it can be released, they can only go to the Filipino people. Despite estimated to be in billions of dollars worth, the citizens of the Philippines would be in chaos if those are distributed individually. Marcos’ strategy was an act of a genius. The deposits are the reason why our economy never plummeted as far as we can’t handle.

It’s Unexplained and NOT Ill-Gotten Wealth

It is very sad why mainstream media stay away from trying to explain these facts to the people. They only report the developments in a daily basis that bring in more confusion especially when a politician mentions the alleged ill-gotten wealth again against a Marcos to stop him or her from getting higher government posts. Martial law compensations also are not anymore from the Marcoses because PCGG already sequestered their own overseas funds during the Aquino administration. This is the reason why Imelda commented that they did not steal from the people, instead they got robbed by the previous administration. However, the truth will set the Marcoses free and by then, people will be thankful to Apo Lakat Ferdinand Marcos!

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Bongbong Marcos: Thankful for Duterte’s Big Influence on SC’s Burial Decision

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

In an interview with GMA News, Bpngbong Marcos is grateful to the Supreme Court for exercising rule of law and to President Rodrigo Duterte for believing the rights of his father.

Youtube video: Bongbong Marcos
[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos thanks SC for favoring Marcos hero’s burial.

No Burial Date Yet

Preparations were stopped when SC initially halted the decision, but should resume immediately after family talks.

Protesters’ Rights

Bongbong Marcos feels that the protesters’ filing motion for consideration is part of the group’s rights. They can do so in line with the law.

Duterte’s Influence

Marcos did not hide the fact that the president has a hand in SC’s current ruling. His belief alone that the late Marcos deserves to be buried in the Heroes’ cemetery for being a medal of valor awardee, a statesman and a soldier is already an undisputable influence.

Yolanda’s Anniversary

The Marcos family is still engulfed in the happenings launched to commemmorate the 3rd Anniversary of Yolanda. The burial plans should be next in the agenda.

Moving On

The Marcos family serves as a role model to Filipino believers that despite being widely castigated, family ties should become stronger because there’s always sunshine after the rain. In the end, the family is still the rock that binds universal unity.

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