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Aquino-Marcos Showdown While Waiting for the Supreme Court Decision

Supreme Court

By: Elena Grace Flores
Bongbong Marcos patiently awaits the decision of the Supreme Court on his electoral protest. However, his supporters do not have the same patience. Various loyalist groups stage protests here and there because of lack of updates on the case. The presumptive VP also creates a stir when she announces that her lead over Marcos even increases after the recount of his 3 pilot provinces.  Despite the uncertainty, there are some who manage the dispute from the roots of it all through humor. Therefore,  the Marcos-Aquino showdown emerges.

YouTube video by
Bagong Lipunan

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos versus Noynoy Aquino (Round 4) Talent Showdown.

BS Aquino on Frank Sinatra’s Watch What Happens

Former President Benigno Simeon  Aquino III may not have the traits of a singer but at least he had the guts.  He still mesmerizes rumored ex-girlfriend Shalani Soledad amidst the crowd. He is even  glad that the former Valenzuela City councilor and TV host has finally “found someone.” She got married to another local politician, Roman Romulo. As for him, he can only watch happens as per the lyrics of Frank Sinatra’s song.

BBM’s Version of Hey Jude by the Beatles

Bongbong Marcos, on the other hand, can’t be bothered with an impromptu singing performance when he sings the Beatles’ Hey Jude with a live band in a bar. He is not a stranger of those activities knowing the parties previously organized privately by her mother, former First Lady Imelda Marcos. In fact, the Marcos matriarch and patriarch were known as a singing couple.

Ex-Pnoy Goes OPM with Student Blues

Kris Aquino, ex-Pnoy’s controversial singer is also seen very supportive to his brother as he struggles for the notes of Estudyante Blues, an OPM. Along with Shalani, Kris also cheers for him from the crowd. She also tries to sing along with the lyrics.

BBM Brings to Life John Lennon’s, Imagine

Another nationalistic rendition in the tune of John Lennon’s, Imagine creates an outpour of emotions as Marcos tries his best to give justice to the song. It is indeed very obvious that it is not just for the show. He truly loves singing. Just like the loyalists who support him at the Supreme Court ever since many years ago. They are there in front of the Supreme Court for their love of the Marcoses.

Supreme Court Showdown

In an urgent motion, Robredo recently cites the results of the recent revision, recount, and re-appreciation of ballots from 3 provinces chosen by Marcos. His lawyer Romulo Macalintal who is one of the Ocho Diretso losers said that her lead over Marcos widens by as much as 15,000 votes. This is actually not a confirmed report. Marcos’ lawyer, Vic Rodriguez, said there were no official findings yet from the Supreme Court that sits as the PET.

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Be Fair: If Abby is Corrupt, Bongbong is a Dictator – then Bimby is a Murderer?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Hatred amidst family feuds in the Philippines will never stop – if the people themselves continue to be haunted by the mistakes or misunderstandings in the past, then how can the future for the country be bright? People should learn from history – and not copy bad judgement and actions.

As Senator Gringo Honasan explains; why prosecute the son for the alleged crimes of the father? True or not, media propaganda to destroy the Binay name is very obvious from the result of the latest national election. On the other hand, Abby Binay won the mayoraly of Makati – just because many Makati residents have witnessed how the Binays really are contrary to negative news reports. However, will she get a chance to run and win in a national election later on? It remains to be seen.

Now, if that is the case as Merriam Defensor Santiago puts it; If Bongbong Marcos is prosecuted for the things he did not do, why can’t we paint the future image of Bimby as murderer and land grabber as per the Hacienda Luisita incidents? Very unfair, right? So, Bimby and Joshua, better stay out of politics until Filipinos learn not to judge!

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Kris Aquino Appealed to Defend her for using Government Chopper

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Kris Aquino appealed among spectators during Mar Roxas’ election campaign by the Liberal party – to defend her via social media why she was using the government chopper during the said event. It has been a strict law that government officials cannot be involved in any campaign matters and no government properties should be used in said activities. They call it “electioneering”.

Roxas defended Kris Aquino that her riding on with the President to LP’s campaign sortie venue in Dalaguete, Cebu did not entail additional costs – and yes, it would not matter if they went to an official government function as a member of the President’s family – but for an election campaign of Mar Roxas? That, I am not quite sure.

On another matter, now that there’s a peculation that it will soon be known that President Aquino will drop Mar in favor of Grace Poe, where will Kris be? What do you think Vice President Jejomar Binay’s take on this when his other favored Vice Presidential Bongbong Marcos is also a son of the late President Marcos. He would know for sure about the benefits they are entitled to and the laws pertaining it.

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Now we Know: Mamasapano Delayed as Poe awaits Pnoy’s endorsement – RoRo out?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It’s just a matter of time that the media will be feasting on Pnoy’s dropping Mar Roxas in favor of Grace Poe. Perhaps the rumor that Leni Robredo will end up backing out and Chiz Escudero replacing her was true. Nevertheless, now we know why Grace Poe delayed her Mamasapano report – so as not to implicate her endorser for the obvious lapse.

With this scenario, only traitors will vote for Grace Poe. Daang Matuwid (straight path) is really Tuwad na Daan (inverted path) or straight path to hell for the Philippines!

Grace Poe is never loyal to the country. Her family retained their American citizenship to date. She said that they will only convert back to their Filipino citizenship if she wins. You must be out of your mind to even think of voting for her. Binay is the only presidentiable who remains stable at this point and he condemned Grace Poe’s reluctance in reporting the outcome of her Mamasapano investigation for this big but outrageous favor.

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Get a Binay Brigade Volunteer ID to Secure Votes and Public Services

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
There’s no bragging about it but the Binay volunteerism is up in the air. This is contrary to the accusations that pro-Binay voters are being paid for or “Binayran”. However, we choose our candidate very well and this is how Binay Brigade secure Binay’s votes during election – and at the same time make sure that Binay’s political platform is implemented through educational, medical,economical, social and other forms of public services when Vice President Jejomar Binay assumes office as the President of the Philippines after May 9, 2016, God willing!

Binay’s promise to adapt the privileges of Makati residents to the whole country should start taking place when he settles down in the highest office. Our Pro-Binay social media groups will continue to be operated as our commitment in covering the alleviation of poverty nationwide.

Freedom of Speech (The Big One) will feature updates on Binay’s presidency, projects and other activities for nation building – and will share with other feasible social media groups pro Binay or not as long as the channels are still active. Do note however that this is not a public service provider mechanism and only an outlet for information dissemination so, solicitations will not be entertained.

Contact your Binay Brigade Volunteer Coordinator now to register or email with your name, address, contact number and birth date with screenshot of your voter’s ID or Biometrics. Let’s go for the win…Only Binay!