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Inday Sara’s Unity Call: Relevant to Binay’s Early Presidential Bid to Aid Bongbong Marcos via Boy Saycon


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Mayor Sara Du30’s Tapang at Malasakit Alliance Unity Call says it all. She clarifies that it is not a move to campaign for any public post. She said that politicians know by experience that to announce a candidacy early can hamper its success. So, why did former Vice President Jejomar Binay announce early on to run for President in the 2016 election? We know for a fact that prior to the campaign, an alliance between the opposition of the former administration was formed. Believe it or not. The ultimate goal is to aid Bongbong Marcos to return to power. Therefore, Du30’s win is also Binay’s victory. Analyze these scenarios:

Youtube video by; GMA News

[VIDEO]: Tapang at Malasakit Alliance for the Philippines, binuo ni mayor Sara Duterte.

BiHoMadu Alliance of Binay, Honasan, Marcos, and Du30

Kingmaker, Pastor Boy Saycon who heads the Binay Camp progresses in his Du30-Marcos bid after the BiHoMaDu players come out into the open. The group stands for the Binay, Honasan, Marcos, and Du30 alliance with an ultimate goal to aid Bongbong Marcos’ return to power. It is evident that while the President and his family are under the attacks of Senator Trillanes, Binay retaliates by filing more libel cases against him. It is remembered that Trillanes did whatever he can to destroy Binay and succeeded. What he did not realize is the easy win of another Binay ally who has the same objective for Marcos.

Malicious Claims by a Senator

Binay’s spokesperson Joey Salgado said the DOJ’s resolution to file a libel complaint against Trillanes in the Makati Regional Trial Court proves that Binay was just maligned by false accusations. The DOJ’s move, he added, only confirmed that the Senate hearings “were purely in aid of political demolition, not legislation.” This is what Presidential daughter, Mayor Sara Du30 is calling all Filipinos for. Unity is a must instead of destroying each other using lies. If one cannot agree with another, it is best to stay positive. After all, we are all Filipinos regardless of political colors.

Father of Fake News Blocked by Binay

According to Salgado, the DOJ’s resolution also exposed Trillanes as “a fake crusader against fake news,” calling the senator the “pioneer of fake news” since 2015. “He was spreading fake news since 2015. He deserves the unflattering title ‘father of fake news in the Philippines,’” he added. It is just a mind-boggling situation that Trillanes still enjoys full-time coverage by mainstream media despite the fact that he is a notable liar.

Informant and Adviser to the President

Meanwhile, Pastor Boy Saycon is always the informant of President Du30 ever since during the 2016 elections campaign. To this date, he continues to be the Presidential advisor for territorial affairs. He previously hands out the evidence of the Aquino administration’s involvement in the PDAF scam to the DOJ. Saycon also protects the main witnesses to the digital fraud allegedly committed by some LP personalities. These circumstances show that the alliance is working non-stop to give justice to Marcos’ voters. Supporters of the LP opposition must come together first – then everything else can follow.

Trillanes is ‘father of fake news,’ says Binay camp

Saycon’s BiHoMaDu: Binay, Santiago and Du30’s Election Sacrifices for Bongbong Marcos

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Boy Saycon’s plea to Defer Proclamation Failed but He got Duterte’s Support

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
So far, there’s not much progress yet on Pastor Boy Saycon’s call to defer the proclaimation of President Rodrigo Duterte and Vice President Leni Robredo – because both have already been inaugurated separately last June 30, 2016.

According to Binay Brigade, it was Boy Saycon who called Duterte first when the election fraud whistle blowers asked him to help them in uncovering the election secrets that they had a hand on because they were already disturbed by their conscience and they also fear for their safety.

Upon hearing the details from Pastor Boy, Duterte never doubted for he knew the pastor very well. He would rather be in trouble than destroy other people’s reputation. The President respected him for always staying with the truth no matter what. This is a clear proof that respect cannot be bought but only earned. That’s the relationship between Pastor Boy Saycon and President Rodrigo Duterte.


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Government to Position Forces side by side with Sultanate

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
An insider told me that after a meeting with Pastor Boy Saycon, adviser to the Sultanate of Sulu, he clarified some issues pertaining to the Sabah claim saying; Malaysia knows that as per the United Nations, the sultanate as a sovereign has proprietary rights over Sabah. We will go to war if needed – but we will position our forces side by side with the sultanate.

These statements coincide with President Rodrigo Duterte’s stand on Sabah as it was noted when he said; “Whether you want to believe it or not, that is beside the point. The point is, that is ours.”

That point of view by the President is also applicable to the territories in the West Philippine Sea versus China. In fact artificial islands over the reefs and shoals were already built by the invader – despite the United Nations Arbitral Tribunal statement warning China that the country violated the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea because it’s within Philippines’ 200-km exclusive economic zone and territorial seas.


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Osmeña Affirmed Credibility of Election Fraud Whistleblowers – but Sealed Mouth not to Drive Liberal Suspect into Hiding

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Sergio Osmeña III affirmed the ehistleblowers accompanied by Pastor Boy Saycon into the Senate – and he was not even surprised with the Liberal government official allegedly involved in the said fiasco. There is a great possibility that the suspect will immediately go into hiding and revealing him this early will not help the senate probe on the mass fraudulent activities reported by various groups.

Osmeña was one of those personalities being approached by the three whistleblowers in the Senate seeking security and refuge. A bigger manipulaton scheme of the votes will likely to come out of this confessions but there is a long process to go through in doing this.

The move to look into this matter is supported by Senators Vicente Sotto and Cynthia Villar. There’s no way that Smartmatic will have the say on who the election winners are in future elections; he said.


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Boy Saycon: Man Behind Noybi Determined to Clear Out Election Fraud 2016

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Pastor Boy Saycon, a layman who got the respect of political figures because of his principled ways in campaigning for Copa’s bets has shouted; electoral fraud in the May 9, 2016 national election. He was the man behind the NoyBi tandem in 2010 but reverted to BiBong or Binay-Bongbong Marcos in 2016 after being dismayed by Pnoy’s constant ignoring of the poor’s plea to alleviate their lives and take care of the “rich” instead.

Pastor Boy described the recent election as dirty and dishonest – that is totally the opposite of his values thus deciding to accompany the whistleblowers into the senate to tell their stories.

The good Pastor waited until the hard evidences are in and after talking to various religious groups, he disclosed them through a press conference in the senate. He is very determined to clean up the mess done by the party of his previous bet Pnoy – for he can’t bear being part of his previous success when he has a hand in the recent election fraud! All he asks is to investigate the matter before letting Leni Robredo sit as Vice President who was just proclaimed few hours after his protest. This will save not only the country but Leni Robredo as well from shame.