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Here’s Why Senator Imee Marcos Not Keen on Duterte’s Approval of the DOH’s 2B Supplemental Budget


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Imee Marcos
Senator Imee Marcos talks about Covid-19, VFA and CITIRA

The Tripple Whammy

Senator Imee Marcos talks to Senate media on March 9, 2020 about a “Triple Whammy” that she says will affect the country’s economy this year — Covid-19, VFA and CITIRA.

No Supplemental Budget History

Senator Marcos, chair of the Senate economic affairs committee, is not optimistic about President Duterte’s approval on the DOH’s 2B supplemental budget. She discloses it after his non-approval of any supplemental budget since he took over Malacanang in 2016. Aside from the COVID-19 threat, other “whammies” are also at stake. The negative economic effect of the unilateral abrogation of the 21-year-old Philippines-United States Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA)is real. The African swine fever epidemic that might decimate the country’s pork production by half is another. Plus the impending blacklisting of the Philippines because of money laundering by “tourists” or “businessmen” of billions of pesos of undeclared foreign currency inflows through the airports is ongoing.

No Sense of Urgency in the DOH

A testimony before her committee that the DOH, despite its billions of pesos in its annual budget, only has 2,000 testing kits annoys her. Although the COVID crisis began late last year, no one from the DOH prepares for it. Marcos said they should now plan an epidemic situation as the Senate itself is on lockdown.

Fr. Jose Bosch Innovative Skills Training Advocacy Cooperative (ISTAC)

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President Du30’s Advice to Gov. Imee Marcos on COA Budget Triggers Debate


By: Elena Grace Flores

President Rodrigo Du30 threatened to make COA members fall down the stairs on an interagency briefing of Typhoon Ompong. He made this joke after he learned from Governor Imee Marcos about COA not allowing cash advances for emergencies. This was supposed to be for the budget on purchasing building materials for the victims of the disaster.

Youtube video by TOKHANG TV

[VIDEO]: Look:Imee Marcos humingi na ng dasal.

The President’s Humor is Again Not Taken Lightly

President Du30 came hard on the Commission on Audit for their restriction on government spending for the disaster. He is going as far as to say that COA employees should be pushed down the stairs.

The Governor can only Agree

With the COA only allowing cash advances for food up to Php 15,000, Imee Marcos gets exasperated. Du30 also criticizes the COA with their circulars that he could care less about.

The Budget is Needed for Emergency

COA defends that not all can be cash advanced, and also this occurring over the weekend makes things too difficult. However, Du30 criticizes the circulars further. He sees the circulars as cockeyed, with some people from the government getting to jail because of it while others get away scot-free also because of it. It seems it all depends on how they swing the legal arguments.

Cash Advance Restriction is Not a Law

With Ompong smashing through northern Luzon, which people describe as the strongest storm to hit the country for the year, the president comments on the uselessness of the circulars. He says that unless they are made into law the circulars are useless.

Typhoon Ompong Damages in Ilocos Norte

Ilocos Norte suffers a big loss after the Typhoon. The Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council assesses the damage at around Php 2.3 billion. With agriculture damages amounting to Php 1.9 billion and damages in infrastructure amounting to Php 440 million. The COA may deserve some respect because they are just doing their job. However, they should put their attitude on a check when dealing with emergency disasters. They too must be prepared when cash is needed badly for the victims’ relief efforts.

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Robredo’s Greatest Excuse is No Budget for Projects but can’t she Raise Funds?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Leni Robredo’s biggest excuse is having no budget for the projects that need the attention of the Office of the Vice President right now. This is allegedly why all she could do when she was HUDCC Chair was to report the problem but nothing could be done.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Leni Robredo knows about the various problems in the housing sector and others but reiterates that the Office of the Vice President has no budget for projects.

Just Reported Housing Problems

Robredo complained that she has reported many problems already as far as the HUDCC or housing for the poor is concerned but no actions were taken. Perhaps, the Vice President did not realize that her job is to offer solutions to the problems and not just report them.

More Hindrances to do VP Work

She also mentioned that there are many hindrances now to do her work because there are various destructions. She may be referring to Marcos’ electoral protests against her and the continuing impeachment complaints.

Forces Behind the President

The Vice president acknowledges that there are forces behind the president that trigger fights between her and PDu30. This she said is due to their own personal interests and nothing to do with her various disagreements with him.

No Budget for Projects

Former Vice President Jejomar Binay leaves ₱500 million budget for Robredo. The Office of the Vice President (OVP) during Binay’s last year as VP has spent less than 20 percent of its budget for 2016. What he left is enough for her to spend within the remaining six months of that year. How much is not enough for the OVP’s yearly budget? What should she do if the department has no budget for her projects? Whine? She should learn from Binay how to raise funds because she has proven that nothing can be stolen from the government. The greatness of a leader can be measured on how he or she can provide for his or her constituents through private-public cooperative efforts. After all, she spent half a billion pesos to make herself win questionably.

Right Political Attitude: Filipino-American supporters of Robredo grateful to Ramos and Binay

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Catered Parties are More Enjoyable

By: Elena Grace Flores

Catering 2013
Catering 2013 (Photo credit: matchfitskills)

Unless you have all the time in the world and the talent for party hosting, doing it yourself could be very fulfilling. Otherwise, leave this task to the experts and you will find out that instead of spending more, you can actually spend less but enjoy more. Here are some tips when hiring a caterer:

Tips for Hiring a Caterer

By: Shelly McRae

One of the main attractions of a party is the food and spirits. From the casual barbeque to the formal dinner party, your guests are expecting appetizers, side dishes, main courses, and desserts. They’re also expecting drinks and wine, coffee and aperitifs, and they expect the beverages to complement the food.

Remember that as the host, it is important that you will make yourself free in socializing with your guests. You cannot do it very well if you are busy in the kitchen or doing some preparations. Entertaining 50 or more guests is already a hard work. Hiring a catering service based on your budget and plan is highly recommended!

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Securing your Financial Future


By: Gynn Flores


Financial FutureIt is not how much you earn but how much you keep that can secure your financial future. There are a lot of us who earn a lot but are still buried with debts like personal loans and payday advances making their take home pay very meager. Having many liabilities will make you incur interest expense which can make your take home pay much smaller. On the contrary, some people earn minimal amount only but are more financially stable as they are debt-free. Sometimes, rank and file employees are richer than managers in terms of liquidity.

Although it is not bad to avail of credit facilities for emergencies, they should not be used just to fund luxuries that are definitely not basic needs. We have to bear in mind that times are hard and incurring debts unnecessarily is not practical. We should prioritize securing our financial future than engaging in worldly things we can’t afford. There are several options on how to attain financial stability:

  • Save at least 20% of your monthly income. Set this aside in a separate bank account that you are not supposed to touch. Treat it as if it is money already spent and therefore no longer yours to spend.
  • Invest in the stock market. You can start small here contrary to what we perceive – that we should have a substantial amount before we can get started. This is meant to be a long-term investment – so do not expect to be able to pull out your money anytime. Putting your passive income for 20 years in this manner can even make you rich. In times of crisis, do not panic, in fact it is time to buy stocks from good companies while the prices are low.
  • Pay off loans that have high interest rates. This automatically gives you savings from paying big interest. Credit cards when left unpaid on due date will make you incur late payment charges and penalties in addition to finance charges. Manage credits well to avoid incurring additional expenses. Most of your payments should cover the principal amount and not just the interest and penalties. If you can afford it, paying in advance can also build-up your good financial status.

  • Buy a rent-to-own house- where the rentals you are paying now can be part of your monthly amortization. In some instances your rental expense is enough to pay the amortization. Instead of incurring an expense, it automatically becomes an investment.

When you have started on building up your wealth, you can’t help but experience a sense of hope and excitement. Gone are the insecurities and worries in your mind instead,you’ll feel like winning a battle in your life. It is therefore important that you take charge of your finances and don’t leave it to chance. Start now and change the entire direction of your financial future to make your dreams come true. Rather than touching your investments when the need arises, you can avail of personal loans but make sure that you prioritize on paying these on your next pay check.

Image Source: My Money Avenues