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Michael Jackson’s Video Song by the Cebu Inmates

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was very odd at first when Byron Garcia uploaded the video of the Cebu inmates dancing to the Thriller video song of Michael Jackson. There were criticisms of course but majority of the people who’d watched it were amazed. Yes, it looks like these inmates are getting a second chance to live a fulfilling life even behind bars. Thanks to the organizers who remained strong despite the negativity.It might not be the truth that sets them free but it’s their talent that made them worthy citizens of the Philippines once again. No wonder…Cebu’s tourism rate is getting higher! This was the original video downloaded in 2007:

“Thriller” (original upload)


Published at Youtube by byronfgarcia

Watching it live can be very emotional – when you can see with your very own eyes how they made sacrifices under the sun just to entertain the crowd. These are people like us who made mistakes in their lifetime – but this does not mean that they won’t be getting up and about again. Perhaps, the dancing routine has taught them discipline and for sure it has inspired them to do good for the rest of their lives – because using such talent can be very rewarding. They are worth your every applause!

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