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Kanon: Fil-Japan Friendship Cat Instrumental to the “Gift”

By: Elena Grace Flores

Kanon, a 12-year-old Japanese mix-colored Carico or Caracal cat becomes instrumental in the advocacy of two cat lovers from Japan and the Philippines. The feline is a large, rufous-fawn creature with tufted black ears. It has creamy underbelly with faded brownish spots and long legs. The face has exquisite markings on top of those features. Wellness and Purina brands are its favorites. The conversations of both always include some drastic stunts because Kanon just likes to leap to catch its owner’s attention. Understanding such behavior is the beginning of a destined friendship. 日本とフィリピンからの2人の猫愛好家の擁護には、12歳の日本の混色のCaricoまたはCaracalの猫であるKanonが尽力します。ネコ科動物は、ふさふさした黒い耳を持つ大きくて、こぶの子のような生き物です。それは褪色した褐色がかった斑点と長い脚を持つクリーム状の下にあります。顔はそれらの特徴の上に絶妙な印を持っています。ウェルネスとプリナのブランドが人気です。 Kanonはただ所有者の注意を引くために跳躍するのが好きだからです。そのような行動を理解することは運命の友情の始まりです。 z

YouTube video by Steve Ronin


Friendship Cat

Originally, caracals are among the most beautiful of wild cats. They dwell in India and Southeast Asia. Desert regions and wild forests are not for them. That’s why they can become domestic pets easily. Even its interference during Skype conversations is quite obvious in both cultures. It sure knows how to make a scene. However, like the kind-hearted owner, it can be pacified almost instantly. もともと、カラカルは野生の猫の中でも最も美しいものの一つです。彼らはインドと東南アジアに住んでいます。砂漠地帯や野生の森林はそれらのためではありません。だからこそ彼らは簡単に家庭用ペットになれるのです。 Skypeでの会話中の干渉さえも、どちらの文化でも明らかです。それは確かにシーンを作る方法を知っています。しかし、やさしい所有者のように、それはほぼ瞬時に平和化することができます。

Abandoned Too Soon

One night, the alerting noises did not come from Kanon. The tiny tingling meowing was hard to ignore. The somewhat annoying sound reaches Tokyo live from Manila. The Japanese cat can’t just settle down sensing that the owner is a little disturbed. It turns out that a two-week-old kitten was helplessly abandoned right at the garage. Worst, it’s not yet weaned. ある夜、警告音はKanonからは聞こえませんでした。ちりめんな鳴き声を無視するのは困難でした。やや厄介な音がマニラから東京に届く。飼い主が少し邪魔されていることを感じても日本の猫は落ち着くことができない。 2週齢の子猫はガレージで無力に放棄されたことがわかりました。最悪、まだ離乳していません。

The “Gift” of Friendship

The new kitten, “Gift” is very fragile. It just got lucky because the Japanese cat rescuer and carer knew exactly what to do. All instructions that very night was carried out in the Philippines with her detailed instructions. 新しい子猫、 “贈り物”は非常に壊れやすいです。日本の猫救助者と介護者が正確に何をすべきか知っていたので、それはちょうど幸運になりました。非常に夜のすべての指示は彼女の詳細な指示と共にフィリピンで行われました。

The Nurturing Package

The co-parenting from both countries goes on with a nutritious package sent from Japan. Most stray Philippine cats do not usually have this privilege. Ideas sprout like mushrooms. Breeding beautiful felines can actually cost a substantial amount of money. However, better do it right from the start if they nurtured for a sustainable concept. 両国からの共同育児は、日本から送られてきた栄養価の高いパッケージで続けられます。たいていの野良猫はこの特権を持っていません。アイデアはキノコのように芽生えます。美しい猫を飼育すると、実際にかなりの金額がかかる可能性があります。しかし、彼らが持続可能な概念のために育てられたならば、始めからそれを正しくしなさい。

Can a Cat Cafe Thrive in the Philippines?

Days went by and “Gift” becomes an active kitten with a little sense of entitlement. Very demanding little creature sometimes. The good part is that at a very early time, it is definitely a joy. Someone to talk to when things are not turning to one’s favor and a child’s delight during tantrums. These therapeutic incidents can really make a cat cafe in the Philippines worthwhile to both humans and the highly neglected animals. They can be nurtured to their highest potential and in return, they can heal people. Though the setting must be an upmarket one. Just because people who are willing to pay for the experience are the well-to-do. Therefore, a decent, cozy, and captivating venue is a must. Definitely, it is something to dig deeper for. 日が経ち、「贈り物」は少しの権利を持つアクティブな子猫になります。時には非常に要求の少ない小さな生き物。良い部分は、非常に早い時期に、それは間違いなく喜びであるということです。物事がかんしゃくの間に自分の好みや子供の喜びに向いていないときに話をする誰か。これらの治療上の出来事は、フィリピンの猫カフェを人間と非常に無視されている動物の両方にとって本当に価値のあるものにすることができます。彼らは彼らの最高の可能性を養うことができ、その見返りに、彼らは人々を癒すことができます。設定は高級なものでなければなりませんが。経験のためにお金を払っても構わないと思っている人々が善をなすという理由だけで。したがって、きちんとした、居心地の良い、魅惑的な会場は必須です。確かに、それはもっと深く掘り下げるものです。

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Cats can have Postpartum Too!

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It was not a pretty site waking up one day finding 6 new-born but dead kittens in the backyard. I’m always a cat lover and actually have 5 cats in our house already. However, I am also administrating for my sister’s apartment and staying there from time to time. It will not be ideal to keep some pets because aside from not living there regularly, it’s actually going to be converted into a boarding house.

This stray cat that I did not have any idea at all that she’s pregnant always visits in the morning to ask for food. I have to be tough to say no because I do not want her to end up living there and be miserable when I’m away. Based on experience also, when I start feeding one, it will take only few months and I will be feeding 2 to 10 cats! They are difficult to give out also because there are few or no willing takers. It’s not like Donating a Car in Maryland! That thought alone drove me to really be very strict in not giving anything to her. It’s not like the cat looks like she needs mesothelioma diagnosis so, I’m sure she can cope.

As I examined the dead bodies of the kittens one by one, I noticed blood on their necks and sure enough – their mother bit them too hard until they died. I know for sure that when a mother cat feels threatened with too many humans, too much interruptions and presence of other animals they could kill and eat their new-born! It’s obviously triggered by the Postpartum disease of the mother cat.

Postpartum is really real in cats. That’s why they need proper care when pregnant – whether they look like they need mesothelioma diagnosis or not. This is not possible of course when they have no owners. There are already too many stray cats all around us and although cats can live better than other animals in the toughest conditions, they also have their limitations and can be hazards to the community – the same as stray dogs. Will cat impounding works?

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Dog and Cat 2013 Saga

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It has been known since time immemorial that dogs hate cats and vice versa  – but is this true? According to this article on Why do Dogs Hate Cats the hateful acts can be triggered only by the difference in their characters. Dogs are sociable and cats are independent. Be amused by this video compilation:

Cats Vs Dogs – Supercut Compilation 2013!

Posteds at YouTube by: FRlKK

Actually, not all dogs hate cats. They just misunderstood the motives of one another. If only they can talk but needless to say, dogs and cats who have the opportunity of living together for a long period of time end up very friendly and loving to each other. So, if you want both pets under one roof, go ahead and do it. You might enjoy witnessing their love and hate relationship.

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