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Leonen’s Confidential Ruling Takes Credit from Quotes Telling Marcos to Move On!


By: Elena Grace Flores
Coach Jarret

Leonen’s Ruling on Marcos’ Electoral Protest is Confidential

Taking Credit from Quotes

Associate Justice Marvic Leonen warns the court’s staff that unauthorized disclosure, publication, or use of this document or any of its contents is classified as a grave offense. It is punishable by suspension or dismissal from service, he added. Nevertheless, hints reached some publications But the loyalists can only braise up for the 2022 elections despite the outcome. Leonen basically takes credit from famous quotes.

Famous Philosopher and the Bible

Aside from Leonen’s unique watermark that are in “baybayin” characters for the word “confidential,” they are on every page of the document. Leonen asks each Supreme Court magistrate to sign a copy of the draft. This is another safeguard against leakage. The associate justice includes the draft quotes from the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu and the Bible.

Familiar Quotes

He cites Lao Tzu’s maxim: “New Beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.” From John 8:32: “Then you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” He also quoted from American author Alexandra Bracken’s book, The Darkest Minds: “But part of surviving is being able to move on.” The messages can only be sad for the BBM camp. But will the enbanc agree with him? That’s something to follow through. Perhaps, they won’t give him the credit of manipulating the situation.

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Duterte: Senators who Give Credit to Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccines will Get it!


By: Elena Grace Flores

Some Senators Only Think of Corruption

Senators who Give Credit to Pfizer

Many senators from the opposition give so much credit to Pfizer coronavirus vaccines. This is to the verge of discrediting China’s Sinovac. President Rodrigo Duterte swears that those lawmakers who complain so much must get it. They do not respect the efforts of the vaccine czar, Carlito Galvez, and Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez.

Special Deal with China

Prior to the existence of the current vaccines, Duterte already had an agreement with China that they would prioritize to give the shots to Filipinos. Despite not having enough budget for them. Currently, the Chinese government donates 500,000 doses of Sinovac. Instead of being grateful, some senators can only think of corruption.

Efficacy Issues

The efficacy issues are also used by lawmakers who do not have medical backgrounds. From a layman’s point of view, each vaccine has different effects individually. The deaths in Norway among their elderly after receiving the Pfizer vaccines are circumstantial. They were over 80 years old and literally dying already. The deaths do not even exceed the regular death rates of elderly nursing homes in Norway.

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The Same Credit to BBM if it’s Mayor Sara-Marcos in 2022


By: Elena Grace Flores

Mayor Sara Does Not Want Her Name in the Presidentiables

Mayor Sara-Marcos Tandem

Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio is the hottest presidentiable in the recent Pulse Asia survey. Bongbong Marcos is open to any possibility. May it be Sara-BBM or vice versa. He gets the same credit either way. A president can step down in favor of the VP, Marcos added. For now, both camps are braising the pandemic. However, the 2022 election is just around the corner. The registration of candidates is in October this year.

Marcos’ Protest Against Robredo

Marcos does not expect much anymore from the electoral protest. The remaining time just can’t allow for any process to turn in his favor. Either the protest becomes mute and academic or he abandons it. One thing is for sure, he’s running for VP or President. There might be a repeat plan with President Rodrigo Duterte in 2016 who wants to step down if only Marcos wins. Perhaps in 2022, his daughter will.

Campaign Period Starts Soon

Mayor Sara is right that the priority of Filipinos is on how to survive the Covid-19 crisis. However, in the back of the people’s minds is the election 2022. This is the only hope for the economy to rise. Both President Duterte and his daughter never dreamed of becoming president. But they are popular because of their distinctive traits. A sure way for Marcos’ return may he win as President or Vice President. So, the important thing is to keep the alliance going.

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Ramon Ang Gives Duterte Right of Way Credit


By: Elena Grace Flores

San Miguel CEO, Ramon Ang hails President Rodrigo Duterte on his infrastructure projects

Ang Gives Credit to Where it’s Due

San Miguel CEO, Ramon Ang gives credit to President Rodrigo Duterte on his right of way projects. As part of the Build Build Build blueprint of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, this outlay would decongest EDSA by February estimated Ang. It is because of Duterte’s strong governance, added Ang. Now, see the politicians at work who are public servants. This may enlighten the voting public.

DPWH Secretary Mark Villar

The current DPWH secretary is Mark Villar. He assumes office on August 1, 2016. The Secretary of Public Works and Highways is very industrious. He is a good hand of the President for these projects. His family is into construction. So, detractors can look into a possible conflict of interest. But, there’s actually no proof of corruption in this area so far. Senator Imee Marcos merely suggests diverting some funds to pandemic remedies from idle projects. So, the works continue without hiccups. Keeping some much-needed jobs.

DOT Secretary Arthur Tugade

Secretary Arthur Tugade is a Filipino businessman. He is also a lawyer from Cagayan. Now the current Secretary of the Department of Transportation. The right of way project in EDSA shows the brilliance of Tugade, said, Ang. The materials can prevent accidents. Plans are well-thought of. Duterte does not follow only the blueprint of Marcos. But also in selecting reliable experts in the field. This is something that the public cannot hear in the mainstream media. So, people must balance sources of information.

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Imee Marcos Hopes Critics’ Payback Time Where Credit is Due


By: Elena Grace Flores
As the Supreme Court’s ruling on Bongbong Marcos’ protest is about to unfold, pro-Robredo groups stage their support to the presumptive VP. Human rights activists also attack martial law anew. However, the late President Ferdinand Marcos finds favor in Du30’s eyes. The palace defends the fallen leader saying that the military rule saves the country from communism. This prompts UP figures to plan in teaching students about martial law. Senator Imee Marcos thinks that the idea is good for as long as they get both sides of the stories. Looks like the payback time of the anti-Marcos is near – a credit that is long overdue.

YouTube video by[VIDEO]: Imee Marcos: Good for UP to teach martial law, but get our viewpoint too

Freedom of Expression

Senator Marcos welcomes the initiative of UP to educate the youngsters about what transpired during her father’s martial law regime. She just hopes that her family will have the chance to divulge what they know. Meanwhile,Robredo criticizes the government in spearheading alleged revisionism that makes her rival, Bongbong Marcos’ father looks good. Many Filipinos think that despite her camp’s mind-conditioning efforts, justice wll be paid where the credit is due.

Inciting to Sedition

Robredo, the leader and face of the opposition, is among the 36 individuals who face inciting to sedition complaints after Peter Joemel Advincula – the man behind the viral Bikoy videos – accuses them of plotting against the Du30 administration.

One-Sided Human Rights has No Credit

Human rights lawyer, Marlon Manuel is set to discuss the complaint against Robredo. He cites the alleged harassment against the opposition and what it means to the rule of law in the Philippines. Manuel is Robredo’s lawyer in the inciting to sedition complaint. Therefore, the show can only be a bias one in favor of his client.

False Victory Claim by Robredo

Earlier, former Senator Marcos said; “We are appalled once more by the brazenness of Mrs. Robredo and her Liberal Party in claiming victory. This is in my still ongoing election protest. The tribunal announced that no action has been taken by the court on the Caguioa report,” Marcos said in a statement.

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The Works of Ferdinand Marcos Stand to Give Credit to his Son, Bongbong Marcos

The Works of Ferdinand Marcos Stand to Give Credit to his Son, Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

It was former President Ferdinand Marcos’ goal to give every Filipino family a decent lifestyle His works show that he was successful in achieving his quest. As a gauge for this, we have something we call the 11 basic needs. These mean having access to Water, Electricity,  Food, Housing, Clothing, Work, Healthcare, Culture, Sports and Recreation, Ecological Balance, Transportation and other ways of earning. The late President’s namesake popularly known as Bongbong Marcos learns this idealism from his father much to his credit. While detractors try so hard to discredit him, the Marcos infrastructures remain to tell their stories.

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Pabahay ni Macoy – Mga Programa ni Pangulong Marcos

PAG-IBIG Fund Housing Project

To fulfill his goal of giving every family their own home, President Marcos founded the Ministry of Human Settlements in 1978. This Ministry launched an extensive program for housing. Furthermore, he also founded the Home Development Mutual Fund or much better known as PAG-IBIG Fund, in 1978 as well to ensure that each Filipino can afford their own home.

BLISS in the City

He also made sure that the housing projects have complete facilities and have a school and a hospital nearby, as well as being near to the workplace of the residents. In 1985, 5,016 units were distributed for the poor citizens. They were called Bagong Lipunan Sites and Services or better known as BLISS.

Modern Projects that Last

In his leadership as well, 450,000 shelter communities all around the country were built. These programs started long before but up till now, they continue to help the Filipino. These are evidence that cannot vanish just by demonizing the late President. The black media propaganda against his family worldwide might be enormous. However, the hearts cannot forget.

Credit Goes to the Son

Despite the demonization of Martial Law, the Marcos Family have a strong support base across the country. This is because of the programs of the late patriarch. Now, as the young Marcos, Bongbong Marcos taps into the gratitude of supporters as he visits places where his father implemented projects and programs. He certainly gets the credit for the good work his father has done.

The Marcos Loyalists

Ilocanos remain loyal to the Marcoses because, in their memories, it was with President Marcos’ time when their province was at its most progressive. Now, looking back to the achievements of the late President Marcos, we can predict that President Rodrigo Duterte is following him. Like Marcos, he is into prioritizing the welfare of the Filipinos, and ultimately, the country. He also gives credit to the son of the fallen hero by choosing him as his likely successor for the presidency.

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Credit is Due to President Du30: Nation Building with another Marcos is a Better One


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

During the commemoration of Yolanda’s (Haiyan) first anniversary last November 8, 2014, former Mayor Alfred Romualdez, Bongbong Marcos’ cousin urged the Aquino administration to build back Tacloban for them. He lamented that the priority was not building back their lives. The previous government was always after the economy and they don’t get a good share of that. Recently, Marcos himself inspects the place and other parts of Leyte that needed rehabilitation. He is happy to announce that the credit for building better is due to the current President Du30.

Youtube video by;  Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]:  Build Back Better: Anumang pagsubok ang magdaan, ang Pilipino ay magsusumikap upang makabangon at mapabuti ang kalagayan.

Building a More Egalitarian System of Government

Former Senator Bongbong Marcos said he is planning to return to politics as president of the Philippines. This is years after he lost as the country’s second-highest leader. In an interview, Marcos said he is aspiring to get the government’s top post. “My career is political, and, of course, you aspire to as high a stature within your chosen field as you can achieve – and that would be president in my case,” he said. Marcos added that he will build a “more egalitarian system of government.”

A Society with Equal Opportunities

Egalitarian is relating to or believing in the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities. It cannot be denied that there’s a big gap between the rich and the poor in the country today. The masses certainly do not have the same access to quality training, networking, credit or investment facilities than those who can afford them.

Bring Back Nation Building

“In my father’s administration, I kept hearing ‘nation-building’, and I do not hear that phrase anymore,” he said. “It’s more politicking than nation-building,” Marcos added. He was also quick to dismiss corruption allegations against his family, saying: “None of the cases that were filed against us have been won.” Despite the accusations, he suffers on behalf of his father, he remains forgiving and still aims for unity among Filipinos.

The Return of another Marcos is a Better One

The younger Marcos is believed to lead the nation at one point. This is the prediction of unbiased political analysts, astrologers, and fortune tellers. Uncertainties might loom in his VP electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo for cheating during the 2016 election. However, this also serves as a good way of promoting his presidential bid may it be for 2019 or 2022. Regardless, the credit still goes to the good President Du30 who believes in the Marcoses.

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Will PACC Look into DPWH-DOE SOP to Fast-Track Credit Payment for Fuel Extraction?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

PACC member and spokesman Greco Belgica is a notable supporter of the President and an anti-Robredo stalwart. He previously hinted on the agency’s recommendation to fire at least four government officials. Although the Malacanang spokesperson, Atty. Harry Roque denied it, Du30 just fired the Customs Deputy Commissioner, Noel Patrick Prudente. His alleged excessive personal travels are under investigation. Now, the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission announces the 25% incentive for whistleblowers. Will it listen to the people in Mindanao to fast-track the release of the government’s credit? This is for the right of way payment allegedly by DPWH under Secretary Mark Villar that can be subject to SOP procedure that the President tags as corruption.

Youtube video by; RTVMalacanang

[VIDEO]: Oath-Taking of PACC Officials and Anti-Corruption Meet (Speech) 3/6/2018.

Approved by the President

A big reward awaits everyone who would become whistleblowers. Those who would give information to the PACC that will lead to a successful recovery of ill-gotten wealth can avail of the offer. Belgica added that this provision has already been approved by the PACC en banc and by President Rodrigo Du30 himself. The President on the other hand, also verbally approved the road right of way claims of Maguindanaoans but the DPWH seems to follow the previously corrupted system.

Government Claim for Fuel Extraction Funds

The claim was undertaken since 3 years ago and that the EO 153 issued by Secretary Villar in early 2017 does not cover said claims. almost all of Villar’s 9 lawyers either resigned or were transferred. The recipients are banking on the said payment to pursue the requirement of the DOE for the extraction of deuterium and other oil and gas components in the Liguasan Marsh located at the Cotabato Basin.


Secretary Villar assigned his assistant to coordinate with the claimants’ team for coordination. He does not handle transactions directly. It is uncertain that the required 10% fee of the 13.7 B claim is a legal SOP requirement or a mere under the table transaction. The lady approached the group about 2 months ago for the said deal. The right of way claimants have the SPA of the owners at Mindanao but the 10% fee is a substantial reduction for the oil and gas exploration set-up requirement of the DOE to issue its permit.

Not Looking Good for Villar

Could PACC run after big political and business names like Villar? This does not look good for Senator Cynthia Villar who seeks for re-election this 2019. Thousands of people in Mindanao are under the impression that what is due to them has been withheld long enough by her son. It is a sad thing that the Coco Levy fund lawmaker can be put in a bad light.