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PBBM Gives Credit to Former President Fidel V. Ramos


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue
[VIDEO]: PBBM: FVR is living a full life as a military officer and public servant

Living a Full Life

Former President Fidel V. Ramos lived a full life as a military officer and public servant, said President Bongbong Marcos. He gives credit to the deceased for everything that he has done to the country as the leader of the Filipinos. No mention of grudges whatsoever contrary to some negative social media posts. FVR died at 94.

A Thankful Nation

The legacy of his presidency will always be treasured, added PBBM. Unlike the detractors of his father, the president is generous enough in giving credit instead of looking at negative things in the past. He assures everyone that he will be remembered for his good deeds.

No Traces of Grudges

The late President Ramos opposed the burial of President Marcos’ father at the Heroes’ Cemetery. He was also instrumental during the EDSA revolution or mutiny, according to the military initiators. However, President Marcos remains gracious to the former president. A good start for the country towards unity indeed.

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President Bongbong Marcos is not Interested in Taking Credit, so he Gives it!


By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC 24/7
[VIDEO]: We’ve been through times of bitter division but united we came through’: Marcos

Not interested in Taking Credit

The Marcos administration has a comprehensive plan in building infrastructure. His father built roads but his predecessor who deserves the credit, former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte built more. But to do better is not yet exhausted. Changes will happen immediately tomorrow, he promised. He will do better.

Your Dreams are Mine

All Filipinos dream of a better life. Your dreams are mine, said President Marcos. Today, we decide our future, he added. We want our children to grow up in a safe, peaceful and progressive country. We can make it come true by having faith on the Filipinos. The credit goes to the people.

Not Requiring More

PBM vows not to require more from the people but only cooperation. No excuses, just deliver. It was like that once upon a time. He searches for possible approaches by listening to the people. Extending hands to all Filipinos. Come and help turn the wheel, he urged the audience. Repair a house divided. Make it whole to stand by itself again. It may be rough but imagine PBBM walking with us.

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Credit to Susan Roces, 1960s Queen of Philippine Movies


By: Elena Grace Flores

Showbiz Philippines
[VIDEO]: The Death of Susan Roces at 80

Susan Roces Deserves the Credit

The credit for the queen of Philippine movies in the 1960s only goes to Susan Roces or Susan Sonora Poe. She was kind and passionate. Her daughter, Senator Grace Poe confirmed this with great sorrow. However, they opt to celebrate her life because it was well lived.

The Supportive Wife of FPJ

The supportive wife of the late actor, FPJ remained at his side until the end. Their love affair was ideal for many. They both deserve the credit for that. Their family asks the understanding of the public to give them time to mourn. Arrangements will be announced at the soonest possible time.

Sudden Death

There are reports that Susan Roces died of heart attack. However, her family has yet to confirm this. Those people who knew her can only speculate because of her sudden demise. She was not ill or suffering from any discomforts prior to her passing.

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Comelec’s Bad Debate Credit May Lead to Jimenez and Arabe’s Suspension


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue
[VIDEO]: Comm. Rey Bulay wants the Suspension of Jimenez and Arabe

Bad Debate Credit Suspension

Comelec Commissioner Rey Bulay, head of the Task Force Pilipinas Debate 2022, made the recommendation to Comelec Chairman Saidemen Pangarungan. He said that Comelec spokesman James Jimenez and Director Frances Arabe should be replaced temporarily. This is after the bad debate credit fiasco recently. They are both from the Education and Information Department (EID).

Temporarily Out of Media Exposure

The task force said that they “be temporarily relieved from any functions involving “media relation and exposure.” “Temporary replacements must be done” also. This is not to disrupt essential operations.” The elections is only a few days away. So, it is best to eliminate negativity.


However, the two may be allowed to continue other functions upon the approval of their committee heads. The bad debate credit fiasco can tarnish Comelec’s reputation. Thus, it is necessary to suspend the two Comelec officials. This is just temporary. But this issue seems to relieve most people.

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Credit Grabbing and Negative Campaigning Turned Cebuanos OFF during the Pinklawan’s Ceboom


By: Elena Grace Flores

Sangkay Janjan TV
[VIDEO]: Cebu is Definitely NOT Pink

Credit-Grabbing from 250,000 to 150,000

To be a bit closer to the 300 K mark of the BBM-Sara Arat na Cebu political campaign in Cebu, Ricky Ballesteros, one of Ceboom’s for Leni-Kiko lead organizers insists that they were able to gather 250,000 at the North Reclamation Area in Mandaue City. However, the police authority said that it was only 150,000. This is credit-grabbing in the worst form. Very desperate indeed.

Photoshopped Mind Conditioning Images

Many Cebuano netizens posted video proofs of the said event. The mainstream media only chose the angles where people were jampacked. Then, they darkened the empty spots. It is very clear in the videos that the venue was not really full during the said event. They just perhaps want to grab the credit judging how difficult it was to convince or allegedly bribe some people to join the rally.

Conflict Rumor

There’s also a rumor that Dick Gordon who did negative campaigning had a conflict with Tomas Osmena. It was not clear what it was about but one thing is for sure. Many Cebuanos are turned off because of Dick Gordon’s bashing other candidates onstage.

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A No-Match in Debate: BBM Deserves the Credit over Pacquiao based on Foreign Policy Answers


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Pacquiao is a No-Match to BBM on Foreign Policy Debate

BBM Deserves Credit

Senator Manny Pacquiao’s one-on-one debate challenge with BBM is a laughing stock on the internet right now. Just judging from their foreign policy answers in different venues. It was very difficult for the boxer to express his thoughts when he only meant this; We will not just give up our country. We would not allow ourselves to be bullied. You saw me, even in my boxing career, I did not allow my giant enemies to bully me. So, BBM deserves the credit for ignoring him.

Pacquaio is a No-Match to BBM

BBM always has good words for Manny Pacquiao for giving honors to the Philippines in the boxing arena. He even treated him as a friend at one point. Nevertheless, the prodigal man’s personality has changed as Pacquiao aspires to be president. Still, the credit goes to BBM for not going down to his level.

BBM’s Foreign Policy Treatment

Bongbong Marcos said that he understands that the country’s continuing row with China arose from overlapping claims in the West Philippine Sea, but he maintained that his policy must be for the general welfare and benefit of every Filipino. “You cannot afford mistakes or misjudgments or lack of understanding when it comes to the Department of Foreign Affairs when it comes to foreign policy. We have to get it absolutely right,” he said. “The Philippines right now is trying to walk a very fine line between all the superpowers. I mean, we are talking to the United States, we have a special relationship with the US, which will endure, I think, throughout our lifetime,” he said. “Now, the emerging power in the region, of course, is the People’s Republic of China. Luckily, we also have a good relationship with China.”

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Sandro Marcos’ Parents Deserve the Credit


By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos/Jomar and Michelle vlog for the Graphic

[VIDEO]: BBM and his wife are proud parents.

Credit to the Proud Parents

Sandro Marcos’ mother, Liza Araneta Marcos was teary-eyed as his father, Bongbong Marcos introduced him for the first time during his official campaign launch recently in Ilocos Norte. The young Marcos runs for congressman. His proud parents really deserve the credit on his becoming an able public servant.

First Launch of Sandro Marcos

Bongbong Marcos gives credit to his son for always introducing him on stage. This time, he returns the favor. It’s the official launch of Sandro Marcos’s candidacy. The first time ever that the father signals the beginning of his son’s public service life.

Official Start in Public Service

The Marcos family has always been in public service since time immemorial. At the present time, young blood emerges. He has the charm and wit of Ferdinand Marcos. Even his name is Ferdinand Alexander Marcos. The overwhelming response of the people in their locality that winning the election is just a formality. The official starting point of his public service life is now. He also deserves his father’s credit.

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Leonen’s Confidential Ruling Takes Credit from Quotes Telling Marcos to Move On!


By: Elena Grace Flores
Coach Jarret

Leonen’s Ruling on Marcos’ Electoral Protest is Confidential

Taking Credit from Quotes

Associate Justice Marvic Leonen warns the court’s staff that unauthorized disclosure, publication, or use of this document or any of its contents is classified as a grave offense. It is punishable by suspension or dismissal from service, he added. Nevertheless, hints reached some publications But the loyalists can only braise up for the 2022 elections despite the outcome. Leonen basically takes credit from famous quotes.

Famous Philosopher and the Bible

Aside from Leonen’s unique watermark that are in “baybayin” characters for the word “confidential,” they are on every page of the document. Leonen asks each Supreme Court magistrate to sign a copy of the draft. This is another safeguard against leakage. The associate justice includes the draft quotes from the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu and the Bible.

Familiar Quotes

He cites Lao Tzu’s maxim: “New Beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.” From John 8:32: “Then you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” He also quoted from American author Alexandra Bracken’s book, The Darkest Minds: “But part of surviving is being able to move on.” The messages can only be sad for the BBM camp. But will the enbanc agree with him? That’s something to follow through. Perhaps, they won’t give him the credit of manipulating the situation.

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Duterte: Senators who Give Credit to Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccines will Get it!


By: Elena Grace Flores

Some Senators Only Think of Corruption

Senators who Give Credit to Pfizer

Many senators from the opposition give so much credit to Pfizer coronavirus vaccines. This is to the verge of discrediting China’s Sinovac. President Rodrigo Duterte swears that those lawmakers who complain so much must get it. They do not respect the efforts of the vaccine czar, Carlito Galvez, and Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez.

Special Deal with China

Prior to the existence of the current vaccines, Duterte already had an agreement with China that they would prioritize to give the shots to Filipinos. Despite not having enough budget for them. Currently, the Chinese government donates 500,000 doses of Sinovac. Instead of being grateful, some senators can only think of corruption.

Efficacy Issues

The efficacy issues are also used by lawmakers who do not have medical backgrounds. From a layman’s point of view, each vaccine has different effects individually. The deaths in Norway among their elderly after receiving the Pfizer vaccines are circumstantial. They were over 80 years old and literally dying already. The deaths do not even exceed the regular death rates of elderly nursing homes in Norway.

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The Same Credit to BBM if it’s Mayor Sara-Marcos in 2022


By: Elena Grace Flores

Mayor Sara Does Not Want Her Name in the Presidentiables

Mayor Sara-Marcos Tandem

Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio is the hottest presidentiable in the recent Pulse Asia survey. Bongbong Marcos is open to any possibility. May it be Sara-BBM or vice versa. He gets the same credit either way. A president can step down in favor of the VP, Marcos added. For now, both camps are braising the pandemic. However, the 2022 election is just around the corner. The registration of candidates is in October this year.

Marcos’ Protest Against Robredo

Marcos does not expect much anymore from the electoral protest. The remaining time just can’t allow for any process to turn in his favor. Either the protest becomes mute and academic or he abandons it. One thing is for sure, he’s running for VP or President. There might be a repeat plan with President Rodrigo Duterte in 2016 who wants to step down if only Marcos wins. Perhaps in 2022, his daughter will.

Campaign Period Starts Soon

Mayor Sara is right that the priority of Filipinos is on how to survive the Covid-19 crisis. However, in the back of the people’s minds is the election 2022. This is the only hope for the economy to rise. Both President Duterte and his daughter never dreamed of becoming president. But they are popular because of their distinctive traits. A sure way for Marcos’ return may he win as President or Vice President. So, the important thing is to keep the alliance going.