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Effective Crisis Management: The Marcoses’ Quick Action after Food Poisoning

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By: Elena Grace Flores
While the media sensationalizes the food poisoning event during the Thanksgiving party for former First Lady Imelda Marcos’s 90th birthday, the Marcos siblings are quick enough to assure the sick ones that they will be taken cared of. Bongbong Marcos said that they can expect for the family’s help until they recover. On the other hand, Senator Imee Marcos also confirms the real VP’s statement. The whole family is really keen on crisis management without pointing their fingers to anyone. Sabotage or not, they are taking full responsibility of the incident.

YouTube video byGMA News
[VIDEO]: Mahigit 200 dumalo sa birthday party ni dating First Lady Imelda Marcos, naospital matapos umanong malason sa kinain nila

Catering Services Investigated

The celebration at the Ynares Sports Arena had 2,500 guests and Marcos supporters. They came from different places. There were two caterers. One for VIP guests, and another one for regular guests. The ones who fell ill were mostly regular guests. Siopao, spaghetti, pork and chicken adobo with egg were the servings. Authorities also checks the drinking water.

Egg is the Likely Culprit

A Department of health representative said that the egg is likely the culprit. People from far away places were already at the venue as early as 6 AM. They were given the packed meal at around 10 AM. The heat can easily spoil the egg with the present climate. The bacteria can then contaminate the rest of the foods.

Senator Imee Marcos’ Statement

Senator Imee Marcos’ statement reads: Our family did not organize the event. We were just invited. Many participants arrived as early as 7AM and food came from different donors. My mom and our entire family are helping everyone who were affected get proper care. We are making sure that they are all okay.

Effective Crisis Management Efforts

The Marcoses knew for sure on what to do when crisis strikes. Their apology first and foremost calms everyone down. This is despite not being the organizer of the event. Their assurance that they will help until the end also prevents the media from making any more negative stories and speculations. At this time of writing, only two remain in the hospital due to severe dehydration. The rest are provided with medical care and transportation allowances through their coordinators. Good crisis management effort indeed.