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Criticisms on the Balancing Efforts of Roque, Marcos are Useless


By: Elena Grace Flores
by RTVMalacanang

Criticisms on the Balancing Efforts of Roque, Marcos are Useless

Useless Criticisms

Dissent is normal in a democracy. However, personal criticisms are useless. Take the case of Palace Spokesperson Harry Roque. He’s in the headline in online news. This is for his effective campaign against Covid-19. Critics said that he’s irresponsible. Allegedly because he travels to various places to promote local tourism. Senator Imee Marcos is the same. She manages to divert fundings for the Covid-19 vaccines. Suggests balancing protocols. But detractors would always revert to old martial law and diploma issues.

The Duterte Administration’s Balancing Efforts

To wear masks, wash hands, and physical distancing are practical ways to avoid Covid-19, according to Roque. But some people still go for gatherings. Face shields and masks are not worn properly by many. President Rodrigo Duterte often thinks about the welfare of the people. He follows the example of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. Roque’s travels support the government’s efforts of opening the economy slowly. Senator Marcos endorses limited classroom classes. Her bills address public interests. Therefore, to criticise is unsupportive.

Cool Handling of Criticisms

Senator Marcos’ brother, Bongbong Marcos cooly handles criticisms. His ordeal starts perhaps when he was born. He never judges. Retains his respect to critics. He’s patient with his electoral protest against the presumptive VP, Leni Robredo. It’s time to have discipline in the country for unity. So that progress can happen. Good public servants look at the big picture. The opposition’s criticisms are useless. So, beware of shallow politicians this coming election.